meghan and charles roberts wedding in oceanside california

i drove past several incredible homes this day, but this one held something more special than the rest.
i walked past several happy people this day, but two of them were happier than the rest.
i heard many words this day, but two stood out from the rest.
on this day meghan and charles said “i do” with smiles larger than life on a lawn of a family home that was filled with family and friends.
the day could not have been more perfect.

it all starts with the shoes. these stuart weitzman heels were so cute.

with shoes like that you can’t just cover them with any old dress. meghan’s vera wang wedding dress was just right. such a beautiful dress.

the cherry on top of all that dreamy goodness was the ring. perfection.

meghan had one of the most unique bouquets i have seen in a long time. very dark and very beautiful.

there are so many wonderful moments i live to capture before a wedding begins. details, anticipation, preparation… and laughter.

when meghan was all finished getting ready and she came out for a few last shots before heading down the aisle there was only one word that could describe charles’ bride-to-be…


this shot makes me smile. i love watching kids at weddings. especially when they’re talking with the bride or groom. it’s so cool to see the curiosity and wonder in their eyes. is this where wedding dreams begin?

that sounds good. i’ll have that.

table number 10

anyone thirsty?

the flower girls were so precious.

funny face!

the ring bearer was looking sharp in his little tux.

here comes the bride.

meghan and her father shared one last moment together before they walked down the aisle to charles.

this is the day that the lord hath made.

charles and meghan are an amazing couple. everyone at the wedding wanted to be near them, and they did a fantastic job getting around to everyone. i felt extremely blessed that they set aside some time to step away from their friends and family and allow me to get some shots of them.

charles was beaming the whole day. i love his expression here because it is not posed at all. that is pure joy you’re seeing.

i have to give props to steven from in the mix entertainment. as with most weddings, the time schedule got a little behind. of all the vendors i have ever worked with, steven was the most efficient and professional. he found a way to smoothly get everything back on track during meal time without anyone knowing. when it came time to open the dance floor everything was back on track, so it remained packed the rest of the night. if you are looking for entertainment for your wedding, steven at in the mix entertainment receives my highest recommendation.

this is my new all time favorite father daughter dance shot. meghan’s dad is the best. his speech had everyone laughing and tearing up through all 3 pages of it.

the party lasted into the wee hours of the night. i want to thank adam george for letting me come along to shoot this amazing wedding. what a day. mahalo adam.

i loved the fact that everywhere i looked i saw meghan and charles. everywhere. :)


You continue to surpass all boundaries! Your work is awesome (bowing my head).

Do you ever take bad shots?

FANTASTIC and STUNNING! what a super gorgeous bride! And a fabulous wedding.

David and Kim – you both are so freakin’ good – I’m serious, there is a level to which you capture weddings and basically anything and everything… you could take pictures of a phone book and they’d turn out damn sexy! Really though… I love your work and your inspiration to continue my growth to the next level. You are Kung Fu Masters of Photography. Have a blessed day and weekend! //enoch

Amazing images! Love the light in so many of these. You have a creative eye for capturing and focusing on so many different memories of this wedding. You captured this stunning bride beautifully! They must be thrilled…
p.s. thanks for a comment on my blog! :0)

She is beautiful and so are the shots… Have a great weekend guys

You have an incredible eye for beauty. I can’t get over the shots at night. That black and white kiss shot reminds me of a Calvin Klein or Dior ad. Stellar shot. I am blown out of the water on that shot!

Oooooh-la-la…These are simply breathtaking. I have so many favorites. what an awesome variety of moods, feelings…the details, the people, the Bride & Groom…YOU GUYS captured everything FLAWLESSLY!

Holy Cow! Every single shot is amazing. My favorite is of the bride talking to the little girl. Nice work!

Oy.. there are far too many favs here to pick them all lets just say WOW you guys ROCK

These details shots are outrageous! I’m CRAZY about the sax close-up and the wine corks. Gorgeous portrait (full-length w/ her looking back, omg).

