maternity session in san diego with kymberli, al, and baby riley

everything we do is measured by it.
times that made us feel something deep in our heart.
the greatest of all our feelings.
our most precious gift from God.
how we share time, memories, love, and life defines us, enriches us, bonds us.
the time kim and i have been photographers has been the most fulfilling of our lives. we have met so many incredible people and shared some amazing memories. memories we have also shared with all of you via our blog.
today i’m sharing some photo memories of two wonderful people we met a short while ago, kymberli and al, of webbed foot photography.
every day as we surf the internet we look, not only for images that inspire us, but for people that inspire us.
al and kymberli are in that group.
they take great images, but beyond that, they are deeply caring people. as you can see from these posts on their blog.
we love people that love dogs!
one of our first connections with kymberli and al was when they were headed to hawaii. we gave them the low down on all the awesomeness hawaii has to offer. God knows i love to talk about that place. :) several email / blog exchanges later we received a question so awesome i have to say it while doing finger quotes, “will you do a maternity shoot for us?” we were completely blown away. kymberli was the first person to ever ask us that. weddings are one thing, and it’s humbling enough being asked by another photographer to do a simple portrait, but being asked to document this time that a mother shares with her unborn child, that’s huge. no pun intended. (you’ll know what i mean when you see how tiny kymberli is). without hesitation we graciously accepted the invite and marked our calendar. as luck would have it, we were asked by another awesome photographer couple ( katy and ben ) to do a last minute* maternity session for them before the time came to do kymberli and al’s session. (*katy had her twins two days after we did the shoot.)
with one maternity session under our belt (unexpectedly), we met up with kymberli and al in a beautiful spot here in san diego and created some wonderful memories together. prior to this session, we had “known” them for more than a year, albeit only by their avatars and internet images. meeting them in person and being witness to the love they share reassured us that “they are who we thought they were” (for those football fans in the house). the life God has created through kymberli and al will be so blessed. riley is going to be one lucky keiki to have this awesome couple for parents.
ok, i could go on for days telling you how awesome these two are, but i’d rather show you. i’ve talked enough. (did i just say that?)
everyone, meet kymberli, al, and baby riley.

my first favorite

seriously, this is a maternity session. who else wants to look this good in their third trimester? me! me! me! me! me!

i can’t prove it, but i think kymberli stuffed a pillow under her shirt for this shot just so she would actually look pregnant. doesn’t she look amazing! (notice no question mark. that’s because it’s not a question. it’s a fact!)

personal favorite number two.

oh yeah, ferocity was brought.

no, that’s not sweet sweet sun flare. kymberli was just absolutely beaming.

we promise, baby riley is in there.

das boots.

since we weren’t lucky enough to know kymberli and al before they got married, we did a quick impromptu ring shot for them. the first ever maternity/ring session.

this is the part when i say thank you to kymberli and al. thank you for your friendship, your trust, and your kind hearts. we are so happy there’s about to be another person like you in our world.
may God bless you all and always keep you safe. can’t wait to see all the cute little baby riley detail shots i know you are going to take! from the little fee fees and little toes, all the way up to the tiny little nose. babies rule and so do you two!


LOVE the sunshine – and das boots!

The mother-to-be is just glowing! I thought it was the sun at first but I was mistaken. =)

It’s always such a pleasure to visit here! Kymberli and Al are blessed and beautiful. Look at all these sun drenched gems — you guys rule! I’m in constant admiration!

The first 4 are amazing! Wowwweee the light the feel their look. I love them! I agree she’s the best looking pregnant girl I’ve ever seen! Awesome job guys!

oh wow, all these shots are just so moving, and.. well, LOVELY! awesome, awesome stuff :D

Beautiful pictures!! Beautiful couple!! Kymberli, you look fantastic – and Al, you’re not so bad yourself : – )
What a heart warming photo session. Awesome pictures.
May God continue to bless you.

Liz A.

Love your writing, and love the “belly-flare” image!

Your number 2 favorite is my number 1 favorite! Very inspirational!!

Amazing, fabulously amazing, I love all the pictures…Ha ha @ the pillow under her shirt…you guys rock fabulously…

You always amaze me with the way you speak and show life in your photographs. These photos are the epitome of love and family. I’m so blown away with these. COngratulations to two obviously incredibly loving and caring people.

These are FANTASTIC!!
You guys have to be the coolest people ever!! You never miss a comment on a post ~ For TONS of photographers!! I see your comments everywhere~ That is so awesome!! thanks for being such cool people! :)

Very nice I love where you shot these.

