L is for Lyric

photo sessions for new families are always fun. especially when they have little blessings like baby Lyric here. it was such a pleasure for april and i to share these moments with lyric’s ohana.

there’s no place like mama’s arms.

how cool is this?
we wrapped lyric up in the veil that octavia (lyric’s bonita mama) wore during her wedding in india. so cute!
when rain saw this picture she asked “is that a real baby? she looks like a doll.”

only God could make a doll this beautiful.

are lyric’s parents in trouble or what?
good luck saying “no” to puppy dog eyes like these. can’t be done. don’t even try.

hitting the books with papa.

john is an amazing guitar player. during our session he broke out the acoustic and played some suhweet music that kept lyric happy as a clam.
i have to say that it was pretty soothing to our ears too. april wasn’t fussy at all and i didn’t have the urge to cry once. :)

lyric was loving papa’s music. it would be so sweet to have concerts performed daily, just for you, by your own dad. lucky ducky.

lyric’s first guitar is waiting for her. it won’t be long until she’s rocking the suburbs.

she is so precious!

what a blessing it was to have met john, octavia, and little baby lyric. they are first ballot candidates for the super-ohana hall of fame.
thank you so so much john and octavia for allowing april and i to document this precious fleeting moment in lyric’s life.
may God continue to shine His light on you and keep you safe and happy always.


WOW!!! These are fabulous! How sweet is this family!

I LUUUUUV the last one of her looking so content and safe with her parents. That 3rd image, Wowwweeee, just precious!!! I would blow that one up really big and put it in my greatroom above my fireplace! So beautiful, the color and her eyes are amazing!

Beautiful! Amazing eyes :)

I love the shots with the guitar. Lifestyle portraits, baby, love ’em all.

The one of Lyric and her guitar belongs on a calendar. What an amazing shot!

Dude, I love her eyes. Awesome stuff once again David

Wow, amazing, what a beautiful family. And yes that picture does look like Lyric is a doll!

Awesome job! She really does look like a doll!

LOVE LOVE the guitar image, love the angle.
Wow she looks like a doll all wrapped up, cute!

Wow, she’s a cutie for sure! I totally dig Lyric in front of the guitar waiting for her!

Oh. my. gosh. She DOES look like a doll!!!!! And I love the name. These are adorable images – they are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!

P.S. Thanks for the kind words, David. :) And I love the story about Rain. :) Too cool!

oh wow her eyes are so beautiful!! You can just swim in them.. what a wonderful shoot!!!

you are totally inspiring me to do lifestyle portraits. i am in love with these images~ that baby is totally doll-like. great work!

Wow. Absolutely stunning images! I love the balance of vibrant and quiet pictures, and the intimate details you included. So beautiful!

Wow–that is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. God is amazing indeed. I was thinking–she looks like a baby doll…and then you said it. Her hair is amazing for such a little one. I love it! Great job, you guys!

The baby I shot last week has parents from Pakistan, when I saw their wedding photos I really wanted to ask if I could wrap the baby in the mother’s red wedding Sari. It would have been divine, now after seeing your photos I kind of wish I had asked! Your shots are beautiful!

Oh my God, what a beautiful baby!!! Lyric is absolutely adorable! You and April really captured her in the pictures! I love the family picture at the end…gorgeous! You guys really captured some beautiful moments!

Beautiful family, beautiful angel and beautiful lifestyle photos. I love these types of shoots. So natural and real. Love it! Wonderful job April & David!

Oh my gosh I totally know Octavia!!! We used to go to the same church and Mark did a church outreach with her. She is awesome!!! Lyric is SOOOO adorable! I love that first shot!

LOVE HER NAME first of all. The pics you got are PRICELESS. I was like “ooooohhhhh” and “aaaaahhhhh” the whole time. awesome work!

Great family session here… wow she looks just like a doll… amazing job.

magnificent… :)

she really does look just like a doll…

Wow those blue eyes cut right through! Gorgeous photos, nice light!

Great shots! Loved the “eyes” closeup.

OMG – the baby is just like a doll!!!! I can’t describe the eyes. Awesome!!

Really AMAZING photos! You guys really captured the love this family has…..and those beautiful eyes! Too cute

Oh those blue, blue, blue eyes!! These are just beautiful! What a sweet family. :)

oh this is too cute!!! Great session.

those are beautiful pictures I just love the last one!! Hey I am tagging you!!

DUDE!! Lyric Freaking looks LIKE a FREAKING porcelain DOLL!!!!! and that shot of rain in the post below is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!


Mark Brooke

These are amazing and she definitely looks like a doll… a gorgeous doll! Nice work capturing a beautiful family!

Oh my gosh you guys thesea re so good and I love the 3rd and 4th pictures the best!!! Such good work. You guys rocked this session!!!

what a great session! Love your angles and that guitar shot is my favorite.
It was fun to have see you Baxter’s again the other day, xoxo.

Great images David….what a sweet baby!!!

holy commentasticness batman… and this baby totally looks angelic… as if out of a stained glass piece from some italian cathedral. rockin job!!!

Wow, she really does look like a doll! Beautiful family…you captured them well.

It was great to have you here for the One Light Workshop. I’m looking forward to seeing ya’lls again!

Amazing once again man.You are an awesome photographer. She is so beautiful.

Using that veil was a great idea, the pictures turned out awesome!

Awesome pics as usual. You guys really know how to capture the beauty of everything. I love them! Lyric is such a cute baby.

Great stuff as usual my friend! I can’t believe how curly her hair is. I love the name to. Hope all is going well. – Jason

We love the “doll” pic. Great use of lighting to make the colors pop! What incredible blue eyes!

What a great session!!! Love the veil shot – great colors!

Oh wow! I really love the images where Lyric is wrapped in the veil. You captured some stunning eyes!

Just beautiful… beautiful little one, and beautiful photos!

Ha.. yeah, the motivational posters on my blog, that last one is my new desktop background. Haha!:-D

WOW she does look like a doll. That photo those eyes. Captivating! Look out boys when she grows up!

Beautiful pictures…great mood on them.

What a cutie! Love the feeling of these! Her name rocks too!

Oh dang…as soon as I saw that first shot, I knew I was done for. You guys rocked the shoot again!!! Next time I come here…I’m wearing a helmet so it doesn’t hurt as much when I (undoubtedly) hit the floor!!! :-)

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot of her all wrapped up, the one of her in front of the guitar, and all the ones of her daddy playing. amazing images as usual!!

I just LOVE this lifestyle session! What a beautiful family! The butterfly guitar shot is amazing and I adore that last family moment.