one light


Love these!!

WOW, these are awesome!! :-)

those are awesome, I am going to one light in Atlanta next time it rolls in to town!

Awesome shots, it feels like forever ago :) Thank goodness for kim :)

LOVE IT! I need to check on the one light schedule! I am gearing up for a fashion type shoot this fall; I really incorporate this into it. Thanks Kimi :-) oh and David too :-)

Dang!! These are off the hook!!!!!!!


WOW WOW WOW. I love these shots. The one of the girl in the red dress jumping is out of this world. she must be a trained ballerina with her little feet & hands all perfectly posed…ha.ha both girls are gorgeous and these are some fancy creative shots here. nice post of the ones with the old vehicle…simply SWEEET!

I really want to go to one of these. Amazing shots!! :)

wow!!!! talk about writing with light:) AWESOME!!!!!!! the eyes say it all u nailed these:) 18% gray? 100%perfection! “A MOMENT IN TIME”

Wow that girl is the red dress is GORGEOUS!! Love the shots of her!


Just catching up on your blog…wow, surprised to see our pic, we look like trouble. Thanks Kim for posting these up. The red shoes and the VW Bus photo rocks!

Wow–gorgeous! I missed him when he came to SC last year. :-(

Forget the girl in the red dress, look how cute J and I look! hahaha! Oh what photoshop can do (speaking of my image of course).

These are amazing! Love the textures!

Just stopping in to say WOAH. :) Awesome!

Wow great great images!!! Love the violin and the girl with the red dress is smokin!

Oh, my Missy! THese are awesome, I hoe he comes to AZ sometime.
You all have such a fun bunch of photogs in San DIego, I’m jealous. Grew up out there until 16, left, moved back and gone again, boo hoo

Oh freak…very very sweet images!!! Don’t you love Zack and his workshop?

Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous models!!! I think Melissa has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!!! Love the picture of Lauren doing the arabesque (spelling?)!

It’s great to be back. Still incredibly busy but I’m trying to get my blog on again like in the good ol’ days. I can see that nothing’s changed with all your awesomeness and stellar images. And a shout-out to all the familiar faces! : D

holy cr@p&*(! i feel like i am sooo way behind — you guys are just off the chain out of control awesome. these are some killer images!!!