nice cans!


today is all about sharing with the ones you love, and maybe even a few people that annoy you.
it’s a time for reflecting on all that is good in your life and being thankful for the blessings bestowed upon you.
this year, as we reflect on our blessings, we want to continue the tradition started last year by our friends and neighbors to the north, chris + lynn.
a wiser person than i once said that no matter how bad you think you have it, there’s always someone out there that’s worse off than you are.
truer words were never spoken.
with that in mind, here’s what thanksgiving is all about charlie brown.
for every comment we receive on this post between now and midnight on thursday December 3rd (extended to the 10th! woo hoo!) we will donate one can to the San Diego Food Bank.
that’s it.
one for one people. how’s that for an exchange rate?
help us rename our city this week to can diego.

sure you’ve heard of turkey stuffing, you’ll probably even enjoy some today, but have you ever heard of david’s short-stuffing cans? delicious, and hilarious.
as awesome as they are, these are definitely NOT the kind of cans we are talking about :) we mean canned food items. yummy canned food items. sorry, they will ALL be david-free.
(sidebar: we love halloween!)

chris + lynn already put the can in canada,
so be sure to drop by their blog to give them some love and see what we mean when we paraphrase from bob costas and say…
as photographers they are one of a kind,
as people they are one of the kindest.
on a side note, we’d be extra stoked if all of our san diego wedding photographer friends also jumped on the can-wagon and did the same thing on their blogs. for that matter, anyone with a blog can do this. together we can all put a big dent in hunger this holiday season.
if you prefer not to do your own blog post but still want to help us put hunger in the hurt locker, feel free to donate to your own local food bank. no matter where you are in the world there is someone nearby that needs your help.
thank you everyone. of all the things you could be doing right now, we are thankful that you chose to stop by and share some time with us.

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Yup gotta love the cans! Thanks for doing this guys!

Woot for comments + cans!!! I haven't made my post yet bout it, but you bet your cans I will be this week! :)

You are amazing! Love you and your spriit!

Love this idea and all the ideas you have! I'm down all the way from Hawai'i ne :)

Hope you had a yummy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful this month for my wife for not asking me who the dude is on my laptop in the cop daisy dukes :)

I am sure I missed this post~Dang!! I will be sure to donate cans though! :)
You guys are the coolest!

Good Lookin' shots you got there!

This is a great cause! No one should go hungry.

Beautiful bride and gorgeous details

How did I miss this post?!? Great idea guys :)

What a great idea, good luck!

throw a can in for me!!! :) i can't believe i almost missed your deadline! You're on my reader and I must have missed this post somehow. boooo on that. Yay on feeding the hungry. Woohoo!

haha. love the black socks.. that cracks me up.. and what a great cause..

Hope ya'll had an awesome and delicious Thanksgiving!! :) Nice…yoou should work for (or try out for) Reno 911!!!

Hope you are doing well! What a great idea! :)

oh it's before midnight and I CAN still post! Of course I love all of your cans, but these cans take the cake! You guys are the greatest. I hope to see you before we ring in 2010!

Throw a can in there for me ;-)


Love that you guys do this. :)

thanks for the recipe!! can't wait to try!! :) :)
merry christmas guys! bring on the cans!! xo

Awesome work! Doing our part to put a dent in hunger this holiday season. Cans for comments, baby!!!

Awesome! And how could anyone NOT comment on this post with that picture? LOL


head over and add yourself to the list!!

Great cause guys! Good luck!

You guys are freakin awesome, and I freakin love this picture of you David…amazing!!! :)

Niiiice cans! Great cause too! :)

Love this idea. Might have to borrow it from ya! :D Happy late Thanksgiving but EARLY Christmas. :D

Great idea! Here's my comment:

Nice cans!

Oh, and I'd like to request that "my" can NOT be a can of green beans.

Because I hate green beans.


Yay! Thanks for your comment on my blog :). Right back at you! Glad we can all participate in this!

Pitch one in for me!!! You guys rock!

awesome you guys!!

Sorry I'm late on getting into this! You guys are awesome and so are those cans!

wooo! Plus 1 can.

I'll comment if you promise to never post that picture ever again. I've tried pouring bleach into my eyes, but it hasn't worked. And now I'm pretty sure that I'm unable to have any more children. At least I'll have a new image to think of when I'm trying to last longer.

PS – You rock for doing this. Love you guys! ; )

You wanted a comment here's one.

Rock on! Consider this comment as a can of non-perishable awesomeness alright?! :) All the best! -Mike-

WOO HOO! to cans for comments!
My campaign kicks off tomorrow on the blog. I'm collecting for our local food bank!

That photo is hilarious!

What a fun way to give back. Happy holidays guys. :-)

Nice cans! One can from Seattle :)

Throw in a can for me too, please! Happy Holidays!!!

Nice photo's Taken by expert right ?

wedding decorations and wedding cakes Writer

adding some more love :) yeah cans!

LMFAO @ Ma5en! That brightened up my day :)

Add a can to the pile for me! :)

Awesome Ohana kids! Keep on keepin on! You guys rock!

Fabulous idea! You all are wonderful!

'Tis the season of helping those in need! Happy Holidays!

Thanks for caring this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

You guys are awesome! xoxo :)

there's nothing like waiting till the last minute :)
xoxo…blessings to you guys!