Letters to Santa

as is our ohana tradition this time of year, rain and april sat down, pencil in hand, and wrote their wish list for santa. of course we know the true meaning of christmas has little to do with santa, but we believe the spirit of christmas has a lot to do with him. we are happy to say that we all still believe in santa and the good things he represents. Christmas is our favorite time of the year (summer is a very close 2nd).

without any further delay, here’s rain’s wish list. apparently santa’s loaded. money is clearly no object in the clause household. whose kid is this? an iMac? nate, have you been talking to rain? if she gets all this stuff i’m asking for my own private island (with helicopter).
all i want is what’s coming to me. all i want is my fair share. :)

april’s list is somewhat more grounded.

here’s our little tree that we bought earlier this month. notice the sweet decorating job that rain and april did.

this next shot shows our favorite ornaments. can you guess whose is whose?

here’s some more of our favorites. we don’t really do the traditional glass ball and tinsel look. one of the things we love to do every year is pick up a new hallmark ornament (or four).

this last one below is actually tied for my favorite. it makes me smile every time i see it.


LOVE this post DB!!! Rain has got her priorities straight! ;-)

My daughter has been begging me to put up the tree and I just found the inspiration to do so! Thanks!!

Rain’s list is so cute. I love April’s drawing!
Cute ornaments. I used to collect all the Eskimo ones every year.
Merry Christmas friends!!!

How cute! Rain seems like quite a character :)

awww..i love your ornaments, especially the last one!

It’s so sweet of Rain to include a wish for her mommy in her list!

And April, your talent, where does it end?

i see an appalling lack of snoopy ornaments in your post. if rain gets anything on her list for santa i vote we do yankee swap c:

LOL! I love the iMac on the Santa run-down….that sounds like my list. :)

The tree is gorgeous!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Wow, that’s some list Rain!! Could you ask him to drop some of those off at my house too?! :) April is a little more realistic, but I’m not sure how much more! I hear he’s single. :) Hmmm, I thought I’d be able to guess the ornament (Disney = Kim!), but I guess not. Here’r my best guess…1=April, 2=Rain, 3=Kim, 4=David. How’d I do? Miss and love you!

thanks everyone for commenting. after i read rain’s list i had to get it published. i’m gonna have to tell her santa had some expensive dental work or something.

angel ~ you nailed it!!

merry christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

Aww… your children are so adorable! Love the ornaments. Have a merry christmas!

Great list Rain and especially April :) Now, where exactly do we send the list? I have some things to request myself.

Merry Christmas!

I litteraly laughed out loud when read Aprils wish list.

A wii. A game for wii. A new controller for wii. A second wii. A new TV to go with the new wii. Funny stuff …!

Those letters are classic!!! I hope you are keeping them in a book or something…so sweet!

Rain and I share the same brain. My list looks just like hers, except hers has better penmanship. :)

I love ALL the ornaments! Rain and April did an awesome job!

JIM FREAKING HALPERT??? You officially have the coolest family EVER!!!
Merry Christmas, blog friends!!

Awesome ornament shots. Love the Santa letter. I guess because I don’t have kids, I’m outta the loop on the latest gadget and toys! Hope you & your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

I don’t get it, doesn’t EVERY kid want mac paraphernalia for CHRISTmas? LOL, Rain is a girl after my own heart. Wuz up with April’s list? Nope, sorry, too young, no one good enough for her. Tell her Auntie Snow said so. hee hee, I rhymed! You guys have a super duper CHRISTmas and may God richly bless you this coming New Year!!! Much Shalom, R

I love the Charlie Brown youtube link! :) I also love April’s list- Jim is definitely on my Christmas list this year, too! You guys are awesome! xoxo- Kimberlee

Love the tree and all the fun ornaments! I hope you got this special one a Wii.

cool ornaments. I really like the letter to santa. Great shots man.

hey everyone!!! thank you so much for all the love, we love you guys. ummm…are you believin that list? anyone got any extra weddings they want to throw us? haha! merry christmas and happy holidays to all of you. may you, your families and your business be blessed for the coming year!

Your killin’ me! Can’t a girl get a break!? And yet I still have no pictures from you guys, what’s up?
Well, I did get a break this week, a broken ankle, :( and a broken external hard drive. A double whammy! I am getting slammed!
So really, I needed something to lift my spirits and these photos did it.
Great job guys! Merry Christmas!


Awww! Merry Christmas :)

“Dear Santa, How have you been?”

hahahahhaha that’s so awesome! what a cutie!!

A Yoda, a stormtrooper and Mike on your Christmas tree – that is one cool Christmas tree!

Merry Merry Christmas my friends :)!!!!

How awesome is this post?! I love it! Rain seems like a great decision maker. April is a talented artist – let me know if she’s interested in taking a tour of Disney’s animation studio! Merry Christmas!

i love the garland on your tree…and love that it’s a real one! love that “silver and black” mickey too!

hope you get a new stove at your house!

Merry Christmas!

A Merry Christmas, May You Have!

I love the little Yoda. David, and family, I hope you had a very excellent Christmas. I/we wish you nothing but the best for your family and business in 2008!!!

I like how Rain spelled Christmas.. how cute!