on a scale of one to bono, i'm…

on a scale of one to bono, i’m somewhere between a door greeter and a girl scout, but it feels good to give.
this is our thirst relief international – auction update.
wow. we did it!
together, we broke a record. all the mentors combined raised a record-breaking total $41,635.88!
after an epic bidding war kerri mcconnell won our auction by graciously donating $397 for thirst relief! kerri will be getting a bear hug and a big bag o sponsored goodies when we meet up with her to do our mentor session/ photo shoot.
the money raised from this auction will help thirst relief international save 8,327 lives by providing access to safe, clean drinking water.
whether you volunteered to be a mentor, bid on a mentor, sponsored a mentor, tweeted, facebooked, blogged, or simply told a friend about the auction, this would not have been possible without YOU. thank you all. we are so stoked to have been a part of this amazing experience. since this was our first time being a mentor for the thirst relief auction we had a bit of a learning curve, so i want to send a special thank you to our sponsors that stepped up HUGE for us with next to no time.
our sponsors are THE BEST!
flipside album designs
vision art
pixel 2 canvas
white house custom color
just because the auction is over don’t feel like you have to wait until next year to help thirst relief. they need your support year-round. if you’d like to help click on over to the thirst relief international website and see what you can do to make a world of difference. there are far too many people on this planet that don’t have the luxury of taking clean drinking water for granted.

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Lucky girl! I totally would have bid on you guys if I were going this year~ Sad to be missing WPPI, happy to be going to Hawaii instead! :)

jealous!! I would so have wanted to meet you if I were going to WPPI. Cross my fingers to go next year :)