Linda and Matt do Torrey Pines State Beach

our very good friend linda recently came back home to sd for a weekend and we got to hang out at Torrey Pines State Beach with her and her man matt. linda is a misplaced san diego native. she moved away about a year ago and we’ve been plotting, er um, planning on her return ever since.

isn’t it nice relaxing on the beach in del mar linda? wouldn’t it be nice to do that every day?

these guys do.

same old sign. same result. we’re rebels like that.

wow! look at that rock.

i know what you’re thinking. yeah, those are sharks. :).

there’s the smiles we like to see. aren’t they cute?

patti was feeling left out and wanted to get in on the session. check out dancing queen over here. it’s cirque de Pat-te.

as quickly as they arrived, they were gone again. back to…sigh…texas. (that’s too far linda!)
“the bottom line is, you’ve been spending a lot of time in texas. you’re a member of the sd ohana. we need you. heck we all need you. we’re a mess without you. we miss you so dang much. we miss being with you. we miss being near you. we miss your laugh. we miss your scent. we miss your musk. when this all gets sorted out, i think we should all get an apartment together. see what it’s like when you’re not here! look what you’re doing to the ohana. patti’s been a mess. kim can’t sleep at night.”
come home soon linda! (and stay for longer than 2 days! stay here forever. that’s the best plan.) matt can come too. stay safe while you’re away. we hope to see you again REAL soon.
in case anyone out there is wondering, that excerpt is a paraphrase from one of our favorite movies, Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy.


linda!! *insert snoopy song* come home linda, come home, come home, come home. we had an awesome time visiting with you and matt attack. (sorry about the nickname, giddy with the CHARGERS win today!!) eating at the albertos by the beach and mmmm….spaghetti factory. visit us real soon ya hear! oh and MOVE BACK! as champ kind was saying, “we’re a mess without you” we heart you lin!

aunt linda! or should i say aunt “spooghetti”, i think that’s what rain was calling you during our intense game of pool volleyball. you need to come back so we can all have game/movie/getting kicked out of tio leo’s karaoke/pool/fun night.

miss you, move back home!

I love the shot of them on the lifeguard tower and the one with the surfers in the background. Those ARE dolphins right? That jumping one is so funny! That made me chuckle.

Sorry for spamming, but I really like your photos and wanted to ask you if we could exchange links? Please write me a comment in my blog (my everyday glamour) then I know that’s okay for you ;-)
Hope you’re okay,
Chililady from Austria

#! w/ the surfer boys in the background ;) that’s my fav.

The first one is so sweet!!Looks like a beautiful day at the beach. I get so excited when I see dolphins that close to shore!

She is so pretty! Did you do anything to her skin in post processing? I love your color in these too. My favorite is the one of them kissing in the background, that is a cool rock hehe. Nice work as usual.

Thanks everyone at Ohana family! The best pictures I’ve ever taken!love ya

Hi Guys! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to comment on your new blog. It’s awesome, and definitely fits your style and vibe. Kudos!

Now if I could only get you to ditch that AOL e-mail address… ;)

WE all miss you Linda. Picture day was fun! You made me jump for Joy..haha

Beautiful pictures!!! Now I know the comments I would get if, sorry, when I come back for a visit. :) I’ll take the comments to be able to spend some time with you guys again!!! Miss you!

LOVE that first one!

Other faves are the sepia colored one (by the textured wall) and the last one.

Gorgeous shots!
You are SO lucky to live where you do… to be takin pics on the beach at this time of year!

ginger ~ i know right? it was like 78′ and killer that day.

ma5en ~ thanks man.

marta ~ her skin is THAT nice. i did pp some but not because of her skin.

chililady ~ i’ll check out your site soon!

amy ~ those were sharks! ;)

oh my gosh, I so did the girl/leg pose with a couple – it’s on my blog. we must be in tune or something – keep sending us your positive energy and maybe someday we’ll be as good as you!!

by the way, didn’t you attend the kaiser’s shootshop? we are about to embark on that next month and would love your feedback. (sorry to post twice, we know that’ kinda lame)

I love that you quote Anchorman! :) You guys are hilarious!!!

Aweseome, so freakin awesome guys!
That first shot is so great. Love that the surfer is in the background. And the rock shot… words :)
Hugs to you guys!

They are super cute! You did a great job David! :)

I have to tell you…your images are always fabulous but what I enjoy most about your blog is your humor…I look forward to it!! It takes creativity to be that witty all the time! I love it!!!

Grrrreat shots! I can’t believe those are sharks!

nataly ~ they’re not i was just kidding. a lot of people on the beach thought they were until a couple jumped out of the water. they’re dolphins, but could you imagine?

i LOVE that first one!

“look at that rock!” lol! No wonder you think I’m funny. You’re just as nutty as I am!:)

Dude…awesome set here. The colours are fantastic!!! Makes me wish we had that beautiful sun and surf that you Californians have!