judy and journee’s bridal session in san diego

let me begin this post by saying thank you to everyone for their support last week. your kind words were a huge lift to our spirits. more on that soon.
getting back to judy and journee, we recently met up for a second time to do a fun bridal session. a practice round if you will. judy and journee got all dressed up and we headed to downtown san diego for starters, then took a short drive north to catch the days last light in la jolla. as we were walking downtown we bumped into michael at the red lotus society in san diego’s original chinatown. he was super cool and let us inside to catch some of these shots. thank you so much michael.
we had loads of fun doing this bridal session. we can’t wait until next month when judy and journee finally tie the knot. their wedding is going to be incredible. we’re also super excited to see judy’s real wedding dress (this one was just for the bridal session).
as we get into this session, you can see super fun round 1 with judy and journee at disneyland here.

i took this shot and april put on the magic sprinkles. me likey.

i’m so glad judy likes the color red. journee and her look amazing in front of it.

any guesses how this shot was done?

shield your eyes kids.
hotness follows.

judy was looking super fierce and then when i stopped shooting for a second kim said something funny and judy started laughing.
i love catching real emotion, especially smiles.

we love judy’s fishy. her shoes were awesome too.

journee was outside doing his best to make judy crack in front of our cameras. she was nearly uncrackable. nearly.

feelin hot hot hot.


Beautiful! I am lovin’ that RED WALL!

HOT HOT! I love the photos with the red wall behind them! Great job!

I got to bed and when I wake up 8 hours later you have 40 comments on your blog! No wonder, these are HOT! I LOVE the red wall photos and the ones of her in the chair, and then I see these last ones on the beach and I’m like “OMG these ROCK”!

What an awesome couple!

oh i love that last shot.

Nice images. I really like some of the spatial relationships between the couple.

Stunning Images as always! My favorite is of her laughing!! ( Good Job Kim!):) I LOVE the tattoo, shoes and dress, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her wedding!! I was gonna guess shot through a curtain as well!

Holy Smoking Hot Batman!!!!

These rock, David, and co. Nice work as usual.

Off the hook as usual! Love em! #1 oh snap that’s hot!

Dang she looks pretty bad ass! My favorite is you catching her smiling and looking down though. You are always so creative:)

I don’t think you need to shoot the wedding anymore. These are fantastic!

Judy and Journee, I wish you the best on your special day.. and that I think of you often.. and always crack up… !

I hope you’re doing well also… it looks like you are!



oh snaaaap. these are super freakin HOT!!! :D

These are absolutely awesome!

Holy hot tomatoes — these are great! Love your use of light and shadow.

wow, these are amazing – love the 3rd, 4th and all the ones in the second half of the set! Great compositions and mood…

Ummmm hello…. what is with the most delish light all over the place!? LOVE THEM!

I’m speechless. {this doesn’t happen very often}.

Love your work. Love Love Love.

Oh my goodness! Where do I start? So many great captures to choose from. I love 1 & 3 the best though. These seriously look like editorial layouts for a fashion magazine.

Such an awesome variety of shots here! Totally love the first image.

Awesome pictures!!!

This bridal session is the best I have ever seen!! 1,2,3,5 and 10 are amazing.
I would just die for photos of me and my husband like these. I agree with the guy above, you don’t need to shoot the wedding with these and the engagement session at Disneyland. They have an amazing amount of awesome pictures already!! If we ever get to visit San Diego we are looking you guys up!

I couldn’t leave you out! I just love your photography so much, it is a constant inspiration to me. I feel like if I had not found the blogs that I listed in that article, I wouldn’t be so obsessed with photography right now and it makes me so happy. So thank you for helping to inspire me to follow my dreams! :)

This session looks so great! What a fun style and yummy light! You guys are the best.

wow – what an amazing shoot! I love them all!!!

Oh wow! I love them all as well! These are all amazing and I love the feel of the downtown pics as much as the beach pics! AMAZING work as always, guys! Hope everyone is feeling a little better, you are all in my prayers!!!!

HOLY FREAKIN” COW!!..dude i was like oh wow i like #1. Oh i like #2, oh wow i like #3..i couldn’t stop i like all of them..you really stepped it up man!! phenomonal job!


stop the madness!!! OUTTA CONTROL — you guys rocked another one out & then some! way too many top fav's to even begin — but the one of her laughing that you caught naturally, the one that you asked if anyone knew how it was shot, the blurred image of them walking away to the left & the little coy fishy on her foot with those bada$$ shoes are just to name a few!!! great job… hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead. :D

this is some effin’ incredible wedding photography!!!! i wish i could use the proper explictives to further express how good this shoot is.

The red background! The veil shots! The ocean shots! Love them all…how do you just get more and more awesome????

beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! your work is so inspiring! and your blog comment was a very nice surprise this morning :)

These are. so. AMAZING. I am in LOVE with every single one. And I have NO idea how that image is made but think it should be a HUGE HUGE HUGE canvas in their home! (Through a window with reflections?)

these are fantastic! So freakin many of them should go on a canvas. You rock! //enoch

UNREAL!! These are amazing and so artistic! Love them all!

GAAASP! so stunning and sensual. this is seriously HIGH fashion!

These are all great, but that 1st one is UNREAL…love it!!


These are SERIOUSLY amazzzzzzzzzing! Every single image looks like it belongs in a magazine! I am sure this couple is going to want to hang every single photo!

Yeah, you guys nailed this one! They just keep getting better and better! Can’t wait for the next one!

Yes with the other 75 people who have informed you of the awesomeness of this shoot. I concur!

WOW WOW WOW! They are all amazing!

Tssssssss! I got too return my mac it just started smokin’!!!!!!! Hot, hot, hot!!! Love all the pops of red! Her shoes were BOMB with the tat super cool lookin’. My guess is that you shot through the veil as a filter for the “guess how we did this shot” What do I win if I’m right, lol.

WOW!!! These images are HOT HOT HOT….very artistic…..
I want to be just like you when I grow up…



how tha hell does one person get 79 comments? if it’s because of the images with the red walls, then i have to find me more of those. seriously, though… that first pic with the red wall is smokin.


so you know you rock, and you know I love pretty much everything you do but…. seriously?!?! These are rediculous….. I mean, honestly… who takes pictures this hot!? :) Erin from Art & Soul ;)


Are you F-ING kidding me with these! Ssssmokin bad ass!

wow… this set is what I would like to call – FIRE… love it a lot, especially the one where you catch Judy laughing against the red background…


I really love the images! especially love the images of the couple where the Bride is sitting on a stool……and the groom is on the couch behind her……I also love the images of the bride alone……I think this is your best work


These are a perfect example of gorgeous, beautiful, and stunning wedding photography! These look like a trash the dress session! So unreal! I’m in awe! I wish I would’ve hired you as my wedding photographer! I love every picture!

This Trash the Dress shoot is magical! San Diego is such a beautiful place to shoot! These are so hot and just gorgeous! How lucky to have such beautiful pictures for their wedding album! Love love love! I want to do a TRASH THE DRESS (without actually trashing it =) hehe.
Awesome work as always!