lindsey and brent play at petco park

we’d been wishing on shooting stars, birthday candles, the snow white wishing well at disneyland, and dandelions, but until we met up with the gorgeous lindsey and handsome brent…bupkis. they were the perfect four leaf clover we needed to finally get to shoot an awesome couple on the field at petco park. fyi: it was AWESOME! the grass is so nice it looked fake. one more reason pro players are lucky. we used to play on uneven dirt fields with fire ants, shards of broken glass and gravel. sliding not fun, but i digress.
we had to work quickly at Petco. the Padres gave us our very own official escort that was not only on ot but was hungry and had dinner with his wife on his mind. he was still super nice and brought us all some water and let us have the run of the place. and we ran, we ran so far away. we just ran, we ran all night and day. we were like kids that had just been let out for recess. it was such a fun experience.

while april and i were shooting lindsey and brent, kim got some details of the park.


18th is the magic number

the rocks

and he’s…

SAFE at home!

the normally cold, empty park was filled with the light of lindsey and brent’s love.

they brought a whole new level of hotness. it temporarily blinded me in my left eye.

on the track

our town. our team. (even when they stink.)

when did the mlb dude turn into pinocchio?

brent made the call from the dugout to bring in his ace, lindsey.

well brent, i’d watch the third base coach if i were you cause i think she’s waving you in.

kim and april were all geeked out to be in the dugout, standing next to the box that houses the helmet that sits atop their favorite padres noggin.
oh khalil, how we love thee.

after shooting all we could, it was go time.
thank you so much lindsey and brent for setting up this amazing opportunity. we couldn’t ask for a more awesome couple to shoot in one of our favorite places in san diego. we can’t wait to spend a little more time with you at your san diego wedding. see you soon!


How totally cool is this! Rocked 12,14,17,23 and 24!

Faves!: The solo ring on the ball shot (which lens did you use for that?), first pic of them sitting on the ground on the field with the sun in the back, shot with them on the far right, with the sunglow filling up the whole left side, AND… the shot of them almost kissing in the stands… the one of just the seats (detailed shots..)… the last pic… and and and.

Holy crapoli!!! Every time I visit I need a bucket to catch my drool!!! :-Z LOVE ALL OF EM! The cool sun shots; I would be blind too so freakin awesome! How about that ring shot…. Total AWESOMENESS. Ohana Baxter ROCKS!!!

Aww man!! That ring shot on top of the baseball rocks. That shot makes my top ten “cool wedding photos for guys” list!

what a neat place to shoot.
fantastic ring shot on top of the baseball btw. :)

Love the ring on the baseball. In fact, I love all the detail shots. How lucky were you guys to be able to shoot there.

Great googly moogly … I’m at a loss for words. I love so many of them… you guys rocked this… which you always do. The couple in the background and the ball on home plate with the shadows and flair… seriously… my jaw dropped. Please bottle up your awesome’ness and make some cupcakes and sprinkle that awesome’ness on top… and send me at least 1 bite.

Always looking forward to your work – //enoch

Seriously you guys…..these are out of control awesome!!! So so soooooo awesome! Every single one!

PERFECTION again. :o) What an amazing opportunity to hang out at the field and get to photograph so many fun details. LOVE the ring/baseball combo! You guys never cease to amaze me.

Sweeeet that you got to shoot there! These are super cool and great and awesome and….they rule. hah

This looks like the most fun shoot ever! Love all those sunkissed shots – especially the one where she’s holding the ball and the one with the ball in the foreground and their silhouettes in the back! You totally knocked this one out of the park!! (hee hee)

You guys are insanely masterful! Your blog should be required viewing. Excuse me while I leave my chair and bow…. :)

Ooh, what an awesome place to shoot! You rocked this! LOVE the ring shots. Love them all!

WOW awesome shots! i love it! hey thanks for stopping by on my blog =) bookmarked your blog…

great stuff!
love these….

cool ring shot on that baseball!

Ring Shot on Baseball = PRICELESS!

Love this photo shoot. Very creative!!!! Love, love, love it. :)

Ummm… Holy Crap… that ring shot with the flare just blows my mind!!!!!!! :)

Seriously? Are you kidding me? The ring shots…and the flare shots…and the ring + flare shots. These kicked serious a$$.

