michele’s san diego family photos

with a company name like ohana, it’s pretty obvious that we love family, especially big families.
by the end of our first conversation with michelle we knew that we would love michele’s family as if they were our own. one of the things she mentioned in her first call was that she wanted us to take photos of 18 of her family members in their chargers jerseys. right then i said to myself, this family is awesome, they have loads of fun together, AND they are HUGE fans of our san diego chargers… we are going to go together like PB and J. when we actually met them their awesome factor went right off the charts. everyone was so nice and so easy to get along with that we almost forgot we were there to work. it felt like we were just part of a sweet family reunion. a sweet family reunion of CHARGERS FANS!!!

did i say they are a fun family? i meant they are a SUPER FUN family.

in a family of chargers fans you might think it’s hard to stand out. not this little guy. he put a huge smile on all of our faces when he took center stage and…

showed us his version of shawne merriman’s lights-out dance.

every family has it’s wisest elder. in michele’s family all the kids call him grandalf. we call him awesome. no matter what you call him he’s seriously one of the coolest grandpas of all time.

babies, bolts, battlestar galactica :)

i am so happy that we met you michele and all of your awesome family members. we loved hanging out for the afternoon and talking about how much we ALL can’t wait for football to start again. hopefully we’ll all have something to cheer about this year. GO CHARGERS!!!


The last photo is fantastic! I love the backlit… very tasty!

Now that looks like an super charged family. Love the Fouts jersey! Go bolts! :)

Love all the family shots and the one with the kids making faces! So funny! The 2nd to last shot of the baby sleeping is so precious.
They look like an awesome and fun bunch!

My favorite is the funny face one and the family shots on the bridge and in the street! Fun family!

what a fun shoot! the last shot is definitely my fave :)

That shoot looks like it was so much fun!

Oooo 3, 9 and 10 I'd put on big canvases! The fun in that last shot is awesome!

I like the one of them on the bridge!

Gorgeous images! These will be so awesome for this family to have many many years from now. Great work!

Fun stuff-for sure!

San Diego Super Chargers! San Diego Super Chargers Family!! Rad set guys!

Lights OUT shot, awesome!

Family shots are definately loads of fun. I love the portrait of grandalf–that just made my day!

This family just makes me smile =) especially Grandalf and Bolt, Babies, Battlestar shots!

That bridge shot is mighty niiiice!!! And thanx again for another entertaining post! =)

Awesome photos as usual! I am a huge fan of Gandalf grandpa. XD

wow, you guys rocked it! photographing that many people is not easy!

This family looks so amazingly fun!! Especially love the Grandalf, haha

Wow! What a huge family! Looks like you all had a blast! Love the photos!

This is just pure awesomeness!! :)

What an awesome family!!! Love all the pics! Looks like eveyone had a great time and they are all obviously comfortable in front of the camera!

Grandolph looks awesome! What a beautiful family… and Charger fans too!

That first image is gorgeous as is the family. The little guy doing the lights out is so rad, and i love the mama and baby shot so precious!! You guys just attract the most fun and gorgeous people! Rock on Ohana!

I love the photo of the kids behind the log, too funny! These guys look like a lot of fun :)

love this session!!

What a fun family! Grandalf looks like a ton of fun.

Thats a big group!

Loooove this family shoot! It totally rocks! :)

LOVE how you worked it out with such a HUGE group!!! GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!

Holy smokes that is a big family! I love what you did with them in these shots!

love that last photo. This is a beautiful family! You captured them well :)

YAY!I am sooo glad you got to shoot my friends family! :) So glad it all worked out! You guys rocked it, as always! :)

What a solid family and so cool to see them hyped on life. How cool is it they all coordinated for this theme? Lovin' the action on the bridge and the high-energy hoorah at the end!

Whoa, this family sure is BIG! You guys rocked it!

What a crowd! I love all the blue jerseys!

I LOVE GRANDALF!! haha. These are soooo awesome! I would have been so intimidated to shoot so many people, but you guys totally rocked it out! Fabulous job!!! :-)

Love the shots with the mama's and the babies such priceless and sweet moments! Last shot is awesome!

Wow, awesome! I love the last shot. That's so cool that they wore chargers jerseys!

ROCK ON.. these are so great

What a fun shoot!!!!!

I love the name grandalf, that's too awesome! Great shoot as usual, the little guy seems to be enjoying himself!

So much personality! Love the energy of the last shot!

Okay, wow! These are amazing. I love how I am 3,000 miles away from you but I already know without a shadow of a dount that you're the kind of person that being around you entices people to let out their real emotions and be themselves. The smiles, the laughter and the personality are just simply infectious. I want to come and shoot with you one day before I die :-)

You totally rocked such a HUGE portrait session with THAT many people – WOW!

Seems like wonderful family to work with and you got a great variety!

Ubber cute. Stellar work as always.

Good gracious! You can see how totally fun this family is in these photos! I want to be adopted by them! Except I'd be the only San Francisco fan! *ducking* ;) Either way, they are awesome and you guys captured them perfectly!

I am straight up lovin this family! Wow to rock such a large group is amazing! If anyone can do it you guys can! Grandalf is too funny, love the shot of all the kids makin faces, the shot on the bridge is gorgeous, but my ultimate favorite picture is the one of mama and baby with daddy lookin on. That is priceless and so touching.
Question are they adopting ;)

As a Charger’s fan I would LOVE my family to do something like this!

These are so much fun! I love that they’re all in their favorite football team’s shirts!