janell and rj’s engagement session in san luis obispo


imagine, if you will…
tiffany blue skies with cottony clouds of white.
the salty mist of the mighty pacific ocean.
the warmth of the afternoon sun on your face.
rolling hills with vineyards bearing fruit on the vine.
friendly faces.
are you in a happy place? is this heaven? close.
i’m speaking, not of san diego for once, but of another beautiful san city in california called san luis obispo. (yes they’re related. they share the same mother) it is the golden state, as it should be. the wonderful sights and senses from our drive north made me realize why the missionaries, like father serra, thought this land to be a gift from God when they first laid eyes on it.
our trip was not to build a mission, but to meet up with one of our awesomest couples ever, janell and rj. we arrived in SLO like a car-load of kids going to gamestop. janell and rj guided us on a tour of the places they met, studied, laughed, took a shortcut, sipped warm drinks, shared conversations, and fell in love.
SLO holds lots of great memories for janell and rj,
including a new one of us taking them to the beach and dumping cold water on them just for fun :)
we had a perfect day walking around SLO taking pictures, laughing (out loud), and sharing stories about the game shows we have been on (and won).
first up is the spot where they took a shortcut. it’s a SLO landmark, although you could easily walk right by it without noticing. it’s bubblegum alley, and yes, it’s disgustingly awesome! janell and rj hooked us all up with some appropriately colored slime-green gum so we could all add our mark to the alley.

the hearts and the P are for janell and rj.
life IS beautiful, so sayeth the gum! :)

next is the place rj caught his first glimpse of janell and uttered, “she’s cute”, cal poly.

this is how rj felt inside after seeing janelle for the first time. how’s that for a reenactment? :)

janell and rj are so rad that they have to carry around an umbrella at all times because rainbow colored clouds follow them around and rain confetti on them wherever they go.
true story.

ok, actually the rainbow colored clouds are called kim and (aptly enough) rain. the “clouds” decided to crank it up a notch, so they stepped closer to janell and rj and took the storm from a light summer sprinkle to…

a category 5 hurricane of confetti!!

how did rj and janell first hookup you ask?
rj dropped that zero and got with the hero.
i guess that line does actually work sometimes :)

after walking around with rj and janell for a while kim told me that she thought janell looked a lot like lindsay lohan.
i agreed and added, ya, but janell is hotter and not cracked out :)
can i get a witness?!!

btw, it’s not just a shirt. janell really does wail on guitar hero. she’s pretty much like the edge, b.b. king, eddie van halen, and slash all rolled into one.
rj is her biggest stalker, err, umm, fan.

janell and rj sittin in a street.
k-i-s-s-i-n-g :)

here’s the spot where rj and janell had their first date. it’s a sweet little cafe in downtown SLO named Linnaea’s.

seeing janell and rj look at each other with smiles on their faces let me know that this place holds many many warm memories for the two of them.

it also holds many warm drinks :)

will you still need me,
will you still feed me,
when i’m

as the sun was dipping lower on the horizon we headed west for a little sexytime on the beach.

shield your eyes kids :)

if all the previous images haven’t proven to you beyond a reasonable doubt that rj and janell are among the raddest people on the planet may i submit this.
they did not even question us when we walked up to them, with large bucket in hand, and handed them a large umbrella.
beach sessions are so much more fun when you mix hot with a little hot mess.
they took it like champs…


and again.
we can not even say how much we LOVE you rj and janell!
you definitely get the triple dragon bonus high score for playing this round of what can david, kim, april, and rain think up next. thanks for playing you two!
on a scale of 1 to 10, you have a fun factor of 11.

you know it’s a good session when the sun goes down and you don’t want to stop shooting. we enjoyed every minute with you rj and janell. if not for fear of you catching pneumonia we could have spent the rest of the night taking pictures of you. thank you both for being up for anything and for taking us out for a hot meal before the drive home.
we are so stoked to be shooting your wedding. we can not wait!! if your wedding isn’t the most fun wedding we’ve ever been to then i will eventually grow old and die. no pressure :)

i know this is early, but we had to share a preview of janell’s beautiful ring.

now it’s time to sit down and hold on to something.

rj and janell are about to face off in a battle of who can make us pee our pants laughing first. did i mention that both janell and rj were on the cal poly improv team?

buckle up. the wait is over.

who’s ready to laugh?! press play. hope you’re wearing your plastic chonies.

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this is one of my fav shoots ever… i'm starting to say that to ya'll every time… bahahahhaa… but it's true!! that's cause you're awesome!!!!!! so i guess it's worth all the butt cheek abnormalities, yeah? hee hee!

Best Photographers + Best Couples =
Kick ass photoshoot and photos!

Are you kidding me?! SUCH a bad ass shoot!

Love the gumwall & the umbrella's, and the sticker on the recycle bin (sweet!). Awesome stuff guys, and near my old stomping grounds of Cambria. Love it all guys!!! Aloha!!

I ADORE the gum wall! My favorite shot has to be the second in the series of the faux rainfall!! You guy's are superheroes and photography is your superpower!

a few things… Gum awesomely gross … getting a couple into a trash bin for a very cool picture… that's like 10,000 brownie points and finally – as always you all rocked it (rock star style) with so many of these… the water splash at the ending… very cool. //enoch

a few things… Gum awesomely gross … getting a couple into a trash bin for a very cool picture… that's like 10,000 brownie points and finally – as always you all rocked it (rock star style) with so many of these… the water splash at the ending… very cool. //enoch

How can I say anything other than "wow". That is just awesome!

