it’s like america’s next top model up in here

agnes and her supermodel bridesmaids (maria, anna, teresa, jenny, and sarah) had the whole day planned out.
hair and nails at Lulu’s in the a.m. bachelorette re-do (whoot! whoot!) in the p.m.
what to do in between?
i think you see where i’m going here. we joined up with the six chicks for a girl’s day out session. it was like spending a day on the set of america’s next top model.
what you are about to witness is nothing short of …wait for it… feee-arce.

Lulu’s by Travis Parker was incredible!
when i went in my hair looked like I just combed it with a pork chop and my nails looked like i just tunneled my way out of prison without a shovel.
and this is what i looked like when they got done with me. cue bedazzled sound effect.
i kiiid, i kiiid.
if only i looked as good as agnes. in a manly way. with a goatee.

no the shoes aren’t just for show. i have personally witnessed agnes climbing small mountains in identical sized heels. she’s no sissy.

work. it. out.

the champagne at lulu’s may have been a factor, but i love agnes’ smile here.

one thing we love about agnes… she can go from fierce to fun in the click of a shutter.

attention all po po’s. forget using barricades. leave your spike strips at home. these ladies can stop traffic any where, any time.

aye dios mio!

what are sisters made of?
a little sugar…

a little spice…
oops, ran out of sisters. anna and agnes are both made out of everything nice.

i remembered teresa’s good side. (as if there’s a bad.)

are you believing sarah’s eyes? cripes! absolutely stunning.

we’re suckers for jenny’s freckles. LOVE THEM! look at that beautiful face.

maria, maria. we love your hair, your dress, your dimples, you! maria is a complete professional. when all the other girls tried to make her laugh she just locked in to the camera and threw out some serious hotness.

everywhere we went these beautiful girls had onlookers stepping over themselves to get a better look. you should have seen the crowd they drew for this shot. if they got any closer they like to got dealt with. :)

kissy face!

red wall plus beautiful girls = red hot

kim had a little fun with paint.
i want to personally thank agnes, anna, jenn, sarah, maria, and teresa for having us out and keeping us laughing with your jokes that would make even the saltiest sailor blush. we absolutely love doing these girls-day-out shoots. thank you all for giving us a day to remember. it was really nice getting to meet everyone before agnes and paul’s wedding day (where again, you all looked amazing!).


No sissy is right! woooo! Those shoes look spiky. Ouch.
Hot stuff!! The screen is on fire!

OMG, I’m freezing my butt off in the snow but it’s suddenly got very hot in here! I have one word for you – FEROCHE!

whoa!!!! talk about holy hotness going on in here! i think my computer just blushed bright red ;). these girls are not only absolutely gorgeous but you guys seem to have also captured their different personalities through your lens. what a fabulous idea… something they will all treasure forever & always have to look back on and say "remember when….". absolutely LOVE it! hope you guys had a stellar weekend!

So, I see why this was such a long post-how do you narrow these shots down? Uh…they’re ALL gorgeous!

looks like you guys had a large time;-) awesome shoot!!!!!

Ok man so tell me what magazine these are going to be in? Coming soon to a newstand near you…

Butthead: Hey Beavis, heh heh heh, did they just say “Aye dios mio”?? Heh heh.

Beavis: Heh heh… yeah. They’re like, really cool or somethin’. Heh heh. AYE DIOS MIO!!! Are you threatening me?? I am CORNH….

Okay seriously, though. These are some great photos and nothing short of VERY hot. Great job as usual… well done! =)

David…amazing…..AAA….MA..ZING!! You couldn’t have done anything to make them better. Lost the post you did on these…nice use of textures…your are the ROCK STAR and my HERO!! :)

You guys rocked this!!! WOW, the photos are amazing!!!! If i were them, I would order an album of these photos!! Rockin Photos ROCKIN!!! :)

Absolutely Stunning work David and Kimi!! Agnes and her friends are gorgeous, but you guy’s took these beautiful girls to a whole new level!!!

man, you must be getting carpal tunnel, having to scroll through thousands of comments! :)

um. wow. hello! what can anyone add to the comments above?!! talk about Boots and Kimo’s gooooooooooodness! i so love that shot with no one in focus! so very cool!

i think i’m going to get an application to picture people now! or is geico hiring?

these are freakin INSANE…GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GOR-GEO-US!!!!!! Wow, you got it…but i think BETTER than American’s Next Top Model…contact Tyra quick. What an amazing creative series of photos…I am loving them all. very very very NICE!!!!!