Oh man…how cool!! I love these. You guys are so creative. :)

Amazing as always… but 55 other people beat me to saying it.

I love these pictures! My fav is the one with her holding the ball and you do a close up on the ring. Absolutely beautiful!!!

I love the ones of them in the stands! I also love the one where he is holding her face sitting on the field, so romantic!! Yes, even at a baseball field ;*)
P.S My husband is so jealous of this shoot! He wishes he would of thought of it. Hehe.

That’s awesome! I can’t believe you got to shoot in Park! Awesome shots…I love the ‘blinded’ picture. Very nice. Miss you guys!

hey my man!
sorry i have been so awol on the blog lately.

that Hot Pockets vid is hilarious!!!

nice shoot here…love the ring shot on the ball.

i think ill be around here more now that it is getting close to crap season here in Okie.

you guys have some serious followers. This session is rockin, so i can see why!

Love all these images. Great stuff. And thanks for always making me laugh

These are fabulous! Love your vision! Awesome-ness!

Simply amazing, as ALWAYS! You guys rocked this as always! LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring shot! These are all freaking amaaaaaaazing!!!!

HELLO!!!! These are AWESOME! I LOVE the ring shots!!! what an awesome awesome opportunity, and who better to shoot it, you guys rock! :)

They look awesome!

We are so happy with how they all turned out!!

Its been a fun day all day for my family to get to see some of the pictures from the shoot.

Now the problem is picking which sizes we want of which pictures!

Thank you again for making it so much fun! You guys are amazing!!!


guys….LOVE your work, your philosophy, your style…ALL of it!! it makes me grin everytime. my hubby is from the great SD…we haven’t lived there in 5 years, so we love seeing the shots from around town.

ya’ll are rockstars!

~jessica flynn

Wow! Those are gorgeous… I can only hope to be half that good someday :)

You guys always blow me away! Every shot….awesome!

wow you guys! another one off the charts!! i absolutely love the composition & angles used — and let's just take a moment to talk about that last one. holy smokes! TRULY truly AWESOME!

Love the rim lighting on the first one, the detail shots are a nice touch… Looks like you had fun (as always).

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen 69 comments on a blog before! Woo Hoo… ;)

Ah man these are bomb sauce! Is he a baseball player? How were you able to shoot on the field? So effing kool! Have I told you I love you guys lately??? Well, I love you guys ;)

how freakin’ rad are all these pictures!? The ball on home plate with the flare, the Go pic, the details… everything, so awesome!

love it! great park! such a laid back session! :o)

Holy awesome light Batman!! I’m lovin’ the ring on the baseball shot with them in the background. These are so stinkin’ awesome! :-)

How the heck were you guys able to shoot in there? Thats awesome. I’ll be doing a wedding in Dodger Stadium, hopefully we’ll get to play in the field as well…

These are seriously awesome

these pics are AWESOME!!! How the heck did you score access to the stadium…that just proves you guys are the shit :)

WOW!! this session is insanEEEEEEEEE. Each shot is amazing!! You guys inspire me :)

Ok, first of all, coolest location ever! :) I know you guys had a blast there! Second…could Lindsey have more beautiful eyes?! Just stunning! What a fun couple! From the looks of the pictures, they may have actually had more fun than you! :)

I can’t get over at how rad these are!! Love every single shot of this haut couple! Seriously I cannot choose a favorite! Rocked it Ohana!

hey man this shoot is oooofffff the hook crazy. u must be a carpenter, cause u nailed all of these WoW!!! compile a list of adjective and let them aaapppllllyyy themselves. amomentintime;-) enough said, not nearly enough said!!!

I bet you guys were jumping for joy that you got to do this shoot! I love the ring with the baseball. These two make a baseball stadium look HOT!

OH MY!!! I in in L.O.V.E with the shot of the basball on home plate!!!! Seriously, stunning! I look at photography everyday and I am a serious blog-hopper, and THIS image is one of my favorites EVER! Crazy awesome!!!! You are TOTALLY going on my “Favorite Photogs Blog” list!!!

I’m blown away at this venue! FUN! Looking through your archives…