Ohana U.S. tour 2010


those of you that follow us on twitter and / or on facebook know we are in the middle of the busiest part of our year. it’s august madness!

on friday august 20th we did marcella and cameron’s wedding at the palm house in the brooklyn botanic garden (brooklyn, new york) followed the next day by melissa and nathan’s wedding in the ocean view room in point loma (san diego, california) and today we are all hopping in the wagon queen family truckster and taking a mega road trip to whitney and man’s wedding in upstate new york next weekend. we are gonna be east bound and down passing kojaks with kodaks for a few days. the whole ohana has not been together on a cross-country road trip before, so this is going to be epic! it’s going to be a one car cannonball run. our “vacation family” members, noah & patti will be along for the ride to help keep us loopy during our midnight run. of course, we’ll be taking lots of pictures along the way so we can share our fun with you. some of the places we plan to hit are the grand canyon, arches national park, vail, kansas city, chicago, niagara falls, boston, cape cod, philadelphia, gettysburg, washington d.c., memphis, and the carlsbad caverns. that’s the plan anyway. we’ll see how many of those we actually hit once we’re on the road.


in case any of you are wondering, this comic book art scene of us was done by our very own april. it depicts some of our previous adventures, like when patti accidentally threw her own wallet away and she had to go dumpster diving to retrieve it.

the uma thurman reference is from a wedding that april and i shot together near santa barbara and while we were eating dinner with the couple, uma thurman (who happened to be sitting a few tables away) saw the couple in their wedding attire and sent over a congratulatory magnum of chateau de camp for everyone. while we enjoyed a bit of the high life, kim, patti, rain, and noah waited for us outside in the car because we were on our way to yosemite. that wine was good.

the pizza represents the pizza challenge we are going to do between chicago and new york. first stop for authentic new york pizza will be this little hole in the wall place we heard about, sbarros. can’t wait!

rain and noah are just like brother and sister, put them in a confined space and it’s like thunder dome.

april always spills her drinks, which is why she will not be getting a glass of that chateau de camp any time soon.

that’s it for now. catch you on the flip flop. later!

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let’s hope we can get together in Kansas City!

April is so talented, this is awesome. Have fun!!

That comic book scene is the best! So much fun stuff going on & April is so insanely talented! Have a fun & safe trip – can’t wait to see all the great photos (and new crazy memories) you’ll be returning with!

Your trip sounds AMAZING. Have a safe and wonderful trip!!! =)

Dudes, I’m so jealous! You guys really deserve a great trip like this, have a fabulous time! BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE the art work of Aprils ;)

April is so talented – I would have known that was a cartoon of Kim anywhere in the world without any pretext. It’s so bang on. Love it :)

There goes April, working those crazy talented chops! Stay well this insane season and enjoy the road. Say hi to Bawwwston for me!

I love that drawing it’s awesome, she’s so talented!!! Have fun on your trip! Miss you guys!!!

I’m so glad you had a great, great vacation. But I’m super glad you guys are back home!

You guys are crazy! I don’t know how you do it all! Oh wait, you’re not like the rest of us who need sleep! Hope you guys had a great time on your vacay! Can’t wait to see your images!