You guys KNEW we were going to totally dig the sun on these!!! :) -D.

Wow how many women in their trimester can lay all modelesque on a tree trunk! I’m jealous! Love that photo and I love the shot of them sitting in the tall weeds and all the sun drenched ones, and… =)

I LOVE Kymberli & Al! They are super wonderful and super nice. WOW, Kymberli is ROCKIN her pregnancy. She looks freakin AMAZING! Seriously, she is soooo BEAUTIFUL here! WOW! I have so many favorites. Again, you guys have mastered the light on this shoot. I am simply blown away with your photos. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

amazing lighting through the whole session guys! Supa cool stuff! :D

Great stuff! I have been looking forward to seeing these.

great images as always. location, location, location… niiice! thanks for being such an inspiration. you sappy fella you!

awwww.. what a fantastic session each image a delight..


beautiful… love the light!

Wish I looked this hot when I was prego…nice work! I love the boots, sun flare, and sweet colors.

I love the color and the warmth of this set! They fit this couple, this moment so well! Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Oh heavenly mercy!! What asdlfjadf photos these are! (Yes..that’s me being really excited to see, yet again, awesome photos):D Love the little baby boots. Where in the world did they get those!? need to get me some! Sizzle! :D

I was emotional reading your intro before even looking at one image. They are magical. You know, there are photographers and then there are PHOTOGRAPHERS. You, my friends, are PHOTOGRAPHERS. XOXOXO

clearly i have been soooo MIA! you guys have been busy, busy too — looove this post. your top faves are mine, as well. :) hope you are having a rad weekend!

If I didn’t read your post I would think these were engagement pictures (love the ring shot btw) she is just gorgeous! As always your pictures are totally unique and beautiful. I love the serenity in these, there is such a calming feel to them. Awestruck once again guys!

Wow Kymberli looks GREAT! What a great session. They are so nice and warm. Love the light. The shot from above is awesome. Love it. Awesome job!

This was so beautifully written. The shots are so gorgeous. Can’t wait to meet Riley!

I am loving that location and all the sun and flare! You guys are sweet!

Wow, I don’t know how you crank these shoots out so fast! I’m impressed by that alone.

The work always dazzles me too though (:

Pretty amazing!

These are amazing David and Kimi! I can’t wait till the day our paths cross.

Wow these are amazing, as always =) She’s stunning! Those ring shots are beautiful also.

You guys are too fun! – David Craver

love’n the light in so many of these.

Love the name on the belly and boot shots! Awesome memories!

You guys are seriously – the BEST! I am a loser for waiting this long to comment! I knew when we were there that this was going to be an awesome session with you guys and I was so right! These photos are really wonderful. You made it seem so easy and comfortable and that was truly rare. I think we can all learn something new every day and I learned how relaxed sessions make for a great time. Riley is going to be so happy in a few years when he/she gets to see these photos and can understand them.

Thank you all again and we hope to see you guys soon!!

oooh weeee those are fantastic

Just had to stop by and say I love you guys. :) I smile when I think of all of you. :)

Beautiful couple and with such good hearts! We support our pound and humane society and think what these two are doing is so commendable!
I love every picture especially the black and white ones! She doesn’t even look pregnant in those!
Congrats on their new addition!

Wow… What a great couple. Love the interaction!

WOW! AS ALWAYS these are AMAZING!!! Whenever we have our next child we will be contacting you for sure to have you guys work your magic for us!~ :) These are absolutely beautiful and they look so awesome! Congrats to the Mommy and Daddy to be!

Those photos are amazing! I think I say that all the time, but know, I always mean it! Loving that B&W photos of the two of them touching her belly. Holy canvas batman! ;)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Kimi and David!! Blessing to you and your family!

You rock, kids. Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Gorgeous couple! Wow I wish I looked that beautiful when I was pregnant. My goodness you really captured some love here! I love where he is holding her tummy, such a moving moment.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you guys!

Sooo cute! I think you guys need to shoot more maternity sessions. :)

love love love this session!

I agree I’ve loved all your maternity sessions so far! So unique!
I absolutely love the warm yummy shot of her by the tree. Pure serenity and peace. Love it!

F-n phenomenal! You brought it and you rocked it!


I’ve been waiting to see these photos!! kymberli is absolutely radiant (and so is Al :)!! Love ’em both!!! David, fabulous job….the warmth of the photos brings so much comfort….