Mary & Brandon’s Wedding at Bali Hai

as promised, here are some more details from mary and brandon’s wedding at the Bali Hai. Actually, the pre-wedding shots were taken in mary’s choice suite at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn & Suites.

mary’s dress was beee-yooo-teee-ful.

i loved mary’s necklace, but i had to go and guy-it-up a little by puting it on this fine leather.

have you guessed the secret of this shot yet? props to whoever guesses the light source correctly first.
not so fast melissa. :)

maybe this will help. insert jeopardy music here.

picture perfect

i love the bali hai. it’s a great place to get married or simply relax by the bay.

mary looked absolutely amazing as she walked down to marry brandon.

there’s something about mary.

mary’s maids, bride’s maids that is.

there were amazing fresh flowers by Nancy Stevens everywhere. she really did an incredible job.

i love the flowers on this cake by Shirley the Cake Lady (619-561-9377). for one second they made me feel like i was in hawaii.
not pictured here was the dj, Bill Calhoun. his music couldn’t be captured in camera, but it was enjoyed all afternoon.

no more fishing for brandon. mary’s a keeper.

baby smiles are the best!

thanks mary and brandon. i love seeing couples that know how to have fun at their wedding. may you have a life full of happiness together.

thank you so much melissa. it was such a pleasure working with you (and you ally). can’t wait to shoot with you again.


These are STUNNING…I love the dress and the detail shots are out of this world. These are all BREATHTAKING. I love the shot of her on the pier by the boats…ohhhhh, is that thunderstorms behind. WOW. She looked so happy & fun. These are ALL FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!!

You guys blow me away with every wedding photo set I see from you guys. Just when I think the pictures can’t get any better you prove me wrong again. The bride and groom have got to be such a happy couple! I’m sure your awesome personalities just seal the deal!!! :-D

Ooh I love that 4th in the series of bridal shots from above, what a great expression! Nicely done… and I still love the ring shot :)

These shots are seriously stunning!!
WOW!!! I am in awwwww…

Beautiful and oh-so fun images! I love how you bring out not only the love, but the fun in people! Great job guys!

The light on the ring shot is killing me…I have no idea!!!

Great job, as always!

Ok well no one has thrown out a guess yet, just praised you for the amazingly gorgeous pictures. Hehe. A flashlight or candle?

pier shot = awesome

love it!

I know it’s a stretch, is it the moon? I love the pier shot and your details are to die for!

Fantastic job! Love the shoe shot with the gown in the background!

Awesome shots!!!!!!!!!!

Nice shots, that ring shot is killer. The cake looks wonderful too!

ummmm… can we say STUNNING!? love, love that dress/shoe shot! i think the ring shot was powered by a mini sunpak portable light?!?…. ?! love that thing if so! :D also super love the fishing pic! great job as always you guys.

you guys RUUUULLLEEEE!!!!


See you Thursday :)

Ummm…those ring shots are truly incredible!!!

Great images!!! That rings shot is off the hook! Too bad I have NO IDEA what the light source is!

what? no movie or music quotes? did kimi write this? :P

you don’t really need words…the images speak loudly enough. they’re gorgeous! i have no words…just awesome!

awesome stuff, but I love, love, love your ring shots in here!

Love all the pics of the bride! How cute is she with that tongue ring! The ring shot, hmmm…deer light or 1 head light?



Are you serious?! You never cease to amaze me! Your shots are unreal!!!! The shoes/dress shot and the necklace/leather shot are out of this world!!!! AWESOME WORK, yet again!!

Again, great job! Looks like a great day!

Wow David this wedding looks like so much fun!! I love how you capture such fabulous special days!!!

wow!! amazing detail shots!

Love those! The dress/shoe shot and the ring shot…shhhhaaaa

Great stuff as always!

mmmm…we likey!!! are you ready for us???

Love the detail shots! Stunning!

I was married at the Bali Hai. yay! the pictures are bee-yoo-tee-ful! You guys are rockalicious. Seriously. nuff said.


What a GREAT wedding! I love that ring shot! And all of your details are so crisp. Love it!

Man O Man…that Ring shot is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!. Ok…you gotta spill the beans man….whats the light source? You always nail those detail shots!!

What? Where in the rules does it say I can’t guess??? I can’t remember if I already spilled the beans on my blog. hahaha :)

First of all, gorgeous bride!! Amazing images as always, that last shot’s too funny!

very fabulous work!!!

That last shot is why Adam and I aren’t doing a garter toss. The idea of having him under my dress in front of all our friends and family just mortifies me. :)

Our rehearsal dinner is going to be at Bali Hai and we’re getting married at Humphrey’s. I’ll probably be getting ready in a suite just like that one! I’m so excited!

I love how you made the bride look so beautiful and comfortable.

Amazing and beautiful! I really love your work!!

Ummmm WOW on that ring shot! :) Loving it! And the no fishing picture is awesome!

Love all the shots! You always amaze me! What a beautiful bride! She truly looks happy! Congratulations you two!

You’re right, there’s nothing like a baby’s smile! Love that picture!

So I thought I had a guess on he ring shot- but the more I think about it, the more I have no idea so…. :) These images- wow. Now all I have to say is you know you all are freakin rockstars!!! ;) Amazing work, as usual. Alrigth, so spill it! I’m dying to know!

Thanks for your response. You all are awesome! I still was hoping you share the love on the light source???? Shoot an email if you can. Sunpak video light? Hmmmmm