Wow….Ohana's, I absolutely LOVE this E-session. Especially the "recycle bin" shot. [I'm such a recycle nut]…Beautiful beach shots…..just everything….totally thinking outside the box!!!!!

You guys rock! I love these. Especially the ones near the dumpster. Uber cool!

Umm, yea, basically just awesomeness throughout. I thought the confetti and umbrella was the best, then I saw loading docks, shadows, and water splashing down. Now my brain is just in overload with goodness.

Holy cow you guys!!!! How much fun was that?!?! I had fun just looking at it all. Wall o gum and the super sexy black and white laying in the sand being all delicious shot are my favorites! You guys are too much fun I tell ya.

Damn, my man! You rock the loading dock like no other! Love it!! Diggin' that sweet low angle k-i-s-s-i-n-g shot in the street. It's always a mega-treat to see your signature inventiveness at work!!

Sooo creative from beginning to end! Love the confetti ones and the bucket-of-water ones at the beach! What awesomeness are you guys going to come up with next??

What a great post! I can't stop smiling!! :) Hilarious – I know a guy who actually used the line "Drop the zero and get with the hero"…and they are happily married now! :)

Okay so where have I been?? I have never been to your blog and I LOVE it! I love your style, I love your sarcasm and humour, I love your images!! I love it all! I need to meet you people. Awesome.

you guys do SUCH AMAZINGGGGG work! i LOVE IT!!!!! This session is awesome!

I love the faces, the water, the seaweed, the swing, the… ok all of it! Super rad pics as always!

Man, you guys know how to work your clients! You can tell your interaction makes the shoot! (along with ridiculously awesome photography of course)

OH.MY.GOD! I can't believe how amazing these photos are. Very inspiring for me. Will definitely bookmark your blog.

These are awesome! I love the water shots!

holey cow! AMAZING! love the shot of the water splash on their umbrella. awesome as usual!

omigsh!!!!!!! These are so awesome!!

Crazy cool set guys! Love the personalty in all of these!! Too much!!

because obviously you guys just need another comment telling you how AWESOME these are! seriously – confetti hurricane? that was truly inspired. you. rock.

WOW guys! What an awesome shoot. It looks like you guys had a complete blast! I really love the raining confetti shot – such a cute idea! And the "face-off" is so much fun. :)

Wow! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Is there no end to your creativity and fun? I love every single shot! They must be thrilled with all of these. I must say I'm always inspired by your work and love your fun shots, but the sexy one's are a whole nutha story ow ow ow! I want a shot of my hubby and me like these, especially one like the black&white layin in the sand one. That is big canvas right there boy! Holy Hot Stuff!

I love the car!!!

hahahahahaha! I think the face-off is the funniest thing I've ever seen! Loved the music with it too! Sorry Janell, but I have to give it to RJ. Too funny! Ok, to the other pics…Wow! How fun was that?! I have to say that I LOVED the pic of RJ jumping with the umbrella and of the two of them jumping by the dumpsters. Great shots! Really looking forward to the wedding pics!

I love that these show their funny side and sexy side! Tells the whole story of them!

so incredibly awesome. I can't get over that gum wall! You guys have the coolest sites out there ;) really…super fun. can't pick a favorite.

Holy friggin crap! These are friggin amazingly fun, hot and crazy all at the same time! I can't pick a fav, but if I had to it would be the water ones, wait, no the confetti, no wait the hot and sexy ones on the beach. Forget it they all rock!

Now that's a majorly fun time!

These are so awesome! What a fun shoot!

These are so fun! I loved looking at all of these.

Wow these are awesome. This couple looks like so much fun and you guys did some awesome shooting! So much emotion… felt like I was right there having fun with you guys! Awesome work.

brillant. So much personality and beauty in these shots. AWESOME! LOVE the ENERGY!!!!! PS…I went to San Luis Obispo…years and years and years ago.

This is gotta be the cutest couple you've shot and you guys shoot some hotties! What incredibly creative and fun, fun shots! Love the hotness on the beach one, the one in the car is way cute, but my fav is the water flying over their heads!! Their expressions are priceless!

The shot of her leaning against the wall. Just too hot!

What an awesome session!! So creative and out of this world!

So cool, loving the water with the umbrella shots. So unique! Fun just exudes from these pictures… well done.

So much fun! I love the one throwing water from the side! :)

I love your style!! The End =]

OH MUH GAWSH!!! I'm in total adoration, love, obsession with these! Your couples are so lucky to have such creative and awesome photographs, and photographers too of course [:
My favs are obviously all the water ones and I adore the black and white sexy one on the beach! So, From Here to Eternity!

Pssst… Have I told you I loved you guys lately [:

so much fun and personality in this shoot!! love it!

ABC Gum never looked so good! I never knew about that alley. Sounds so gross but looks so cool!!! What an awesome shoot. Love the personality in these! You guys know how to bring it!

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Seriously the funnest engagement pictures I’ve ever seen!!!

The creativity and fun displayed and captured here is so awesome!

Some of the most awesome engagment pictures I’ve ever seen!