make it work

in times like these you have to improvise, adapt, overcome. this year we have broadened our horizons and learned quite a bit. on our latest outing into the wilderness beyond being san diego wedding photographers, we dipped our photographic toes into the unfamiliar waters of fashion photography and, as katy perry said, we liked it. :)
this was not just any fashion show. it was a SAN DIEGO ART INSTITUTE class project and a benefit for the KID ANGEL FOUNDATION. the location was san diego’s first tapas bar, La Gran Tapa.
the show was amazing!
you may not know it by just watching, but fashion shows are super fast paced. luckily april and i got to mingle a while before the show and get some cool back stage shots of the calm before the storm. april even updated her blog (i know, right) with some of her images. click here to take a gander at her shots.

claire, dmarkis, and justin, the make-up and hair stylists from RICHARD JOSEPH SALON in san diego did an incredible job. they were all uber cool and super easy to work with. if you want your hair and makeup to look awesome, hire them. today. they straight up rule.

i want to thank melody, her mom barbara, and everyone that helped to make this show a success. we appreciate you providing this opportunity to step outside our “safe zone.” april and i had such a wonderful time i think we’re hooked. we’d love to do more shoots like this. so much fun!


I keep looking at these, I just love them!!

wow this imagery is stunning!!

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome shots! How fun and especially love the shot of the two models on opposite ends of the super cool couch! Are you guys making it out to WPPI. I plan on going and also visiting my munchkin in Palmdale for an early bday celebration. His bday is March 5th ;-)


OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH I LOVE them!!! NO, I LURV them!!!! They are so full of vintage Parisian yumminess!! Makes me want to eat a baguette!!! These ROCK!!!

these are SOOOOOOOOOO Fantasticly amazing!!

Wow! These are great! My fav is the one with the two ladies sitting on the couch with the selective coloring. Great work!

Uh OH, these are so good someone might steal you away from us! Me like very much :)

Those gals reading the magazines look like fabulous Hollywood Movie Stars from the 50’s…I love the behind the scenes photos. AWESOME. I love the b/w series in these…very NICe!

Great stuff! Loved the peeks backstage!

Always rockin the funky fresh images my friends! I also dig the new font your using on your images. Very bold, love it! It was great seeing you at the Kissmas Party!

SO much cooler than your average fashion show shots! I’m convinced you can pretty much do anything and do it well.

Me likey!!! That first shot reminds me of cuba meets scarface! Is this a new logo, or did you switch the font up just for this shoot? It has an edgier feel to it?

Nice work! These are great.

The backstage shots are freakin’ phenominal! Is there anything you can’t do??? :-) Love the tight shot of the girl fixing her shoe and the two girls on the couch. Hotness! You definitely made it work.

Freakin’ Cool, Guys! Awesome!

Love these shots!!! Love the blue dress – totally pops! Phenomenal.

OMG I love it! It was edgy, urban, grungy, fantastic! Awesome job!

WOW! I love how old school these images feel!!

i really love these images… you completely get a feeling as if you were right there experiencing it all with you guys! awesome!

Oh wow! It’s like reading a magazine! :) Beautiful job, you guys!

You guys amaze me! Great stuff!

well if this was your first try at fashion i would say you did pretty good, i really like the backstage shots!!!
and thank you for stopping by my blog and for the comment!!!!

I LOOOOOVEEE that first shot. These are so impressive, great work

You guys did an awesome job on these. SO freaking cooooool. :)

Awesome shots David. I really like the black+white and PJ photos

Hey man, these are insanely ridiculous! Every single one! The PP on these are sick, please share a few secrets!

What fun! Love the feel of the backstage pics!

some of these look like they came straight out of W magazine! Love the processing. Just perfect.

officially jealous!! so superly duperly awesome!

Style rox.. I’m lovin the fashionista status and stylistic stuff.. Seems like you are actually in a comfort zone – not outside of it! Total Rockstar shoot session ya’ll..

These are so fun!!

great to see the fab. behind the scene shots… and the end fashion work..
Can’t tell you don’t ALWAYS shoot fashion!
great work…

You guys rocked another one!

wow! these are so editorial and glam. loving, loving it.

So totally awesome… It looks like a blast.

These are super high energy! Love 'em! The black & whites are killer — reminds me of Robert Frank from the '50s. You go, man!

These are HOT!!! Love the vintagey style! Ohhhhhh and that light in the first picture, so delish. Love them all though! Very hot stuff.

I love this! Rocked the fashion world Ohana style! yayah!

These shots are super cool! I love seeing all the behind-the-scenes goodness – so exciting!

you made it work alright! i love ohana times a million billion trillion!! the vintage-y processing is super sweet. i can’t stop looking at the one of the guy in the glasses at the red door! it looks like a real deal vintage hollywood shot. keep up the awesome work!

Wow, wow, wow just WOW! I love #4 and #5. You guys so awesome! I love it!

Love the editorial feel of these, just awesome!

oooooohhhh, I love fashion shows! awesome awesome awesome :)

there;s nothing i can say that hasn’t been said already!

truly remarkable work!!!

i dont care what anyone says this session i found awesome cause it felt grungy and dirty and vintage and so many other things it is amazing. Great job guys.

Utterly perfect post process. These are REALLY AWESOME—extra special combination of awesomeness with the models, location, lighting, colors, processing and photographer’s eyes !!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!~!!

I am in love love love with these images!! I love especially the getting ready images- amazing! I love tapas so I’ll have to make a trip down to SD to try them out. AMAZING work!

Wow man, just reminded why you are one of my favorite photographers in the WORLD!

Keep it up man!

This shoot looks like it was all fun! Very superb work!