Meet me at the Sante Fe Station in San Diego

the stage was set.
yellow vintage vespa…check.
smoking hot bride in a silver dress…check.
good looking, super cool groom lawyer…check.
no-cal photographer john griffin…check.
john recently came down to America’s Finest City to do a fun little post-wedding photo shoot and i was glad to join him and the newlyweds. we walked all over downtown, stopping to take snaps along the way. i love shooting downtown. it’s like candy for my lens.
here’s some of my shots from the day. if you’d like to see john’s shots click here.
tell him aloha for me. john is super cool and was sofa king awesome to work with.


The pics look great as usual, but where is the yellow vintage vespa? Also, the link to Brian Reagan was great, that one always has me laughing:)

These are awesome!! I love the post processing on the last one!! Great Color!!

these are AWESEOME!!! some of my favorite shots to date! the colors are just fantastic & i love all the great body language. just awesome!!!

GORGEOUS shots as always!! :)

Big D you have got to slow down you just keep pumping out these crazy sick amazing sets.
Rock on dude!

love ’em all! me thinks my fave though is the last one because it’s RED! have worked with griffin too in the past and i agree, he is super kewl!

Love that fourth shot…totally fun set of images :)

Lovin these!!! Really love 1 , 9 and 10! What a cute couple!
That link to Brian Regan had me bawling!

I love love love……and loveeeeeeee these images. These have the coolest textured backgrounds! I want me photographed right there :))

2 thoughts: 1) I love the brick wall shot. There is something about the texture that sticks with me and 2) I love you new header

Totally loving your color choices on here today guys! I really love the way you played with the tonality. Very spiffy. Even better are the composition and angles! AWESOME!


Whats up my friend!!! I see you and the bride have been busy latly. The fouth one down is my favorite, not sure why it just sings to me.. maybe it’s her silver dress.. Hope you and ohana are enjoying your summer as much as we are. Take care my friend until we meet…..

David is such a tease…no Vespa!

Pure sweetness, David. You are never allowed to second with me…you will show me up!

The comp and pp is fab on these!!! My favs are the brick wall, holding hands and the biting of the finger! ROCK-in work as usual!

Yes, I felt robbed of the yellow vespa :)

Loved the brick wall shot. Great perspective!

…trying to come up for air and recuperate from the awesomeness of all these images.

So cool! You guys always amaze with your different post processing looks!

these are really cool, i love all of the colors, and they are totally haute!

You guys are too cool for school.

Oooh… I love these, especially the last one. Love the PP!!

love that last image- the reds are so enticing!

Frickin cool shots!!! Love the last one especially! woooohooooo!

Man that trolley shot is HOTT! Great set!

hahhahahah sofa king… i used to say that in like 3rd grade! anyways, i threw up from the awesome of number 4. loves it

OOh what a fun and fabulous dress! I love the huge brick wall shot, nice work guys :)

Haha nice usage of “sofa king”! These shots are all spectacular but the last two are my favorites. So much feeling!!

oooooooohhhhh I love her dress & his tie matches perfectly. WOW, I have so many favorites. I love th wall with the dragon, such good contrast with all the colors. The next pics in front of the green wall are awesome. I love where he is biting her finger…you captured their chemistry perfectly. These are all great!

such beautiful stuff! I love the shots on the colored walls! They are amazing!

these are so fun and so fantastic!! Excellent work…purely fabulous!


These are out of this world! Awesome work!

Man you posted these on Tuesday? Where the heck have I been! That shot in front of the brick wall is SLAMMIN’ HOT! LOVE IT! All these shots are awesome, totally lovin’ the POV!

dragon wall is super cool and I love your angle on the brick wall above it!

I LOVEEEEEE these!!! I love her dress too! HOT!