karmina and jeff’s engagement session in san diego

La Jolla engagement session on the beach

i’m feeling rather saucy today so i think i’ll use the majesty of song to describe the ultra hot couple of jeff and karmina.
to begin, i could not find any hair bands that busted out a power ballad with “jeff” in the lyrics, so instead i’ll say that the aquabats have a song with a title that is synonymous with jeff. that song is super rad. aka jeff.
i believe kool and the gang described jeff’s feelings about karmina best when they said:
conversation is going ’round
people talkin’ ’bout the girl who’s come to town
lovely lady pretty as can be
no one knows her name she’s just a mistery
i have seen her maybe once or twice
one thing I can say is oh she’s very nice
she’s a lady
she’s fresh

sharing apples has been a couples favorite since the days of adam and eve, but i bet they never made a heart-shaped bite mark. consider this exhibit A. proof that jeff and karmina are awesome, even when not intending to be.

who doesn’t want to get cozy in the vino aisle? honestly :)

consider this exhibit B. jeff and karmina are so hot all the price tags turned red.

karmina is to jeff as limes are to corona. they were made for each other.

jeff and karmina’s hotness was making the inside of the supermarket feel like a bikram’s yoga class so we headed out to the beach to cool off a bit. just then they struck this pose and we asked ourselves, DEAR GOD IS THERE NO RELIEF FROM THE HEAT!!

in keeping with our tradition of working with only the funnest of couples, karmina and jeff showed us they are more than just a smokin hot couple. we adore coupleas that can laugh and have fun in front of the camera.
exhibit C. jeff and karmina are awesome in more ways than we can count.

jeff and karmina’s san diego wedding is going to be legen…
wait for it…

brangelina got nothin on jemina :)

is anyone else hearing RIO playing in their head when they look at this image?

there’s something to be said about black and white images. this one says…
(spoken like a valley girl :)
in case you haven’t guessed it, we CAN NOT WAIT for jeff and karmina’s hot, fun, and rad, san diego wedding!
stay tuned.


very gorgeous. what fun in the supermarket!

and the beach was sizzlin my pants off. well you know what i mean. ;)

love them!

Those beach shots are HOT HOT HOT!! Awesome work you two!! <3 <3

These really are incredible. I love the black and white conversion (although, “Valley Girl” has a different context where I am from (Wales) ;-) and the ones in the Wine Isle are stunning.

I am loving your work!

Wow!! Amazing images and such a beautiful couple! What a talent you have!!

This session rocks! Never cookie cutter with you guys! The hotness my goodness the hotness! I love those yellow heels!

Both the supermarket pics and the beach shots (love the lighting!) are awesome!! How cute is that apple montage?

this shoot is full of SEXY! ALL the ones at the beach are my favorites. Wow, those on the rocks are super duper gorgeous. I love the way you’ve captured their “casual” and “Intimate” connections. niceeeee!

Yep! I heard Rio playing in the background too!! Love that shot the most from the shoot!

So, if we end up making it to Maui for a couple of months (Sept/Oct/Nov), wanna meet up somewhere? Maui? Oahu??? Nothing definite quite yet but would LOVE to see you guys again! :)

Where do you come up with these ideas! I don’t care how or why, but I LOVE them! The shop photos are awesome! And those beach shots are pure hotness! You guys are so so so freaking good! xxx

Oh WOW these are hot!!!! that first outside shot is STUNNING!!!!! You rocked it as always my friend. Fabulous post!!

Holy smokin’ HOT!! These are SO AMAZING!! WOW!

WOW! You guys really brought your A-Game to this one. Those last few images on the rocks are amazing!

If Rachel Bilson and Angelina Jolie got together and created offspring, she would be it!

Rad photos guys!

sooo freaking HOT!!! And FRESH is definitely another good word to describe this shoot :D

It truly is getting harder and harder for me to come to your website!!! You guys make me feel like a turd in a punch bowl with yo bad ass images! Humph! All your shots look as if they came from vogue… humph again! loooooooooove ya!

woah!! that is hot!!! nicely done!

“Is there no relief from the heat”!!
Love it!

You guys rock, dBax!

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY where do you come up with these ideas from?? hahaha! I LOVE the liquer store fun stuff. YOU ROCK..YOU totally ROCK!!!!

awwww, yeah! uh, huh!

Was that a Whole Foods? Awesome!

hot is right! these are beautiful! love them being in the grocery store, so cute! and i know Bikram Yoga’s heat very well….whew!

Amazing shoot! What a gorgeous couple, love the shots in the sunset. Great job!

The last photo is beautiful and I love the one of her up in his arms out of focus with the sun.

Surprised my browser didn’t block this site because it’s so hot :) Flippin’ great set!!

wow these are HOT!! Love the lime & corona analogy!

u totally and fabulouslly ROCK…Love the apple…How from ordinary folk, you made them so glamorous…Jemina…LOL


We LOVE the grocery store! We've been dying to get the right couple for that! It looks awesome!!! :)

I’ve always thought Grocery Stores were a little sexy… but now … Grocery + Ohana x Great lookin couple… = Mind blowing Sexy. This post had me at Saucy.

You both rock it like it’s 1999… Love it!


Love this e-session..the shots on the beach are so awesome! her shoes are hot too :)

LOVE the wine bottles shot! Sooooo cool! Great images as always!! Hotness! Have a great weekend, guys!!

you guys SO rock! it is not even funny. the ones on the beach are TO DIE FOR! hot!hot!hot!

I love #11 and the set up in #12 is great I like how you shot from the side with them on the ground. I also like 16 and wowy wow the last one is just HOTTTTTTTTTTT !

70 comments! You guys blew these photos out of the water! Fantastic natural light and great use of the off camera flash.

your comments kill me.

your pictures are very ‘sauc-ay!” woot woot.

love ’em!

Totally loving the grocery store fun!! What a great shoot. :)

umm…HOOOOT. love these!!!

DUDE she is so flippin HAWT!!!!! the editing on these are fab u loso bueno!!!! and that last shot can we say HUGE canvas!!!!?????!!!! Great shots guys and shes HAWT again!! :)

Once again amazing!

OOO love the processing on these very Editorial. The girl is tres beautiful!

What a beautiful bride to be; talk about lashes! Love the shot in the vino isle! Yes to limes and Corona please!!! Awesome session!!!

Freakin’ HOT pics!! :) The last image is amazing- well, let’s be honest, they’re all pretty amazing! I love them all!! You two rock!!!

you know how to rock the beach!

sick!!!! you guys completely ruled this session! Your work is so inspiring.

THese are all hot! THey’re fresh, and I love the grocery store one too.
Truly, your work is all amazing, I love looking at it.

Y’all are on fi-yah, and so is this couple! The shots on the rocks are ah-ma-zing, and the wine row one is too. Love all the lighting….

HOT! love these!

I'm Cliff's best friend from Kentucky (Super Dave) these are the best pictures I've ever seen

Super dave

[…] as they celebrated their 10th anniversary, they decided to renew their vows in san diego. thanks to our mutual friends, the awesome¬†jeff and karmina, tiffany and pat found us and invited us along. their san diego […]

[…] as they celebrated their 10th anniversary, they decided to renew their vows in san diego. thanks to our mutual friends, the awesome¬†jeff and karmina, tiffany and pat found us and invited us along. their san diego […]