It’s dancey dance time with rain and noah!!

so we had some free time on our hands the other day and decided to do a little shooting for ourselves. we got rain and noah in their love lamp rockband outfits and hit the streets to make invisible airwaves crackle with life.
c’mon! it’s dancey dance time! i like to dance! go, go, go, rain! do the rain dance! i like to dance! go, go, go, noah! do the noah dance! go, go!
some of these colors might melt your face off. :)

candy necklace goodness

all the cool kids hang out by concrete pillars. it was my understanding that everyone had heard.

under the bridge downtown

and i must be an acrobat, to talk like this, and act like that.

if noah was mr a to z would that make rain the geek in the pink

I’m in the black, can’t see or be seen. Baby, baby, baby…light my way

X gon give it to ya

noah was rockin’ the rex harrison hat

rain was enjoying a nice summer breeze in january.

walk on, walk on… stay safe tonight

for those of you that love the musical links, i couldn’t end this post without a link to rain’s jam. it’s ok to sing along. you know the words.


Gotta love the pink tu-tu! :) I can’t believe how grown up these kids are! Where have the years gone? Kim, David, Patti…you’ve got your hands full with these gorgeous kids!

these photos were exploding with awesomeness: your adorable kids, the amazing clothes, the edgy shots…and the musical links. i’m dancing in my little shoebox japanese apartment! ;)
love your stuff!

At first they were sweet and fun –
but then they got so hard it was scary. You guys rock!

These are so much fun! The color is fabulous. I love the one when they are walking!!

These totally rock! Love all the angles and processing. SO SO AWESOME!!

Love the attitude! It looks like the whole family is a rockstar.

These rock (pun intended ;-)! Seriously, lurve em!!

Sooooooo funky!! The kids were awesome in front of the camera. Love the shot of Rain's pink tights & Noah in the background.
(sadly we're not going to make it to WPPI this year … we've got no one to dog sit!!)

okay…dare i say…these could be my fave EVER. complete awesomeness!!!! there are no words to really express how great these are!!!

wow that’s some excellent stuff. creative posing and great lighting.

Loves it!!

They are all fantastic!!! x 1000

These are freakin’ awesome!!!!

love LOVE — you guys ‘rocked it out’!!!! per usual, of course. ;)

that close up pic of Rain with the guitar “enjoying the summer breeze” is my TOP top fave… love em all though!

LOVE THESE!!!! Soooo fashinable! Can you make me look like her :P

What an awesome shoot! These kids are crazy good models and these shots are so rockstar!! Love it!

I am just IN LOVE…these are so 1980’s retro funky, and just unreal. Great style, mood, and expression. Fun photos.

Youre images gets more and more amazing, even, when it looks there’s no where to go better!!! Stunning work!

AAAHHHHH!!!! These are crazy cool!!! I LOVE all of them. You seem to push the bar up a notch with every shoot. Amazing!!!

These are to die for…they are getting so big… snif, snif.

So is it awful if i just want to have kids so i can dress them as awesome as this? :) I love all these shots! So amazing!

Yah!!!! Awesome – these rock!

Um ROCK STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For real… how awesome are these shots. Heck I wish half our engagement shoots rocked this hard. You guys are the bomb diggity! Yeah I said it… its out there… bomb diggity!

I think I’ve looked at this post 5 times in a row already…
Can these two possible get any cuter?!?! And then again, I always think that and everytime, they do…
Amazing work.

PS…Diggin the new logo


and i love your new logo…

Oh my, what posers! I’m sure they were well compensated for all their hard fun, I mean work!

2 cute dude these are awesome!

I really really really love this! the colors are rockin, and the kids are too friggin cool for school!!!

Love it!! Awesome rock star shots!!

I absolutely love these pictures! Pure talent on both ends: models and photographer.

O. M. G!!!! These rock… literally! Bella is sitting on my lap right now looking at them, and she likes them to, she says hi to every photo! :)

Wow…very cool and I bet they had a blast!!!!

Man, you consistently FLOOR me with the images. Mop me up, dude. Mop Me Up! Haha. Shock and awe.

ROCKSTARS…they are!!! These are awesome. Oh how I truly smiled looking at every single photo. FUN & COOLNESS are in one shoot. wooo-hooo!

Holy crap! The photos under the bridge and the reflection in the water…amazing!

OMG, your kids are totally rock stars in training! Amazing! They are impossibly cool…So great!

GOSH!!!!!!!!! I am INSPIRED!!!!!! This is so Bad to the BONENESS!!!!! Weird i said that but oh well it came out and I said it. Frickin awesome job, and totally fun!!!!!

Love these!!! Oh my what rock stars!!!

so your genes are like punched full of creative juices!?!? Your family is an art historians dream come true. Keep doing what you guys do best. And these images rock!

wow awesome. Your kids portraits blown me away. BTW i’m wondering…do you guys read all these comments? :)

Seriously? I am the 88th comment?! Crazy. But you deserve ’em all! These are awesome. The colors and the concepts are just killer. And these two were born to model.

how fun.. great images man… ANd by the way I love the new logo… very cool

These are my two little rock stars! How cool are these kids? I would totally put them in the house! They’re to cool for school!

Holy cow!!!! These are AHHmazing!! I did not want this post to end. What great models they are, and hello to every one of these fabulous shots!

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a blog post this much in a while. Seriously creative!

This is the coolest shoot ever! I want my adult clients to dress like that!

How cool are these photos??! LOVE THEM! I love his hat and tie and her skirt and wrist bands! The 80’s are making a come back! lol! I also love the lightbulb shot, it would make a cool cover shot for a band’s CD! Rock on!

Wow what ROCKSTARS! Love the Yo Gabba Gabba shirt! Your kids are gorgeous! These are so freaking fun.


WASSUUUPPPP!! It’s been a while I know, but WOW, you just continue to rock it out (literally)- especially with this session! How awesome are THEY! Keep it up peoples- you’re fabulous as always! Loving the new logo/branding too!
ALOHA!!! p.s.Have fun at WPPI (I assume you’re going- everyone else is- I wish I was- but maybe next year!)

Woah dude! These are wicked!!!!!! I’m totally inspired…and in awe…and just…WOW! :) Groovy!:)