I’m jealous, Very!!

Holy Hotness!!!! These are amazing. I bet they were so fun to edit. Sarah’s eyes are so beautiful. :-)

Badass. Seriously. Bad. Ass.

America’s next top model FOR SURE!!! Gorgeous work guys!

And just when I thought you guys couldn’t get any better….geeez! These are awesome! All of them!

Congratulations Baxters, your talents just get better and better and I love to seeing what you come up with next.
Great shots!

What a fun idea! These girls look like they’re having a blast. I love the texture you used on the 4the one down from the top, and the red wall shots are incredible!

Umm HELLLOOO ….one word…HOTTTT!

ohhhh SNAAAAP!! freakin gorgeous photos, wow these girls are amazingly beautiful :D

hey thanks so much for helping out and voting you guys!! Today’s the last day and I’m a close second.. if you have time to vote again that would be so awesome!! :D

Uh, WOW! I’m speechless! These are phenominal! I love the hot sexy attitude of these girls! Such inspiration!

wow, this isn’t just HOT, this is HAUTE!!!!!!! I can’t even begin to pick a favorite! Great photos, beautiful girls, and what a fun thing to do with your wedding party!!!!

These are AMAZING! Complete and utter hotness. I love it.

Yowsers!! What a beautiful bunch of ladies!!

Dang! hotness! you guys rocked it!

WOW!!! Everything about these images is awesome. You guys rock!! Keep up the amazing work!

WOW!!! Is it hot in here or just these gorgeous girls?! Great pics! Couldn’t pick my favorite if I really really tried! Way to have fun girls!

Oh man, these are amazing! It helps to have super hot subjects, but the angles, lighting, post-processing is all so awesome! Love them ALL – every time I scrolled down to the next picture I was like, this one, this one’s my favorite!!

WOW! These are all amazing! Awesome work as always, these are AB FAB!!! Love em!

Guud lawd hot hot hot!! You kicked this session in the nads! They gotta LOVE these!

First reaction…OMG!!! Second…HOTTT!!! Fabulous girls, fabulous images!! What else can I say…WOW!!

These are SMOKIN HOT and super SEXY! Awesome stuff!

ditto what everyone above said! These are siiiiick!

What a spectacular idea. What a fun variety you got. Friends don’t get together enough to be photographed together, this idea rocks. Love Love your closeups too. Those heels are hot!

oh my these are seriously awesome how fun.. and kudos to those girls for wearing those heels for the day or at all.. I cant wear heel for more than uhh 2 seconds baahaahaa

These are HOT HOT HOT!!!

Geezzzzz…… it isn’t safe for me to look at your blog. I spend hours here! But it’s worth it for the inspiration. What do you charge for that? Can we arrange a flat rate? Do you take credit cards? So many questions…

Dude. These are so much fun! I want pics like this of my friends and I – how friggin cool! Especially lurve 5, 7, 8, 10…and then I lost count :-)

Crazy cool work David and Kim! So many great poses…. angles…dang you guys ROCK!!!

My absolute fav is the girls scrouching down in front of the fence. So incredible!!!

Dios mio…muy caliente!!! How lucky for all the girls to have such gorgeous photos of them taken! I want some!!

My monitor caught on fire from all the heat this shoot produced! haha! These rocked!

WOW…. this session seriously ROCKED THE HOUSE. I LOVE it!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way, and leaving ur comments :) *hugs* to you guys for the blog love!!

Oh! I just LOVE the red wall! FANTASTIC work as usual!

America’s Next Top Model got nuthin on these girls! I swear #10 is so Maxim, Calvin Klein, Escape Perfume Ad something, but it’s damn hot!

These girls are stunnin! Love every single image! The last one is really cool very CD coveresque!

Like I said these girls should totally be America’s Next Top Model and doing a Trash the Dress in beautiful San Diego with any of these girls would be amazing!