jane and garie’s engagement session in san diego

i am absolutely loving the fact that we are on an insane streak of working with hot couples that are super fun. jane and garie are the latest couple to help our streak stay hot. we have not proven it yet, but they may love san diego as much as we do. some things they have going for them are the following, they went to san diego state university, they love the san diego chargers, garie and his groomsmen are going to be wearing custom made chargers shoes at the wedding, and jane and garie are getting married in san diego. i think all that qualifies them as associate ambassadors of our fine city. you can see how in love they are in these pictures, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. that’s the way we like it! uh huh, uh huh. yah, i know. :)
we had an awesome afternoon following them around some of the most beautiful scenery in san diego for their engagement photos. we can’t wait for their wedding next year! now, on with the hotness.


gosh, you really do have such fun, HOT couples!! these are fabulous,my fave being #5–beautiful!

I LOVE that first shot :)

Whoa! I love #5! It's like a color bomb went off…A color EXPLOSION! :)

Great images! I'm totally digging 1 and 5. Love the yummy colors. :)

The first one!!! So GREAT!

Great work, y'all! I love the intensity of the colors on the fifth one. Wow!

Yummy compositions and framing! Love the energy between the couple and how well you've captured their love for one another in such fun and tender sweet moments! As always, you rock!

fun couple! Is that the only type you come across?! :-)

So cool

I love that first image!!! and, you're right, what a fun couple!

Lovin' that last one too! Can't wait for the Chargers to get rollin' this year! :)

I love the shot image with the sprawling palm tree in the background! Good composition and perspective. All around great session as usual.

I don't know how you guys manage to come up with such different ideas ALL the time! It seems that no two photos ever resemble each other, and they are ALL amazing! Fascinating talent. All of you.

WOW~! They are the epitome of HOTNESS. Love the pictures and I can't wait to be part of such a special moment in their lives. Good job Ohana!!!!

I agree with what Jamie Maxfield said above! TRUE..TRUE statement. AHMAZINGGG work!!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

Such awesome colors, textures, and well… they are just FUN!! Great shoot as always!!

The pics are too cute! Ohana did a great job capturing the personalities of the couple. Can't wait for the wedding, you two were meant to be….love you guys!

absolutely gorgeous!!! love you guys!

Über cool! (I pulled out the German there) Love the first 2 especially!

one and five, ONE AND FIVE!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D and i love the palm tree one too!!

One of the pictures that struck me most, was the one when Jane and Garie were underneath the structure that looked like a heart. Even though towards the bottom of the structure it doesn't connect, these two individuals complete the connection with the union they'll be embarking upon in the next couple of months. Oh yes it is grand!

This session is so fun, I'm commenting while on vacation :)

I love how voyeuristic some shots in this shoot are! And I LOVE the darker one 5 shots down.

i love the scenery! u can tell they are so much in love! cute!

I sound like a borken record.. but your work is breathtaking! You inspire me!


Sweet light, sweet couple, uber-sweet shots, man! Diggin' that shot with the palm tree, and that awesome angle (#5) through the colorful trees is a delicious heap of calories for the eyes :)

So much fun :) Beautiful shots!

I just LOVE these! Beautiful couple. Stellar work all around!

2,3,4,5 and the last one are favorites!

i LOVE everything about this session. great use of angles & perspective. :D beautyFULL couple!

O…M…GOSH! I know I say this once or twice, but I think this is my favorite engagement session to date! I love how your couples always are: A, hot B, fun and C always look like they're SO in LOVE! How do you do it?
I love the last two!

Love your style! So glad to have found you guys! Aloha- Tara

i love how every session you shoot is fresh and exciting. i never know what to expect, and you never disappoint!!!

so much fun! I love them!


these are all awesome but that first shot is Killer. Hope you guys are well.

yep… super hot! very fun e-session.

I just love the first and last pictures of the two of you! I can't wait to see the pictures of the Charger shoes!

Wow, that first one needs to be a huge canvas! Great work you guys!!!

Another stunning e-sesh! I especially LOVE the first one and #5 with all the glorious colors and light!

Fun shoot. Also love all the creative shots!

You guys are so creative. I love looking at the images on your blog. Great eshoot.

How lucky are your couples to have you photograph them and make them look so amazing and fun! I'm sure they are, but to have them in print is awesome! Love this whole shoot!

I absolutely LOVE your creativity!!

aww sweet couple, great shots as always!!! =)

WOW WOW WOW!!!! beautiful.

ohhh emmm geee!!! you guys look so cute in ALL of these pictures!
you guys make an awesome couple!

What awesome shots! I love your different angles. The couple looks so happy!

These are great JenJen! and yes, WE LOVE THE CHARGERS BABY!!

Congratulations! Great photos!