Natalie and Scott Wedding at Villa de Amore in Temecula

temecula wine country is a great place to take a drive through, and an even better place to have a wedding. natalie and scott chose to have theirs at the beautiful Villa de Amore vineyards in temecula. what an amazing venue. if you’re thinking of a place to have a wedding, or any big event for that matter, i highly recommend giving the villa de amore a look. Jenny B floral design did an incredible job with all the arrangements and really made the villa come alive with color.
Kendra from Prima Events kept everything organized and on schedule. her website says they have “an exhaustive commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations.” she’s not kidding. when the venue ran out of brew, she drove down herself and picked up some more. no thirst will go unquenched. not on kendra’s watch.
i really enjoyed everything about this wedding. natalie and scott, i wish you all the best life has to offer. you made this day extra special with your kindness. thank you both, and thanks to drew too! it was so nice working with you again. 


natalie’s uniform of the day was princess-like, but no glass slippers could match these sweet pink shoes.


natalie was such a gorgeous bride.


simply stunning.


there’s a whole wall of rustic crosses at the villa, and this is my favorite.



scott was grinning ear to ear when he saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle toward him.










like i said, nobody went thirsty.

i think the bouquet toss may have been rigged. can you guess who the crowd favorite was?




congratulations to the lucky bride-to-be.

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Just gorgeous. Love the vine shots! Such pretty light and great looking couple!

Beautiful, fun images! Happy Anniversary David & Kimi! Hope you two have a wonderful day!


What a gorgeous wedding… I love love the vineyard portraits… fabulous!

Dude I am speechless, these are beautiful man i love 1 thur 27. Amazing work man…

Seriously awesome job. Especially on the low light, slow shutter, flash shots!!! WOW!

And of course love the floating cake. I am awe inspired. ;)

wonderful!! the vineyard shots are amazing… but really hard to pick a favorite!

Great stuff. Loved the vineyard images!

Love the brightness and light in these. The image aftet “the california sun was bright that day my friends.” is stunning. Love all of these.

Thanks so much for all of your help David! You did a great job and it was fun to have you along! Happy anniversary!

I love the vineyard shots… I wish we had those here! The one looking at them out of the leaves was sweet.

Love the portraits of the bride. One of my favorite shots, though is actually the drinks lined up! :-) (Uh, no pun intended…shots/shots, well you know..)

These are YUMMY!!! Love the shot of them walking through the vineyard!

Fantastic photos!

The bight one is awesome.

You rocked it!

ummmm, can we say awesome?! looove them all… & how cute is that last series with the bouquet toss! rock on you guys! :D

Gorgeous shots, especially the ones in the vineyard! Yummy light indeed! And yes, Natalie is beautiful. ;)

Beautiful shots! Vineyards rule!

Absolutly amazing shots you guys! Love the details!

ooo, I love em!!! I could eat the sunlight in those warm, gooey centered images!! mmmm…How lucky drew b is to spend the day with you! were jealous!

Wow, what a fun wedding!

I *love* *love* the setting sun pics…. so warm and yummy! Gorgeous!

These are incredible! I love all the portrait shots, so etheral looking. Of course you really worked the light in the vineyard! it’s just so yummy!

Love the lighting, love the angles, and love the fun bouquet toss. Great pics David, happy anniversary!

Beautiful shots of a beautiful wedding! Especially love the ones in the vineyard with the sparkly light!

Dance floor bride to be shots are so fun!!! Love the black & white ones!!

oh. it is ON!!!! wedding season is hear, and dave b is kickin @ss & taking names. blog passerbyers, consider your name taken.

lovin these! that shoe shot is so perfect, and i love the sun saturated vineyard shots, awesome!

gorgeous work my friend. awesome use of light. Im gonna go with the bride looking from behind the curtain as my favorite. beautiful people and places and a stylin’ photographer.

/ tsb

awesome job with this wedding … love the vineyard shots … incredible light.

Wow and you were the second shooter??? Holy smokes man, your work is incredible!

Do yall ever have a bad post?! I think not! These images are so creamy I could just eat them up. I like too many to go through them all! You are great at using textures too (i have a tough time with them!)

david my man. You rocked the house on these ones. Awesome job once again my man.

I have a headache just looking at those JagerBombs! Those images are awesome!!!

your images kick some serious ass!
love the blend too. wow.

Wow…some of those getting ready shots are seriously off the hook!! Great detail shots too :)


Nuff said. :-)

Yeah! Goregeous photos! Beautiful shots in the vineyard…Luurve them!

not sure if it was david or kimi, but whoever left the insane comment for us was cracking us up. we were laughing so hard, we almost wet our knickers.

Can I get a what – what!!!! Once again Outstanding!!!

LOL… Oh I’m still laughing at the awesome bouquet toss sequence! Looks like you got a potential bride there, not to mention a gorgeous one ;) The bride was stunning and the images rock!

Oh my gosh – these are AWESOME! Especially the bouquet toss! haha!!

I love, love, love the shots at the vineyard! You guys just keep getting better and better!

Jimmenie! You gotta have me come out with you guys again! I need me some of yo mojo!

What a gorgeous couple and what beautiful pictures you captured of them!!! Ah, Temecula, my old stomping grounds. Still as beautiful as I remember. :) Ok, favorite picture has to be the one of the bride holding her flowers!!! LOVE it!!!! All the pictures are gorgeous!

Geez you guys are awesome!! I’m loving all of these!

WOW…Your editing gives these images such impact! What a great shoot. I love the cross shot and the individual shots of the bride are breathtaking! she was gorgeous and you captured it perfectly. very nice on the details too…

Wow!! These pictures are fabulous!! This couple is just gorgeous! You captured some amazing images of them at this winery! She must be thrilled with these pictures!!

Whoa, awesome work! I especially love #6 :D

Hello! I would love to see these!! How can i open this to view images?

Villa de Amore

Wonderful pictures, especially the black and white ones.