martina and dylan…"professional Disneyland guests"

when denise first contacted me inquiring about taking some photos of her two children, martina and dylan, we talked a bit about the places they would like to take the photos. what places do they love to go? in talking with denise i discovered that she is what her friends call a “professional Disneyland guest.” since they love Disneyland as much as i do, i suggested that we take their photos there. denise couldn’t say yes fast enough. martina and dylan needed no convincing. the stage was set for a super fun photo session.

this shot is a re-creation of a moment shared between martina and her grandma that denise had captured years ago. on a side note, sadly, Mr. Lincoln isn’t in the opera house these days.

martina and dylan were such great models. they were A. adorable, B. up for all of my ideas, and C. always had a smile on. even with all the rides tempting them, they stuck with the plan & were two of the best young kids i’ve ever worked with.

martina and dylan were being as good as angels, but i could tell they were ready to crank up the fun a notch or two, so…

we made our way back to toontown where they could finally let loose a little. i love that part of the park. it’s so colorful and fun. you can’t help but feel like a kid once you’re in there.

peek a boo dylan!

i wasn’t kidding when i said martina was as good as an angel.
cue the angelic “aaaaahhhhh” sounds.

dylan was super cool. in fact, he was a little too cool. this was taken right before he crossed that velvet rope in the background which ,in turn, caused a cast member to yell “you can’t do that!” apparently, dylan’s been reading our blog. we don’t like velvet ropes either. :)

martina had a good laugh about her brother’s run-in with “the law.”

can you name them all?

thank you denise for inviting us to photograph your ohana at one of our favorite places. we had such a fun day. we absolutely love your kids, chicklets and all. :)


What adorable kids!!!! They looked like they were having a lot of fun! They really look like natural models too! I loved all the pictures! The family photo at the end is really nice!!

I just LOVE these!!!! I want to take pictures at Disneyland! These are GORGEOUS! Absolutley love the 7 dwarves and barbershop pole picture!!!

Awww, how cute are these shots?!?! They are making the cutest faces! I so miss my kids smiles with missing front teeth. My favorite is the toontown picture and the one in front of that door. So much happiness. That’s how children should be captured on film! Nicely done here.

awe…gotta be one of the best places for a shoot, and such adorable children! looks like so much fun!

That’s what’s known as a good gig. You captured it well. Love the 5th one down!

Oh my! I want family pictures there too! You really got some creative and beautiful images here. I love the picture of the kids in front of the red door,wooden door and on the steps and in that little house!
I referred you guys to a friend. So expect a call soon.

The shot of that little dude with the dwarves. . . . awesomeness. MAN I love your post processing skills.

Jeremy (from KC)

i know this ohana! BELLISIMA! you guys have done it again, you are simply FANTASTICO!!!

i hope you know i refer everyone i know to you guys, keep up the AMAZING work =).

– Kami

oooh! what a cool session! the kids really look like they were very cooperative, too! awesome work once again!

So fun! I must say that I absolutley love the kids behind the waterfall, how imaginitive and fun! I also relly like the one with the sister dancing in the background that is soooo cute! It made me laugh :D

Ha ha! I love the ‘angel’ shot…that’s hilarious! Looks like it was a really fun shoot! You guys did a great job…like always!

DANG now I’m sad I didn’t go to Disney;and with you guys…this looked fun! (I decided the upgrade wasn’t worth it lol)

The handle with care picture is so cute, what a little budding model. She looks like such a natural. You captured these kids beautifully. I also really love the close up of the little boys face.That’s awesome!!

-Tilesa (CA)

These photos are awesome and truly capture the essence of being a child!
What a great memory you will have.

That dwarf shot is killer, love it!!

These kids look so sweet and adorable! Awesome shots!

Well, well, well…as their auntie I adore these pictures. Martina & Dylan are amazing kids and your images show that. Love ’em!!!!!

disneyland rules! and martina & dylan rocked it!! carlie and i just spent the day at the happiest place on earth, with the fam… we have the so-cal select pass, so we should totally do a mid-week d-land session one of these days.

