planes, trains, and jenn and bens new york session pt1

Buffalo wedding photographers in New York

i can’t do lame stuff like pack or sleep when i have rad couples like jenn and ben ayres to show you. i mean, it’s not every day that we get to go all the way across the country for fun portrait sessions in new york. can you believe jenn and ben have been married for 3 years and had not done a portrait session before this one? you can’t just bottle up hotness like this! it needs to be shared, like sweet sweet margaritas.

take note everyone. there’s no better time to get pictures of yourselves than right now. before you know it you’ll be married and have a kick ass victory garden, 4 cats, and a dog to tend to. time goes by too fast.

sidebar, rain wants to know if harold ever came home. we hope he’s ok.

of course we have lots more photos of jenn and ben but if i exposed you to all of their awesomeness at once you might wiz your pants and forget who you are for half an hour.

Buffalo Central Terminal photos

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This is ABSOLUTE HOTNESS!! We look so good! Thank you so much! I know I sound like every single one of my clients right now, but, “I can’t wait to see more!!” Love you guys! P.S. – You can tell Rain, that as soon as we came back from our hike that day, Harold was there waiting for us. He can be a little son-of-a-gun sometimes. ;) Have an AWESOME trip!!

Are you kidding, this is amazing! You guys seriously get the cutest couples to shoot!

Wow gorgeous! I love the funny face shot too!

Hahahaha love it! You guys are so inspiring!

Hawt!!! Jen & Ben, you are looking gooooood!! <3

You guys always get the rad locations with the rad couples! Jealous!

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