melissa and tim with a cherry on top

finally getting time to sit down and chat a bit about our good friends melissa and tim. soon to be mr and mrs. from the comments we’ve already received it looks like we’re not the only ones that love these two. when melissa isn’t modeling with her man tim, she’s on the other side of the camera taking sweet wedding photos under her san diego wedding photographer superhero name melissa mcclure. check her stuff out HERE. i am not kidding when i say that she knows about 82% of the people residing in the western hemisphere. everytime i try to introduce her to someone i know, it turns out that she already met them like 12 years ago or something (except becker). her people skills dazzle us. that’s right, dazzle. i’ll say it thrice because this is THE only instance where i can say the word dazzle and not lose a bro point. she really is amazing in so many ways, and tim is a perfect match. he’s one of the coolest guys we know. put these two together and happiness follows. we absolutely love spending time with them and were thrilled to do this shoot for their engagement.
i love this first shot kim took.


i smile every time i see this shot. not because i could easily throw a “wood” related reference into the caption, but because melissa looks so content.
sickos. :)

love melissa’s smile here. so happy :)

golden california goodness.

fyi: there were no spiders in this field. especially no big hairy ones. :) melissa and tim were down to brave any danger to get the shot. we heart melissa and tim (and aaron and samantha).

tim and m temporarily blinded me with awesome on this one, but don’t worry, i made a full recovery.

i love so many things about this session, but it seemed like everything came together on this shot for me. it is my absolute favorite of the day.

proof! california does have seasons. right now we’re in fawlsome, next is awesominter, then awesproming, then, our favorite, awesummer.
no matter the season, tim and m look good in all of them.

watch out for the guns. they’ll getcha.

tim had a little fun spinning melissa around in her dress. unfortunately for you, the censors would not allow us to show those photos.

melissa droppin the ferocity of a thousand ligers on us. kitty wants some candy.

what do you get when you mix tim, melissa, tall dry grass, and late afternoon california sunshine?
awesomeness. pure, unadulterated, awesomeness.

i spy with my left eye two of our favorite san diego peeps.
we love you tim and m!

our boy aaron and his girl samantha (of A S photography) came along to keep us all company (and provide some laughs). aaron also got some amazing shots of melissa and tim. sadly, barley was not on set.

i don’t know what we’re yelling about!

classic melissa and tim.

i feel a zz top reference coming on.

as twilight crept over san diego we snapped a few last shots with some home made light provided by aaron’s big beautiful box. i like.

thank you melissa and tim for being so awesome. we are so glad to call you friends and are completely stoked you asked us to do these photos for you. we wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. can’t wait for your wedding in 2009! aaron told us it’s going to be radgasmicaliciousnessful. :)


Melissa and Tim look so amazing. Great job you two! :)

You were rockin the sunflare! Love it.

You guys ROCK the LIGHT on these!!! AMAZING! WOW…WOW…WOW! The pics in the field are insanely beautiful. What a great location. I felt all warm & fuzzy looking at these. This looked like a fun couple to photograph. Simply breathtaking!!!!

Gorgeous couple! Your pictures are always so full of life! These are no exception! You guys rock!

Yep, that first shot rocks, and I am one of those 3 that reads what you write :)

Blown out of the water like a battleship! The first shot and the sepia ones are so beautiful!

Man, totally rocking sunflare dude! Nice nice nice!

That’s my baby! What beautiful photos, artful branches, amazing light. I love them all. Thanks!

This couple looks like a lot of fun!
I think the one where they are about to bite each other is HILARIOUS!!! I love them and don’t even know them.

Love these.. so wish I had photos like this of me and the hubby…


Great job friends!! :) They look wonderful!!

Soo good to see you both the other night! we will chat soon! :) have a great day!

number 23… MONEY! You guys are always soooo full of awesomeness. =) Hope you guys are doing well.