Ok, you Rock! The shoe shots, the dress, the bride and bride with little girl!! I could go on and on! They are all so killer!

hey dude and dudet;-) what more can be said? wrighting with light, capturing the moments, God given eyes for the moments, expresssssssssions, feel the moment, like being there, i thought I could hear her breath, oh that is a song, my bad;-} to sum this shoot up in four of my favorite words, simply put, {A MOMENT IN TIME}

Oh my gosh. Dudes…these are incredible! I can’t even pick a favorite, for reals. Although the one with the bride talking to the flowergirl is just one of theee most precious things I’ve ever seen! The way you rock the light is out of this world!!

Every single image is amazing!! Really loving the night shots!

Beautiiiiifulllll!! I just love the feel of these – great work! That second to last shot especially gets me.

You guys blow me away! Awesome images!

You guys rock as always! – David

Could this couple be any more gorgeous? And could your work be any more gorgeouser? {that’s officially a new word in the dictionary now, thanks to you}

The images of the bride look like they’d come straight out of a magazine.

I take that back. I have never seen images like that in any magazine that would top yours.


man you rocked this one… every shot was just perfect… WOW

oh me, oh my! Those shots of her in front of the window are to die for. She is gonna fall outta her chair when she sees them :)

So, when is your work being published because it is the absolute shizzit man! All of these images could be in a magazine spread. SICK SICK SICK!!!

I would love to come hang with you and learn from the pros dude! I’ll bring the wine, you just bring your awesome asses!! hee hee

Looooooooooove it!

WOOOOWWWW! What an amazing wedding! Fabulous work.The bridal portraits are just out-of-this-world! Totally inspired here!

Dude where do I start.. These are amazing! That dress shot is out of this world. I love them man!!! WOW!!!!


AMAZING!!!!!!! The photos of the bride alone are just stunning!

I absolutely LOVE that Father-Daughter dance shot! What a fabulous moment!! You could just bottle that laugh and keep it forever.

Gina Leigh is all i have to say. absolutely amazing work (per usual, of course!). what a stunning couple so in love… love all the details & moments captured. i also have too many top favorites i don't even know where to begin! way to rock it out you guys — hope you are having a great start to your week. :D

DANG! You guys tore it up bigtime!!!!!

amazing, I am such a fan!

totally freaking awesome, guys!

Images 8 and 9 take my breath away…seriously. Fantastic set of images here!!!

First of all these images might be some of your best yet. They are unreal, amazing, beautiful, fantastic – everything a bride and groom could ask for. But I really wanted to tell David I’m sorry about your Grandma. I read your twitter and since I don’t tweet/twit(?LOL), I wanted to send my condolences. God Bless you all.

WOW these are sooooo ridiculously hot! Seriously stunning. You guys totally rocked this wedding. Incredible photography, guys, just incredible!

Killer shots guys! Amazing dress, sexy bride, and sweet light & portraits. Way to rock out another wedding!

This entire wedding is unreal!!! Absolutely stunning bride and the details are incredible! Nice job with all the low light!

Great work guys, so many awesome details. Lovin’ it!

Mee Oh My! EDGY! Grrrrrr…

I love all of the low light photographs…gorgeous!

Holy wow! Amazing shots, and what a beautiful Bride and Groom. All of these shots are breathtaking! Awesome shots, all around! LOVE the details!

not bad, not bad at all! ha! these are awesome! love the dress shot. whoa! if i’d done that, the chandelier would have fallen! :P

awesome work, David!

Dude, you totally nailed this wedding! Very inspiring work I must say, the best I’ve seen yet!

I gotta take another look!!

These are AWESOME! That dress of hers is amazing and you captured it beautifully. You rocked it as usual!!

You have taken my breath away! So creative in so many ways. The lighting, the angles , everything is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GORGEOUS!!! I swear- I would kill to watch you guys in action- the images you get are truly amazing. Meghan is such a beautiful bride- breathtaking. These images are just stunning- I am in awe. :)

So I started to type all of my favorite shots, then realized I would be writing a book! I think this is my favorite wedding from you guys thus far!

OMG…I don’t know what to say! The set is simply amazing!! Great lighting David…BRAVO!!

David, I am blessed to have had you with me at this wedding. As everyone has already said, your work is amazing. Thank you for doing such a great job. I’m always inspired by your creativity.

Just looked at these for the fifth time and had to comment again…lol. I just lurrrrve 8 & 9…I wish *I* took them!!

my jaw hit the floor when I saw 8 & 9