katy and ben’s twins

i think we set a new travel record this year. for us at least. our year has taken us from mexico to canada, hawaii to arizona, and just about everywhere in between. during our year of driving madness we received an email. an email that made us smile big smiles (as BOBBI says). it was from a wonderful photographer that we met when we were first getting started. her name is katy. katy had been busy since the last time we saw her. in fact, katy, with an assist from her awesome hubby ben, was getting ready to have twins. since she was confined to quarters by doctor’s orders she asked if we could come to her casa and take some maternity pics.
it might just be me, but whenever super talented photographers ask us to take pictures of them i totally turn into that LITTLE BUZZARD IN BUGS BUNNY. we are so humbled and completely stoked all at the same time. after our initial buzzard stage, we all jumped in the air like the channel 4 news team on their way to get new suits and told katy and ben we would love to stop by.
when we arrived, ben opened the door. upon seeing katy sitting on the couch the first thing we asked was “where’s the pregnant lady?”. katy looked amazing. her numerous tales about her massive superstructure turned out to be nothing but sea stories.
the only way i could use the words “big” or “fat” in a sentence with “katy” is to say, “katy is nothing but a big fat liar. there’s no way she has two kids in there.” :)
we stared in utter disbelief that she was packin not one, but two tiny humans in her lovely lady bump. life is amazing. katy is amazing. with all the discomfort she was in, it was still impossible to remove the trademark permagrin from her face. katy has to be one of the happiest people we know. now her and ben have two more reasons to smile. congratulations you two!
on with the pictures!
can kim ramble on or what?
i mean, i. can i ramble on or what? i being kim.
dang it! i was so close. this is david, the rambler, signing off. :)

is this just the cutest smile you’ve ever seen or what?

since the time of our photo shoot katy delivered her two beautiful babies. Amelia Ann and Paul Joseph. so make sure you stop by KATY’S SITE to give her ohana some love.
we love you katy, ben, amelia, paul, and herbert (the raddest dog ever)!! hope everyone is doing well. can’t wait to see you all.


that’s a unique shot of the shadows. ha ha, so awesome!

Absolutely LOVE it!!!! This looked like so much fun! You guys rocked this session my absolute favorite is the one of her in the house in front of the door.

Well done!

They look so great! Congrats to Katy and Ben!

SMOKIN’ photos guys! They brought a smile to my face and helped jump start my day.

I GENUINELY think that this is the best maternity shoot I’ve EVERRRR seen! OH SO creative! The way you guys worked it out with the light… AYKM?! This post made ME smile big smiles!!!!!!! GAHHHH!!!!!! Adding many of these to my inspiration folder :) And to you Amelia and Paul… A HUUUVE Congrats! :D YOU ROCK!

These are awesome they are going to LOVE LOVE them.. get it LOVE LOVE TWINS.. I am so clever early in the morning… ( not )

Y’all are crazy (but in the good way)! Def not your typical maternity session. :-) LOVE the shadow pics–those are really cool. Congrats Katy and Ben!

i LOVE this session. maybe one of my fav maternity ever. so much personality. fantastic.

Shadow figures is the awesomes!!! :-D

What creativity… There are no words.. :)

Great job! And congrats to Katy and Ben!

I love your creativity! Just love it! I love all the ones on the bed and the one's with the hose are so cute and fun! Congrats Katy & Ben!

Mustaches! Always love your pictures!

Wow, what a fun shoot! I’m sure they’ll remember it forever and treasure these photos!

The doorway one is by far my favorite, so sweet! and the one of the shadow of dad being born seriously cracks me up!! Awesome!

Such good creative vibes from you. I tried picking a favorite, but I just couldn’t, there are too many. But if I was leaning toward one even so slightly, I would say sixth to the last. Great composition, and amazing humor, hello, awesomeness in the making.

HAHAHA yeah right, like Kimi would ever talk that much on a blog post! :)

Shadow ones are my faves. :)

you guys are SO CREATIVE!!! I love it!!! I love every single shot, but I think the first one is my absolute favorite! you guys ROCK!

OMG! That is a fantastic session! Love the shots in the sheets and the faded shot of them laying on the bed.
The blocks are super fun too! They look like they had a blast at the photoshoot. You two bring out the fun side for sure!!

WOW!!! Seriously the BEST maternity shots I’ve seen!!! Most excellent work!

what a fun couple. Your guys rock!!

wowsers! that’s a lot of amazing pictures.. I love the hose/great wall set and i’m insanely jealous of the way you guys have so much fun while getting great moments! your images always are true to life and full of energy!

What a great belly… I love those with the Shadow…. so cute…

I love the blocks! and the hose! and the shadows! Him coming out of her belly in the shadow was so cool.

Not your typical maternity session!

I don’t know whose idea it was, yours or theirs, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to not see “traditional” boring maternity photos! ie…the heart on the belly :P gag me. I love the hose, I love him jumping at her and I love the blocks! You guys are so inspiring and fun!
Congratulations to their beautiful family!

How completely fun! LOVE that first shot!!

You guys are sooo amazing!! You are the absolute best at family photos!! They are always so fun and full of personality! Great job!

So fun and so non-traditional. Your sessions always look like so much fun is had by all:)

WOW! These are awesome! So much fun and I love the 2 faces holding up the “twins” blocks. Creative!!

LOVE the shadow ones, those are hilarious. Of course they all rock. Love you guys!

How A W E S O M E are these??!!!! Beeeautiful!!!! I looove the one of him jumping from the chair! She has a beautiful and infectious smile! Love it!

Would I be considered evil if I thought to myself, “Can just one thing they do NOT kick ass?” mmmkkk. Awesome moments and awesome images! You guys are the cream in the center… that’s what she said! hee hee

OMG(osh) these are soo much fun!

I ADORE how fresh and creative your work always is.

Who’s 53…? This guy! So many amazing pics, I love the playfulness with the hose, the shadows… all amazing! Ohana no ka oi!!

Love the blocks and the shadow shot! You guys are sooo creative!

geez you guys. this set is fantastic. what a fun couple!

Absolutely beautiful, David! Can’t have enough of these shots.

Dang, these are awesome! Lovely, fun take on the maternity session.

How fun was that session!?!? OMG… they are too cool. I love the shadow shots…. definitely my favorites. Rock the baby belly ya’ll! ;)

Ha, ha, ha! Love that shoot. Totally made me laugh. So creative love the blocks to mouths shot and the shawdow with him looking like he is emerging from the belly. Too funny :-)

I cannot tell you how much I love every one of these! She is so radiant and lovely! Twins? If I didn’t see her two little darlings on her blog I’d never believed it! Congrats to them! Keep inspiring with the fresh and fun shoots!

What a sweet shoot. What an awesome photographer(s)!

You guys rock! These totally made me laugh!

b-eau-T-I-F-U-L! What an amazing couple. They look like they were so much fun to hang around. Their shots are wonderful, I know they will treasure when the babies arrive.

Way too much fun They are truly blessed!

These are so sweet! I love love love them!

Oh how I love the uniqueness and immense fun in these! They look so happy here!
You guys are awesome!

These are so FUN! Geez, being on a shoot with you guys must be such a total blast!!! I loooove #6, and the 3rd from the bottom is hilarious! You guys totally rocked this session!!!

Im with Brian on this, the busting out of the womb shadow thingy was cool

Love posts like this. Beautiful images my friend!!