kelley and shane’s wedding at the victorian in venice

as prophecized in a previous blog post, kelley and shane got married! ok, so i’m not really a fortune teller, but they did tie the knot and we were there to join in on the fun. we were stoked to be back in venice with kelley and shane. they are one of the coolest couples we know. for instance, kelley sells california air and shane is the bada$$ drummer for the hanks. the fact that shane likes the chargers is a double bonus. they are also one of the sweetest couples we know. during the reception shane gave us a shout out over the mic and thanked us in front of everyone.
he is cool times infinity, triple stamped, no erasies. we love kelley and shane!
we hope you enjoy their wedding day as we saw it.

the location kelley and shane chose for their wedding was simply beautiful. in addition to it’s old-timey charm, THE VICTORIAN has an amazing staff. Janell kept everything running smoothly and made us all feel like stars. and a big thanks to our very good friend masen who came out and rocked with all of us!

business in the front…

party in the back. the girls all traded their heels for brown chucks for the reception. we love chucks at weddings!

i love this quiet moment between roxy and her son.

kelley’s daughter courtney was a beautiful bridesmaid.

joining courtney in the beautiful bridesmaid club was karen, xochitl, katy, & marcee.

during the reception, kelley’s moh (maid of honor), karen, told the awesome tale of the day kelley met shane. this is my abridged version.
one by one they flowed in until the puddle became an ocean of people. friends. strangers. fans. pooled together to see DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE. all but two were not factors in the human equation about to take place. through the murky sea of faces something caught kelley’s eye. an irresistable lure that sat atop shane’s head. it was an airbrushed trucker hat that read, in bright bold letters, SHANE (as seen in the hanks video below). she was helpless to it’s power. effortlessly, it reeled her in. before she knew what happened kelley had given shane her spare ticket to the concert and had taken a seat next to what would be her future husband. by the end of THIS SONG their hands were clasped tight. their hearts, entwined.

here’s kelley’s reaction when she saw her man shane (without the hat this time) waiting for her at the end of the aisle. i think she likes him for more than his hat :)

one of the things i loved most about kelley and shane’s wedding were the vows they both wrote.
kelley wrote her vows on paper.

shane wrote his vows on…
his blackberry.

hey you two. pssst. hellooooo. the reception is starting. seriously.
ok, we’ll see you inside.

the victorian is an amazing venue to start. all the hard work that was put into the details put it over the top. the reception was exquisite.

kelley and shane were surrounded by family and friends. even kelley’s ex-landlord was there. he had everybody rolling.

the absolute coolest part of the reception was when shane, josh, bryan, and phil, a.k.a. THE HANKS, took center stage and played a rad acoustic set for everyone. if you haven’t heard these guys you should stop what you’re doing and go check em out right now. as soon as we heard them the first time we were hooked. we jumped over to iTunes and bought their first album (your new attraction) and their latest release (distance). the first day we owned them we literally listened to them all the way through 5 times in a row while editing. both albums are awesome!

fact – josh plays a wicked cool air guitar.

drumroll please.

we can’t thank you enough kelley and shane. you are so fun to be around. we truly do appreciate your genuine kindness and warmth. we wish you a lifetime of success and happiness together.

now presenting our first ohana booth, starring kelley, shane, and a lot of their awesome friends and family members. thank you all for making this so fun.
btw, the song is our favorite from THE HANKS. it’s called believe. thanks guys for making such rad music. we wish you guys crazy huge success in your journey to rock the world!! enjoy the shots everyone.


Such a beautiful wedding!

Everyone of your weddings look like so much fun! Great job capturing this one! :)

Totally love the story of how they met! That is so rad! The best couples have the best stories! You told it eloquently! Stunning wedding and amazing details! You like the band are rock sta-s!

beautiful wedding db!
great moments and as always your ring shots are amazing. the one with the red bg is an all time great!

wow beautiful wedding. i love the blackberry vows and the ring shot with the red bg…awesome!!!!! =)

So many cool things about this…The Blackberry, the reaction to the Blackberry, the ring shots, the dancing shot…way cool and another amazing job!!

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Soooo many awesome shots! But the ring shots – ALWAYS to die for!! I wonder if you’d do some ring shots at our maternity shoot? :)- It’s an Ohana staple!!

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Great job catching the “Blackberry” shots! Wonderful work as always my friends!

Dare I say it………”rockin ring shots dude!” This looks like one fun party! Awesome work, and LOVE the first shot with the sign. Killer!

ultra niceness guys, but i expect nothing less from y’all. happy shootin’ today!

The shots of the details — STUNNING!

Oh what a freakin cool wedding!! I love your detail shots, I’m a sucker for details. LOVE those! Amazing images – you guys rock!

These shots are FANTASTIC!! :)

Are you joking me? The blackberry moments are rad! I love the Venice sign and the chucks are way cool! Gorgeous details, ok I love the whole thing! You so rock!

Coooooool shots! Love those over-sized sunglasses used in the photo-booth… so fun!

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You guys are amazing with ring ;o)

Amazing shots as always! Love the look on her face as she’s walking down the aisle… and the vows in the Blackberry! Priceless!

Love the new blog. nice detail shots.
I thought the guys phone went off during the wedding. Great shot.

You are seriously rock stars of The Ring Shot. Blew me away, even more than usual!

Went to iTunes, bought their CD. Bet their hits have been way up since your post. :-)

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Amazing shots!! I love all the photos!! You guys are AWESOME!!!

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Dudes! Smokin’ cool ring shots, and I love the Blackberry shots too. Very cool stuff.

What a fantastic couple! That looked like an awesome wedding! I love the shots of the vows…so fun! I think it’s great when you can see the true love and natural affection! I think that was the BEST slideshow EVER!!! Oh ya, LOVE the music! You guys rock!!!

one word. stellar! :) love the rings! no, no, I love it all!

You rocked it kids! I love the Venice sign, the bridesmaids, hot hot hot and love the blackberry!
You’re right their music rocks, my fav song is Sometimes and The Waitress. ROck on Baxter’s!

Sweet, you made it to Venice! These are all amazing! Looks like a great wedding.

You guys just get more and more awesome! Nailed it!

black berry vows!! Haha priceless! Great job capturing their story :D

opps that above comment for Josh was me :D my hubby was logged in, lol

So great. Love the emotions and energy of this wedding. And the lights behind the ceremony…love them. Great job as always.

her rings are gorgeous.
i love the shot of her coming down the isle, you totally caught that moment!

“hey you two. pssst. hellooooo. the reception is starting. seriously.”
LOL. Your commentary always cracks me up.

Images are nothing short of perfect. The rings behind the red is insane~

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you guys ROCK! what an awesome wedding. looooove the ring shots.

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That booth is way cool! I agree their music rocks!

You can see how much fun you had in all of these! I love that you captured the blackberry moment. Also your ring shots are super sweet. Some of the best I have seen. They are rocking!

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You rock stars…. It’s such an awesome sweet wedding… gave me an instant cavity and tummy ache. You both are amazing! //enoch

Wow what a wedding, so glad to see the full post. What an awesome photo booth (photos)

i LOVE the detail shots. the fabric with the dress is so gorgeous. and the shoes…great work as always!

LOVE the RING shots! wow wow wow. And the capture sharing that his vows were on his blackberry was hilarious. I understand why she is laughing so hard. Thanks for sharing these. Amazing job as always. Oh yea, and the photo booth was simply FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

Gosh they look so insanely happy during the vows, fabulous capture! I adore the shot of all the girls in the room with the gorgeous bride. That slideshow had me rollin!

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And the ring placements!!! Rock on!