Oh these two are adorable! I love all the shots you got. The pumpkin and the seven dwarfs shot especially!

Disneyland Rules!!!This is how children should be photographed! I love these, what little cutie patooties! I love that they aren’t “posed” with the typical “cheese & smile” look which are so phony to me. You captured them being them. I LOVE IT! Way to be different!

They are so cute! I love all the images! You did an awesome job at showing off their cuteness!

How fun to shoot at Disneyland! These photos are so cute and I love the pumpkin shot.

HI! As always…awesome images! I have been to Disneyland many many times and you captured a lot of areas I did not even know existed! Amazing job!!!

yummy processing! extra cute kiddos!

What a fun idea for a session! Love it! Those kids are just way too cute.

Now…who’s in my chair???…
you cracked me up with that one, d. bizzle.
I LOVE THESE images! I can honestly say, hands down, they are the best pro kiddo shots I have ever seen – honestly. I actually enjoyed them and found them to be so incredibly inventive and packed full of creativity! I wanna go to Disneyland – Gabriel, you betta count us in on that midweek session when we come visit!!!

These are precious! I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely LOVE the 4th one down! All of them are great, but I just LOVE that one!! Awesome job!

awww….they are just too cute!

These brother/sister pictures will be cherished forever I’m sure. Great captures!

How cute! Great kids + easy to work with + disneyland = fun times :)

Aw man these are so fun, cute kids!!

Soo adorable! I especially love the dwarves shot :)

Hey David! Those are so cute! What a great place to do a session!

David, Awesome work as usual man! This looks like you all had a blast. What a fun idea. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!

Adorable kids! Great shots as usual :)

OH MY STARS!!!!!! You ROCKED this session and what a super fun family to want to have a session this way :) I am jealous! The kids are simply gorgeous and your work is brilliant. Clapping over here!!

Lisa Carpenter

Are you kidding me? Dang comment king and queen! :)
These are amazing shots you guys! What a great session.
The dwarf shot is my fav!

as i’m scrolling down i loved how each shot was entirely different and very creative! The dwarf shot is priceless…and the little girl does look like an angel from heaven.

Great shots – and what a great place to take them!

I’m soooooooooooo jealous! I’ve always wanted to do a shoot there (especially when we had passes). But I think the pressure of making it look up to everyone’s expectations might kill me. But the light in the childrens’ eyes is all worth it:)

You did an amazing job! Love doing shoots at “the happiest place on earth!” Keep up the awesome work!!

too funny with the dwarfs!

Fantastic dude!!!!!!!! wow it looks like i was a little late commenting on this this post!

Hey there!
I just checked out your site and I love your blog. I am originally from Southern California (I only get to visit once a year :/ ), so the Disneyland shoot was so much fun to look at!!!! Way to go!

I had to comment here too.Wowzers, these are just so fun! I love that you captured the children in their element. Shows their innocence and spunk! these children are just adoreable!


Great work. These kids look so stoked to get their picture taken!
We’ll send you a postcard from the islands. :)

-Nick and Rachel

Hi David & Ohana!

I am blown away! The pictures are awesome! I just love them, and I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I’ve also read the comments and I’m just so amazed. (By the way, do those people commenting on the “dwarf” picture think that you drew it or something?)

Thank you so much for spending (practically) the entire day with us at Disneyland…I know that was way “beyond the call of duty.”

You definitely have an eye…because as many times as I have been to Disneyland, there were things/places/sites that I would never have imagined having in pictures. You captured so many different wonderful images.

It was a wonderful experience and one that I will do again, for sure! The kids had a great time…but I think Martina especially enjoyed hanging out with Rain (and April). Kim made quite an impression on her as well…I figured this out when Martina told me that she “wished I was more like ‘their’ mom.” Oh well…us single mom’s have it rough and I do the best I can.

Denise Swanhart