Oh Christmas Tree

about 5 years ago we decided to invest in a really nice, albeit fake, Christmas tree. it’s beautiful. it’s pre-lit, 9 feet tall, and looks amazingly realistic. the only problem is it doesn’t smell real. we realized after the first year that we needed that outdoorsy smell of Christmas in our house in december. since then, i have been puting up the 9 foot fakey and buying a second (real) tree to get that sweet smell of the season. this year was no different.

of course, the day we went out it was pouring rain. did that phase us? nope. kim has a thing for going out in the rain. usually it’s just to run around & get wet, but this time we were on a mission. neither rain, nor mud, nor dark of night could thwart our mission.

every year i’m reminded of why we bought a fakey in the first place.
the real ones are bank!

at least the girls had fun walking around in the rain while we looked for our tree.

april tried on my sweet old stussy hat.

i love that hat. i got it when i was april’s age.

kim and i made a cameo appearance.

i loves me kimmi.

just as april started getting worn out…

we found a perfect little tree to take home and call our own.

we love our little tree. it’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. :)


Looks like you guys had fun finding a tree, despite the rain! :) I’m with Kim, I love being out in the rain!! :) About the $$$, you gotta go to Lowe’s! We got a great 7ft. tree for $16! It’s beautiful…and REAL! Merry Christmas! I love you guys!!!

Real trees are the best!!! Shopping for them in the snow or rain is awesome. Merry Christmas!

angel ~ i totally LOVE running around in the rain. in fact i have an unhealthy love affair with it. it annoys david to no end :O) some day i’ll get him out there. even during the summer when our community pool sprinklers come on i try to get him out there. no dice. one day young skywalker you will come to the dark side :O)did i say that out loud? maybe we should go to home depot to get a tree. we miss you angel!

marta ~ they are the best, can you smell it through the monitor, try real hard. mmm….expensive or not real trees rule! merry christmas to you too!

Love, love love these candid shots. You got some fun stuff and the rain shots are great too. Looks like everyone made the best of it despite the weather!

Try the pine scented candles next time and save some bucks! Nice pics of your ohana, I love the rain too Kim!

Love the way, you sneak in the Chargers into your Christmas tree photos! What a close game?! Great pics, the Ohana looks very nice even when rained on :)

Awww!!! I love the pic of David kissing Kimmi, so sweet! We get a real tree too, love the smell of pine!

Merry Christmas Tree!

Hi David and Kim. This is Yvonne, the lady who wanted to get a copy of the photos of my husband surfing on his bday in La Jolla on Dec. 6. He was the guy who was the last one out that day. I just checked out your website. You guys are amazing. Ohmygod. Your photographs are SO good!!!

So I would love to make a print of one of the photos you took that day and frame it for him for xmas. Please let me know what I can pay you for this. I truly appreciate it.

P.S. I see that you guys are from SD. I am currently starring in a really great and funny play with the San Diego Rep at the Lyceum Theatre. It’s called “Sweet 15” and has gotten amazing reviews. It closes this coming Sunday. If you guys would like to come I can can get you comps for the show. Here is a link to the play’s info. http://www.sandiegorep.com

Look forward to hearing from you.

Love these shots! The one of Aprils face when it’s raining is priceless.
We still haven’t gotten our tree yet.
Can’t wait to see the beauty all decorated!

Merry Christmas!

I can smell the trees and feel the rain! BEAUTIFUL captures of the whole ohana. My fav is the expression on Kim’s face as you are kissing her.
What a hot mama!
BTW where are my pics from the day of surfing:) ?

oooh, i love that first shot! sooo cool!

i love rain, too. though i prefer it when it’s bright *and* rainy!

How fun! We have a faux tree this year and I definitely miss the smell of the season :) Maybe we’ll just have to have double trees too!

Amen! Fake trees are so easy but the real tree SMELL is what makes Christmas. :)

Fun images…that hat is great!