kamran and leila’s san diego engagement session peek

i’m short on time tonight, but i wanted to throw out a sneak peak of the uber hot kamran and leila’s san diego engagement photo session in balboa park and harbor island. can you handle the hotness? check back soon to see more.


Gor-Geous! I adore this photo!!

your guyses creativity is always fun to see. Can't wait to see more of this shoot.


Amazing, amazing, Ahhhmazing!

You are right they ARE uber hot!! I saw some of these on your facebook and fell in love, cannot wait for the rest!

love it! post more!!! :)

Love it! I can't wait to see more!!

Love the look he's giving her. Awesome can't wait to see more.

Well hello there hottie mchotlegs ;)

lol, his look is totally priceless!

love the setup on this one ;)

awesome outfit too

Looks fab… can't wait to see more!

Looks hot as usual! Can't wait for the rest!

this is awesome.. oMg.. I love this.. and his expression makes the shot.. ok and the pink dress

Well executed shot. Love it.

Nice nice nice!!! I can't wait to see the rest of these!

Love it!! Can't wait to see the rest

nice nice NICE!!!!!! you ohana'd this one. new photography term!! :D

You guys are so freakin' creative with your photography I'm always blown away and totally inspired after seeing your blog posts. Thanks for always rockin' my socks!!!

Hey David and Ohana, I love this image. In my humble opinion this is the coolest one of the set above. I love the feel, compostion, everything. Great work as usual!

HOT HOT HOT! Beautiful work. Love it!