kelley and shane hit the venice canals

at long last it’s finally here! what’s here you ask? kelley and shane week! we’ve been counting down to kelley and shane’s wedding for a while now and this friday it’s finally here. we recently headed up the coast to do their engagement session around one of their favorite hangouts, the venice canals. we wandered around for the afternoon and ended up under the lights of the old venice sign. i absolutely love seeing the places our couples hang and hearing stories of how they met and what they like to do. maybe i’m dorky, but i dig it. kelley and shane are super cool. they schooled us with loads of local facts as we strolled along the canals and streets of one of the coolest towns in california, venice beach. i can’t wait for this friday!

kelley’s gorgeous golden hair was soaking up all kinds of sunshiny sweetness.

i was temporarily blinded by awesome.

the dialogue for this shot goes a little something like this…
i know what you’re wondering… yes, i am the drummer for the hanks and yes, our band rules, but they’re not here right now. i’m with my smokin’ hot fiance right now tryin’ to take some pictures. scram!

kelley and shane found some pure california goodness to snuggle in.

the dialogue for this shot goes a little something like this…
i know what your wondering and yes, i am the hottest girl in venice. see that dude back there? i’m going to marry him. he will be mine. oh yes. he will be mine.

venice had some pretty rad graffiti. kelly and shane made it even radder. yes that’s a word.

this is why you should never mess with shane…

he’ll straight up karatecize you. nice form shane.

here’s the capper. no matter where else we went or what other pictures we took, our main goal was to get a shot under the old venice sign. i absolutely love it. it just feels all old-timey and cool.
imagine how cool this shot is gonna look when kelley and shane are in their full wedding gear. it’s going to be more rad than our rock band skills, that’s all i know.
on a side note, we want to send out a HUGE thank you to kelley’s beautiful and talented sister roxy. without her, we would have never met venice’s super couple, shane and kelley. much love roxy. see you friday!


OOoh Venice?! You’re right in my neighborhood :) I love this session, but when don’t I love your work? Haha! The colored wall shots are my fave and the bridge shot is so cute and romantic!

OMGOSH!!! Where oh where to start!? These are seriously thee most romantic and happy pics I’ve seen you guys take! They look so in love, I love it! My favs are 1, 9, and 10 and am in love with the graffiti wall ones! Rock on Ohana!

Dang-it-man! You rocked it once again. I love these the color the sunflair just all around great images.

That third shot is gorgeous!!!

I love these! The sign is awesome. The sun photos and flare are incredible.

I must say once again, nailed it! How seriously cute is this couple! Love the shot on the bridge and the first shot is way too cute!
I listened to his bands music, me like!!

The sun flair is kick @ss awesome!!! Some of the best around!!!

I like the nightlife shot- great angle!

get out! these are fantabulous!


Hello Ohana….This is Danielle. We talked about your company doing some pictures for me and my fiance. I really like your blog and we both love your shots. After looking at this Kelley/Shane shoot I would love it if you took our photos. # 2, 4, and 8 is the look I was thinking about. These look very relaxed. The two are in a very natural state, not set up at all. # 9 I really connected with. She seems to really find comfort in him. These shots are great!!!
We will see you for our engagement shoot and our Wedding shoot in the Virgin Islands!! Can’t wait!

These are super fun. My fave is the bridge shot. :) I likey!

Can we say “SUN FLARE”? I love the third shot–beautiful!

FLARE!!! ever so prettyful flare! :D

You guys are the masters of the flare! Completely and unequivocably love 1,3,7 and 9! The karate shot is beyond fun! Love this set!

Holy crap – how weird! I’m shooting Philip Katz’s wedding next March. He’s the keyboardest for The Hanks!! I was looking at these thinking “wow – that guy looks sooooooo familiar!” DUH :)

Awesome shots!! Is their wedding this week? I’m gonna be blog-stalking the heck out of you :)

XOXO, Sarah Q

Now I am temporarily blinded by awesome! I LOVE this session, I want to see the Venice Canals so much. That sign does rock, I can almost see them in their wedding clothes!

