kickin the can in coronado

i was wrong.
huh, i guess i can say it. :)
for years now i’ve been walking around thinking my family had the coolest names on the planet.
along comes sylvia’s family and… boom goes the dynamite :)
sylvia and her husband david brought their two awesome boys, diego and joaquin, out for a full tilt fun family portrait session on coronado island.
it was a good thing we brought our smiles. we were gonna need ’em.

this is the only known photograph of david, sylvia, diego, and joaquin’s fun being contained. shortly after this photo was taken the cage turned to butterflies and their fun was unleashed on coronado.

how far we goin back? way back.
back to when there was no such thing as a playstation 3, xbox 360, wii, psp, gameboy, sega, atari, or pong.
back to when all kids had for fun was an empty alley and a game of kick the can.
diego and joaquin are bringin it back.

mmmm, burger lounge.

one way… the fun way :)

here we have two families. let’s call them family A and family B.
today’s experiment is to see which family is more fun.
family A, on the left, wasn’t much fun at all. they had to be vapoorized.
family B is SUPER FUN! yay family B!
thank you david, sylvia, diego, and joaquin for making us smile every time we look at you :)

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oh i adore this session!!!!

I love these! All of them. I love the energy and fun in these and oh muh gosh how cute are the kids kicking the can! Love. Period.

For real I just adore this session! And the picture of the little boy kissing mama on the head melted my heart! Great capture! The sequence on the sign is super fun!

#5 = FAVORITE I smell a canvas!

Awww Sylvia your family is too gorgeous… those boys are toooo cute!! Great job David and Kim.

No you did not vaporize a lame family…although I bet they deserved it! ;) Love, love, love everything about these! The boys are tooo cute! The one of David and Sylvia gettin' their model on is schweet! :)

*GASP* Those are my boys! I'm jumping up and down over here! Dave and Kimi and April – you are phenomenal – behind the camera (obviously) and in front. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! XOXOXO

What a good lookin family! Well done Ohana photogs!

I LOVE THIS SESH! My fave is the one of them kissing on the side of the truck with the kids standing on the back of the truck looking like rascals. :)

Totally diggin' the kick the can shots!

These are all RAD!

Fabu!!!! :)

omgsh how adorable! Sylvia, your family looks like a constant party! Great job on capturing such a great family :)

I am always inspired guys. Really what a great fam sesh. The kids are full of energy, the places you shot at are perfect, the weather looked great, the angles you guys come up with, the shots, i love the shot of the boys through that tiny sliver through a fence, the shot of the boy looking up holding onto the pole, the shot of all on them in front of a individual garage door, you guys are amazing time and time again.

#1, #2, #4, #5,#8 okay, I will not go on, but you get the picture!

One of the best family sessions EVER! Too many favorites to name! Awesome work!!

so rad, great story to go along with it and it looks like the session was a complete blast!! great job guys, seriously, ramping it up every shoot! stellar!!

What a fantastic shoot!! Love these! :)

What an adorable family! I love that you capture children being children, you can see their personalities shine through in these photos. Always a joy to visit your blog and be inspired by the creativity, fun and love that comes through in all your photos.
True artists.

Super cute. Such a fun happy family. You cant help but love family shoots! Love the one shots. Awesome job as always!!

Great shots! Love the one of the kids running around the 'one way' sign. Very cute :)

LOVE the can kicking, and the feet pictures. SOOOO rad!

HEY I think I've seen this lovely family before.. :) These are AWESOME.. so much fun!

These are ripper images! You all always bring the creativity!

Oh YAY! How lovely to see more of the awesome Sylvia and her adorable family! You Ohana kids ROCKED THIS OUT. Each and every image screams with personality!

Love the shot of their legs! Fun family shoot. They look very happy :)

One of THE best family sessions I've seen in a while! Dangggg! Fun, inventive, and super use of an unexpected location. LOVE that arrangement of the on the wall… the can kicking and through the wall slap me silly!

Love the session! Very cool you guys.

What a cute and fun family!!! I love the black and white one in front of the garage doors! Genius!

So so fun! Way to capture the high energy lifestyle with boys!!

I adore the first 3 photos and that last one is like the best family photo eva!

LOVE these!!! Those boys are too cute! :) Beautiful job + beautiful fam! Looovin' everything about the b+w too! :)

the one with just them peeking through is so awesome!!!

Oh I'm so jealous! Sylvia!!! You must be absolutely in love with these! Brooks would go nuts for a session like this!!!
I bow down to you! Awesome!!!

LOVE the first one — "we love our children" — and such a great family portrait. Sylvia, you are gorgeous! I love your family!

It's been too long since I checked my Google Reader! Love the One Way series SO MUCH. I say this all the time, but next time we're in Cali (if we ever get back!), you're hired :)

SO CUTE!! What a fun shoot and adorable family!

Wow, Ohana's this is the BEST Family Portrait that I ever seen. You guys let the boys be boys. I love it!!!!!

Ohana! you guys are incredible! you take something so simple and make it completely magical and beautiful. beautiful family and beautiful photography! :)

This family looks like so much fun! Love how active the boys are!

Wah!! Amazing! LOVE these – what adorable fast paced little boys!!

Rock stars… you all are awesome. Love how you take things that people would consider eye sores… (i.e. – traffic cones, trucks, garbage dumps…) and making some super duper cool shots. Again… you guys rock. //enoch

this session is so great!!

Off the charts on creativty Ohana Photogs! If I were them, I'd plaster the walls with new family photo-art. My fav is the family on the back of the truck.

The most original family portraits- ever! Love them :)

Ahhh! These are so great of Sylvia and her family, guys!!! You did an awesome job capturing them and 'their fun'. :) Miss you guys!

Wow! These are so great!!! Sylvia, you have such an adorable family and David and Kim – you captured them perfectly!!! Love it!

AWW!! Sylvia and family :) This sesh super rox… you guys make EVERYWHERE look like a fashion studio.. I love the truck ones :)

You guys make alley ways and rubbish cans look great for a family to hang out at. Just want you to know that you guys are the reason why I've started thinking out of the box for my clients. Of course a lot still want beaches but there are times when they're open to anything. Just did a shoot with splashing water on some kids and it was inspired by you guys. I'll be blogging it and talking about you when I blog it. You guys are rock stars!!

fun fun session and fun family! the kids are so cute!

this post definitely needs a CAN for comments!! xo trace the canuck.. :)