jiwon and robin’s wedding at the huntington beach hyatt regency

two things i love to do are taking pictures and traveling. whenever i can combine the two i get happy like a kid with kool aid. enter this wedding in orange county california, just a hop and a skip from san diego. i was the “special guest shooter” on this wedding for my good friend Greg Bumatay (one of the nicest guys i know on the planet). i always have fun working with greg. for instance, while we were driving from the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency where jiwon and robin were getting ready, to the Garden Grove United Methodist Church for the ceremony, greg told me the tale of black mountain road here in san diego. it was an awesome bit of local history. if you ever get the chance, ask him to tell you about it. but i digress. back to jiwon and robin!

i know right! look at her gorgeous eyes, her beautiful skin, and…ok i’ll move on :) she’s gorgeous. period.

this is my favorite part. their first meeting. we LOVE when couples want to see each other before the ceremony! we get a chance to see their first reaction, without anyone else around them. it’s such a special moment, made even better by the couple having a little time to enjoy each other’s company, alone together, before they get swept up in the hurry and distractions of their wedding day. jiwon and robin had their first meeting of the day at the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency. the location was amazing, and so was the moment.

jiwon and robin’s wedding at the Garden Grove United Methodist Church was absolutely beautiful. that church is HUGE!

as an added bonus, jiwon and robin were total gamers. i asked if they would try this shot and they said yes without hesitation.
i love when a plan comes together. :)

congratulations jiwon and robin! i hope you are always as happy as you are in this moment. thanks for having me along.


Un-freaking-believable! Dude you hit the ball all the way out of the park and over the road! These are awesome! I love the negative space in the flower shot and omg all the couple shots rock! Now this couple would be perfect for our day after session in LA *sigh*

Amazing as always. When I grow up I wanna be like David and Kim.

u da man;) love your eye and how creative u r with your camera. awesome momentsintime!!!!!!!!

GAW-JUS!!! :)

You guys are the bestest!

LOVE this session! You guys totally rocked it out at this wedding!! Shots #2, #12, #18 and #24 are amazing!! Great work, as always!

Oh my gosh. These are great! My fav is of the detail shots and the one of them in front of the mural! LOVE EM! Great job, guys!

Hotness, as usual. Love them!

Unfreakin’ real. My favorite wedding photos by you all ever! The flower shot with the negative space – breathtaking. The bride shot from up above (where she’s walking down below), amazing! Sooooo many favorite images on this one. You rocked this!

I am in love with her wedding dress! Such a beautiful couple and wedding party too! Very creative thinking with the sliding down the railing! Love all the angles and the photo of her under the arches is so grand!

These are stunning!!! I love the first shot of the bouquet, the image of the bride between the rails is gorgeous !! Beautiful work!

Love the one of them with the painting. It looks like they are part of it!

um, wow. so sexy. love the look of the couple and the way you captured them! beautiful!

Seriously wow. The colors and moments are awesome! What a gorgeous bride too… hard to go wrong there. =)

These are beauuuutiful! I love her dress. The shot in front of the painting(I am guessing) is brilliant!

EVERY picture absolutely breathtaking. This is my fav post ever!!!! WOW

Beautiful job as always!!!

Wow these are hotness! I love all the detail shots especially the shoes.. and the one of the groom sliding down the stairs.. super cool. Great job guys

Impressive! I LOVE your eye for great moments. My favorite is the groom sliding down the stair rail!

I love how you are always willing to experiment. These are some awesome one-of-a-kind moments. Rock Me Amadeus!

You always do such a great job with your photos! :D Amazing!! I love the simplicity of the 2nd photo.

ooh i said as i was looking through them all! And how fun I was thinking when I saw the one with the groom sliding down the banister, and i was also thinking damn your a good photographer…and many other thoughts


Wow! Great images David!! I love so many of them, my favorite is the banister though!! <3 it!

Yo Baxter this set is off the hook nice work!

I LOVE the first photo!

this session is truly artwork~
killer stuff!

I think this is my favorite wedding so far. GORGEOUS!

seriously you guys are amazing. really i dont know you, but for reals you seem like the funnest peeps ever :) a.maz.ing. wedding!!!!! thank you for inspiring me :)

These are AMAZING and, well, perfect in every way!

WOW! D. I love everything about these what an amazing job!

So beautiful! I love that first bouquet shot and her walking alone…so elegant.

Don’t you get sick of all the comments? You rock, okay?! Gosh! : D

INSANE! the flowers the cake and the portraits of them! You guys blow me away each time!!

Seriously.. what else is there to say.. I guess I just want you to know that I support you and your awesomeness. ;)

These are awesome! Nice work! Love the white bridals with the pink flowers:)

These are fantastic!! LOVE her dress! My faves are the bouquet shot, her walking to their first meeting, that first portrait after the ceremony… okay I lied, they’re all my favorites!! See you at WPPI!

Such a Beautiful wedding. Lovely job!!

You can just tell how much these two love each other by the way they look at each other. Great job capturing that love, you two! :)

What a cutie, I love her dress! What an awesome set. Just lovely!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day OHANA! ;)

Oh these are fantastic – as is all of your work!!! Love love love her dress – wow!! Stunning!!

Wow! These are phantasmic! :) I loooooove all of them! Beautiful!

beautiful wedding! i can’t pick which one is my favorite because they’re all my fave =)

I love the use of the arches particularly the one with the bride and her girls! Great shots as usual you guys!

What a beautiful couple! Ok, I would kill for Robin’s skin!!! Flawless! I love all the pictures, but I REALLY love the one you captures of them first seeing each other! Congratulations!

LOVE ALL THESE…can’t pick a favorite! I love the warm feel of the first photos and the bright colors make the images so clean and PRETTY!!!! awesoooommmmeeeee!

love the thru the rail shot.. plain CLEAN.

i just stumbled across your blog, beautiful images

ammmmmazing photos and blog!! props!

gahhhhhhhhgeousssss :-) love these!!