Temporarily blinded by awesome!
You kick butt.

What a great couple! They look so happy and in love! I don’t think there’s a shot in the bunch where they’re not smiling and completely enjoying each other. Kelley has the most beautiful blue eyes!!! Way to capture her obvious beauty! Shane looks like a real character! Love the kung fu shots! :) Congrats to the great couple! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics! :)

Make me a carbon copy of your talent please…. Serve it up with some of your kick ass personality and watch me go far! I’m jelous!!! My color of the day is green! Green with envy, green with suck (because u live to damn far away to hang), green with nausea (because the photos are insane!).
Keepin’ it gypsy –

You are such an inspiration. Wish that I could steal (no worries! Never!) these photos and memorize every pose… WHAAAAA!!! Hee hee
Keepin it gypsy.


You guys are truly amazing. #3 is perfect! Wowoweewa! Masters of the sun flair, I bow to you o great masters of light. =)

From our Ohana to yours,

you guys ROCK!!
these are AWESOME!!!!

Ok, so does each session you do get better…or is that my imagination?? YOU GUYS ARE UNREAL! Love the light, love the compositions – ok, true confessions, I love everything you do!

Cool shoot! Loved that bridge shot!

awesome photos guys, you rocked this out! I can’t wait to meet you guys in a few weeks, and I’m even more excited about getting our photos taken by you guys! Chris and I never had engagement photos taken when we got married……….. 11 year anniversary, it’s never too late :) WOO HOO!!!

Always love your pictures, they’re always so fresh and fun! These are no exception! Does she have gorgeous eyes or what?! The karate series is awesome and I love the last shot!! WOW!

i love, love, love #9! the light, the expressions, the composition- everything is perfect! perfect, i tell ya!

you guys rock!

wait…no surfer dudes in the background? :P

Wow. These are really awesome pictures! Love the great colors on the murals and the obviously happy couple. They look so in love. Love her baby blues.

What more can be said.. other than I agree with all the above!

Way to Rock it Baxters!!

ummmm…hello!? these are awesome!! I dont know about you guys, but im so stoked for Friday! ;) Cant wait to see those wedding pics! :)

Love the lens flare shots! The graffiti wall was pretty awesome as well..

Damn you with your wicked flare and cool graffiti walls!

now i need to make sure I visit Venice next time im in town. :)

super great flare shot guys… :)

I hope that sometime soon, i get to visit early and be at least one of the first 10 to comment, and not in the lower 30-50s. hahaha :)


Geesh all these cool places out west I gotta check out! Great shoot!

Oh my goodness! You guys seriously rock! I love, love the light you use. That’s one of the first things I notice on all of your images. I know I must say, :love your use of light”, a lot, but I REALLY do.

You guys must be so fun to shoot with! Everyone you shoot always looks so happy and at ease! The warm feel of these is amazing! Way to go guys!!

love them all. can’t wait to see their wedding shots. you guys are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Great pics! Love #9 and #12. You really know how to capture the emotion….Venice looks really cool!

Oh my goodness!! I’m in love with these! So warm and cozy! Gosh they look so in love. She is gorgeous and those eyes!

Perfection once again! What a fun and gorgeous couple and the location is awesome. I love your captions so much! Thanks for the laughter and the amazing photos. :o)

What an awesome shot with the jump and then kick!

The lightning is the first pics is so warm and cozy feeling…I love the burst of color in all the last photos. GREAT SHOOT!!!


The last shot under the Venice sign at night rocks my socks off!!! Amazing! And I loooove all the sun-shiny goodness goin’ on through the whole post. Just beautiful. These made me feel all warmy cosy sitting here in chilly PA. You guys rock!

These are so rad!! I love the graffiti shot of them lookin all in love with each other, the bridge shot is so romantic and that last shot is wicked!
ps his bands music is awesome!!!

Way to rock the flare!

I love the kissing sun flare shot!!!

So beautiful!

These are wicked!! OMG how in love are they?! As always Rock and Rolled this shoot!