Jillian and James – engaged

San Diego wedding photography at USD Founders Chapel

what do a pawn shop, a blind lady, a cinema named ken, and a killer margarita have in common? wait, i’m getting ahead of myself.

ahhh ya! i’m finally back home from portland (oregon)… after almost a month! that place is so beautiful, but man, i could not live there. i need sun. the whole time i was there it only came out once or twice, for like a second, just to taunt me.

so good to be safe and sound back in good ol’ 1955… wait.

i can’t think of a better way to re-start blogging than by showing you all this kissy, huggy, happy couple (OUR FAVORITE KIND!) jillian and james.

we first met this super cute couple at kimberly and cory’s crazy fun wedding a couple years ago. jillian + james wanted to have their engagement session in the quirky, down to earth neighborhoods of normal heights and kensington in san diego.

we were just getting started when james said he needed to make a quick stop at a pawn shop to get a little cash for drinks and dinner later that night. the negotiations were short.

next stop was their favorite little pub, blind lady ale house. saving the best (and by best i mean most potent margaritas on the planet) for last, we ended the night at their favorite restaurant, Ponce’s.

thanks for being so fun and in love. also, a huge thanks again for dinner and margaritas. did i mention how flippin awesome the margaritas were? oh, i did?

i think we may need to go back for more. don’t judge *wink*

can’t wait for your wedding jillian and james! if your family and friends are half as fun as you two are, your wedding will be the tequila in ponce’s margaritas.

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this looks a lot like portland, except there’s no rain in sight and i don’t need to wear 4 layers of clothing.

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99 cans of beer – on – the – wall

San Diego engagement session at the Blind Lady Ale House by Ohana Photographers


San Diego engagement session in a bar named the Blind Lady Ale House by Ohana Photographers

before moving on to the next shot, i have to re-tell the tale that james told us about the can pictured above on the right. now, you know it must have been good for us to post of picture of a team that is not our beloved hometown under-achievers, i mean, chargers. but i digress.

the story goes something like this. a group of james’ friends had one friend that would do just about anything, if the price was right. as it happened, they were all hanging out a few years ago when they decided they had a worthy challenge, so they each ponied up 5 roosevelts (to save you from doing the math, that’s 50 cents) and bet their friend a grand total of 5 bucks that he couldn’t drink the entire can of the aforementioned iron city beer with the pittsburgh steelers team photo on it. not one to back down from a beer related challenge, and believing he was hanging with a bunch of chumps, the gentleman promptly accepted.

here’s where it gets awesome.

both the team photo on the outside of the can and the frothy beverage stored inside the previously unopened can were circa 1980. undaunted by the “pop top”, he peeled it off and took, what was to be for everyone lucky enough to witness it, a hilarious gulp of the vintage brew.

the hallucinations stopped several hours later.

upon pouring the remaining liquid from the can into a glass for inspection it was discovered that it… what were james’ words… oh ya, looked more like “swamp water” than beer.

who knew iron city beer wouldn’t age as well as chateau d’yquem.

fun engagement session in San Diego by Ohana Photographers

vintage Hamms poster inside the Blind Lady Ale House in San Diego by Ohana Photographers

beautiful romantic engagement session in San Diego by Ohana Photographers

styled sexy fun engagement photos by Ohana Photographers in San Diego California

styled sexy fun engagement photos by Ohana Photographers in San Diego California

fun engagement session by Ohana Photographers in San Diego California

styled sexy fun engagement photos by Ohana Photographers in San Diego California

fun wedding photographers in San Diego

fun engagement session in San Diego by Ohana Photographers

styled sexy fun wedding photography by Ohana Photographers in San Diego California

night time engagement session in San Diego by Ohana Photographers

you are a lover boy! you are a lover boy!

fun engagement photos by Ohana Photographers in San Diego California

styled sexy fun wedding in San Diego by Ohana Photographers

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I love how fun and real this session is! They are so adorable!

Very adorable couple and such great photos!! They look like they’re so in love and happy in these! I love them! =)

Gorgeous! I particularly love the shots of the couple in front of the old building!

I adore all of these! Love the relaxed obvious love you captured between them!

Now this is an engagement session that avoids the cliches & cookie cutter crap and truly feels like a portrait of the couple, quirky and fun!

My goodness, she sure is adorable, isn’t she? really Love that you followed them around their fav hangouts. Really perfect way to look back at yourselves and how in love you were. Great keepsake photographs!

Love this session! OMG that picture of him with the baby, no words :) 4th from the bottom melts me. You really know how to capture love in your photos. I adore your work and your writing!

I just spent an hour looking through your gallery of photos. Absolutely beautiful!! You have an undeniable talent!

Absolutely beautiful – you really capture an element of their personalities. Love this session!

I love that your sessions seem to capture each couple uniquely to them. Perfect remembrance of a special time in their life!

Her smile lights up the room! The pictures in the bar are so fun!

Love your work! They look so happy and like they’re having so much fun!

A beautiful couple beautifully captured. I love the pics in the bar! Reminds me of me and my other half! We love the pubs!
And OMG please tell me that beer story isn’t true. hahaha! I laughed for a bit on that one =]

je’ adore! the george costanza pose ftw!

Hilarious!! Love this engagement shoot!

lol..The one of him imitating the baby is PRICELESS!!! Awesome work as usual!

Okay, now I need a margarita…yummmm! Again, the last shot is killer and I love all of these rad locations!!!

So much fun! They look so in love with each other! Love the ones in the street and on the stairs!

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Love this session! So real and so fun!

These are so cute and so much fun!!! The pawn shop made me laugh and honestly so did that baby picture hahaha!

I love that this looked like paparazzi was stalking them! So much fun!

I love that each and every couple here has a different unique look to their pictures! I love love love him posing as the baby that seriously gave me a big giggle! Love this whole session!