kimberly and wesley – take 2

here’s a story brought to you by kim. “It was a dark and stormy night…the end”


ummm these are Ahmaziing!!! I am in love with all of the almost kissing shots. Sooooo HOT! Oh and um, awesome lighting!!!

whoa! hotness!

Kimi, you crack me up! I love your short and sweet posts!

Major hotties just appeared on my screen! Those are some incredible images with some yummy light.

Kim tells stories like I tell stories-LOL, whereas, my husband rambles on and on. Hot photos, and I really want her coat!

those last few are smoldering!

Yeouch!! Those are HOT! You guys rocked it again! :)

Seriously, is the guy a model? Geez!!

Hubba hubba hubba, pure hotness!

first off, awesome story :)

secondly, FLIPPIN AMAZING!!! they look like supermodels!!

perfect story kim! short and sweet. My fave is the one of her by herself! It's fierce!

Oh my those last two shots are SMOKIN!!!!!

Man that 3rd from the bottom is sizzling hot! Love'em all!

HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! I'm with Eric I LOVE the 3rd one fromt he bottom! Can't wait to shoot with you. Someday :-)

Beautiful story! lol Straight up hot!

whaaat – fabulous and sensual…u rocked this…


Sexy couple + your awesome shots = hot hot HOT!! Love them all!!


Those last 2 images are smokin' hot!! :) I love that they're black & white, too!! Amazing work, as always!!

LOL My bad for not reading the comments first, Chris Stewart and I totally said the same thing!! Guess that means they're Smokin' Hot x2!! :)

Your story sounds like what I tell my daughter at night" Once upon a time……the end"

She gives me this look when I do that!

Wow! Hot photo shoot! Thanks for sharing!

Love the second to the last! maaan…they are hot!

These are all kinds of dark and steamy and mysterious. Ow! Ow!

Hot hot hot! It was a good dark and stormy night it seems. ;)

This continues to be a striking set! These two are naturals!! The rock set-ups are, well… rockin'!

you guys KILLED it as usual! Love this session!

I love how fresh and creative your work always is! Your work is, in a word phenomenal!

SO love the last 2!!!

holy WOWZA!!! these are hot & talk about an incredibly striking pair! hotHOThot. LOVE them all!

Oh my goodness, these are so gorgeous. They look like covers for magazines!! SOOOO gorgeous!!

The last one.. so special, i like it. So unusual, love it, keep up the good work!

AMAZING! I was going to say HOT, but seems like everyone else has already emphasized that adjective…ha.ha. These images rock and you continue to inspire me.

The lighting is so wonderful. I'm so happy you get to have opportinities like this to shoot amazing photography of amazing people.

Love how her scarf is just flying in the breeze!

Ouch, I think I just burned my eyes…

Them last 2 images are sexA!

These are smokin' HOT!!! Especially those last two. *rawr*

That's super sexaaay!!!

WOOT! LOVE the last two shots! Gorgeous couple!

Stunning and Oh so Hot! Beautiful work as always!!

What can I say except for great job as usual! I'm particularly fond of numbers 1 and 9. I love the feeling of 9 especially! I love the B&W's. Great emotion and captured passion.

smoldering hot. wowza, looks like it is out of a magazine shoot.

Smokin!!! You guys are sooo good.

kim! you're hilarious!

<3 these!

ummm, hellllo…..

hawtness here!

fantastic sexy images. LOVE.