Gosh you guys you always amaze and suprise with the mix of pics! Love this couple and how cute they are! My favorite is the sepia ones and the one on the bench where they’re yelling. So cute and funny!

David & Kim…. OHHHH-ANA! These are incredible in so many ways …. it would be an injustice for me to pick a fav…. love 'em!!! Awesome use of the location, killer light, and a great couple. Just beautiful!

Oh I like that 1st shot, made me feel kinda sneaky like I was spying on them!

Love that 1st shot SO much! Beautifully done as usual! :o)

The first one looks like a painting! Great lighting on these. I bet they’re thrilled with the pics!

Such a beautiful couple! Beautiful shots as always! I especially like the last few. :)

I love your writing! I’m sure lots of us read it! :) Love that first one too and the last ones with the lighting…super cool!

Beautiful beautiful shots! Melissa looks gorgeous!!

I just love 12 , that should be blown up big and put on their wall! I also love 23 they look so in love in that one, and her smile in the sepia vertical one is so gorgeous. WOnderful job here!

You so rock! So many favorites here. I enjoy reading everything you add to your blogs. Mel and Tim look like they had a lot of fun with this session. Beautiful work.

What great pics! What a great couple! Ok, I may be a little emotional, but they look so in love I wanted to cry looking at some of the shots! Really loving a beautiful couple! I LOVE the shot of them in the field, she’s leaning back into him with her hand on his neck!!! I can’t wait to read your little write-up. I wanna hear the story along with the pic with the two guys. They look like they’re all having too much fun! :) Congratulations on your engagement! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

oh WOW…..WOW, these are beautiful! I can’t pick one because they’re all just WOW! =)

love them.

p.s. i definitely read what you write.

You guys are awesome!

I really love the warmness and beautiful sun in these. Great job!!!

For the record – I love reading what you write! :) This session is great! I love that first one especially!

You guys still rock our world as much as always!!! :-D I've gotta get back into stalking!!!! >.<

I am loving 5, 6 and the last 2 shots! These are super yummy! Very lovely couple too!

HOT HOT HOT HOT – i love the fall colors! You continue to inspire me!

Love how lovey dovey this couple is! Love all the warm ones and the nighttime stuff is fantastic!

I must say I LOVE everything you guys do! I love the sunflare, I love the first shot and the tounge shot haha!


They are such a cute couple! You guys rocked the hell out of that beautiful lighting! These are beautiful!

Yay for text!!!! You crack me up. We love you guys too!!!

You guys are flippin awesome! I LOVE the “Classic Melissa and Tim” black and white one… Awesome shots!

oh wow this couple looked like sooo much fun!! lol and I LOVE the flair shots, of course! :D

I love them!!! Melissa and Tim look great!!! Beautiful use of light :) The photogs and the couple rocked this session :)

Amazing, fabulously amazing, I love all the pictures…Ha ha @ the pillow under her shirt…you guys rock fabulously…

yay Melissa. What a wonderful session!! It’s so nice to be able to see photos of other photographers, especially engagement pics! Yay :).

I’m a little late chiming in as usual… Melissa looks HOT! Sizzling… pssssssss… Both ends (behind camera and in front) totally rocked it! Congratulations to you Melissa and Tim. And to you Ohana for nailing yet another superfab session!

Love them all…Melissa is beautiful!
Another excellent session for sure.

Awesome shots!! I know who Melissa is too ;-) Not personally.. don’t know how… but she’s in my MySpace friends list and been checking out her stuff time to time :) Yay for photogs getting married! :)

I gotta say, that first one…yep its the winner…love the darker ones at the end too

I am loving all the nighttime pics! How cute are they? Everyone seems to always have fun at your sessions!

Great work and congrats to Melissa and Tim!!!!

David, you rocked this set! Great job man. And congrats to you Melissa!!

I love the sepia one and the flare coming through their kiss. Once again you captured some true love and happiness here guys!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Always love your diversity and style! Love her smile in the last few images!

The ones in the field are just gorgeous!