Jessie and Eric’s Engagement Session in San Diego

you may have noticed it’s been a little warmer lately. no, it’s not summer coming around the corner. it’s jessie and eric. we boldly walked past the fire danger warning signs and shot their engagement session amongst the dry brush of san diego’s back country. luckily, no fires were started that day, but i did suffer a slight burn from overexposure to their hotness.

sizzle sizzle

jessie busted out the sexylicious look and nearly melted the camera. try not to get lost in her eyes.

we named the dog indiana! not really. i just wanted to say that. jessie and eric brought their sweet doggy along to join in a few shots.

must love dogs!

fearing jessie and eric’s lava-like hotness would set the fields ablaze, we bailed the country for a little cityscape. chain-link me likey.

caged heat

if you think you’re hot, try wearing body fur. sweet relief came from a kiddie fountain.

ahhhh. who’s up for round two?!

i love it when couples aren’t afraid to have a little fun in public. thank you jessie and eric for being down with everything we asked. it was such a pleasure working with you.

that’s a wrap. cut, print, check the gate. jessie. eric. we’re done guys. the camera’s are off now. ok then. we’ll see you two later.


These images are HOT!!! Woo Hoo Honies!!!

these are fantastic.. really love your work

Dogs rock. And these sizzle!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! That seminar WAS amazing, wasn’t it? You guys are lucky that your locals cuz that drive was no picnic for us in OC. I love those shots of the couple and the dog drinking out of the fountain! Amazing.

Wow! You guys rock my world! These are amazing!

Wow…. Never thought that we would have such amazing photos of us!!!! You two are da bomb!!!! Never felt like whatever I wrote wouldn’t be enough to compliment the amazing work you have done… thanks for the sexy sexy sexy photos!!!!

sexilicious shot is indeed sexilicious!! And so is that last shot…oww oww!

Love the series by the chain link fence…verrra nice! The doggie- drinking-water shots are awesomely fun too. Great job :)

Wow! Love the couple, Love the Dog, and love the location! The shots in the field are incredible

Yup, the Action Alley is my favorite! Chain link is also YUMMY! =) Hey, I love your post-processing on the last two…what did you use/do? So AWESOME! You guys rock!

Gotta love those big blue skies!!

hey amber, we just used some home made textures on the last 2 shots :)

oh my gosh…the toning in these is INSANELY perfect! WOW, what an awesome feel to this shoot. again, the toning freakin ROCKS!!!! and i love…love…love the photos with their doggie. ooooooh, they must be great peoples…ha.ha. These photos are simple out of this world. You guys are amazing! Thanks for sharing and keep on inspiring the rest of us!

Love the feel of the fifth one down and the second to the last. Great job, as always!

david and kimi – loving the entire vibe…. sweetness!!! :o)

Wowwwee! So so HAWT!! I just love the sexy feel to some and the light and happy in others! Especiailly the shots with their dog! Great mix guys!! Your work is so inspiring!! It’s so apparent you make your couples so comfortable!

I love the blue skies. Great job on these!

i love that flower field and the skis! Woo. Goods pics guys. Of course.

How do you get a Million people to look at your blog and comment! GEES

Jeeeeeeez… 70 Comments?? I feel weird being at the bottom since we were gone all weekend. Anyways this shoot was fabulous. I LOVED shooting in the tall grass for our shoot so I can imagine how much fun you had!! Also, shooting with dogs is great! :) It looks like you guys had a blast and took some awesome photos! Watch out for ticks in the grasses friends! :)

Great session! You really got some HOT, sexy photos with these two. I love the fun ones with the dog drinking the water.

I love the tall grass and the flowers…great job! They look like a fun couple :)

Dude, you had me rollin’ with all the things you said!! Awesome images. :-)

These are stunning. And H-O-T.

Just came back for a 2nd helping of Ohana inspiration. Your home-made textures rock…

Very cool stuff Mr.!

I would so story board canvas those doggie at the fountain shots!!! Those just make me smile from ear to ear!! An yowwie ow ow ow!! are these two smokin hot or what?! That first photo rocks my socks!!

Hey, I just figured out why I spilled liquid on my keyboard…these pictures were too hot! haha

These are A-MAZING! You have officially arrived at radness :)

Fantastic work!


oooohhh gorgeous….love the black and whites..soooo rad! you’re awesome.

Love the “sexylicious look and nearly melted the camera” image!!! Again, you guys are so talented!!

Woah!!! Haute, Haute, Haute!! I’m not sure which is Hotter, the couple or your MAD skillz!!! these are a BLAZIN! ;)

You guys rocked this session! I love the pp! Great job!

uniqueable! love it!

love the sexilicious shots too. who doesn’t ya know?

awww, puppy. good stuff. ok now I have to go find the other half of my brain that can complete sentences.



freakin awesome!-Aaron

Rocktastic Baxters!!

SO amazing!! I hope you are doing awesome!!

these are great…shows what I always tell clients, you can get great shots in any environment, like in these…even dry brush!

Love the colors that you guys used in this set! You just get better and better!

Woa. It’s been awhile since I’ve dropped by…what a treat awaited me! LET ME JUST SAY…the “sexilicious” eye shot…absolutely incredible. So captivating. Great shoot!

AND 89 comments – pretty remarkable. You have a great blog family goin on here. Love it.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

man you rocked this one… great job

You guys are amazing and THIS COUPLE! Well, they are seriously very very good looking. ;) What a great series! I am sure they will be STOKED with their session! It is amazing! Love it! I love the last one and the sizzle sizzle! :)

LOVE IT!! These pics are super sweet!! The dog ones are definitely my favorites! I also love all the fun poses you had them do, ROCKIN!!!

These pictures ROCK- just found your blog and I’m lovin it!

How fun!!! Amazing talent!! I love your style and your processing is so unique, I love it!

Really dig your style so funky and cool!! These two are so friggin hot! Love the first 5 shots and can’t get enough of the dog at the water fountain!! So funny!

These are super hot! I love the “must love dogs”, that is totally what I say anywhere I go with my dog :).

Not that your page can hold another comment… but I’m diggin #4!! And the shot where they are in the sunglasses and her face is close to the cam.

(Seriously… you have 99 comments. That’s um… AMAZING?)

Niiiiice set guys! I super dig the fence series and the the sweet-sky-goodness. Nicely done, friends.

These shots are hot. Nice work. Keep them coming.

Holy Hotness!! These are amazing!!