today’s post is brought to you by the letter k. as in kim.

we’ve been so busy lately we haven’t had a chance to do a blog post about rain’s birthday, we had a frosting themed party. it was awesome.

here’s a birthday card april drew for rain. oh and some pics from back in the day, which i believe was a saturday! saturday! saturday! i digress. back to your regularly scheduled programming.


these are absolutely precious.

Loved this guys. It is a beautiful post

How much fun! Totally cool way to do a birthday. We’d love to meet up with you guys here in Vegas!

happy birthday! beautiful family! i love the photo of her on the board…and the teary eyed one =)


Happy birthday Rain!

I LOVE the frosting theme – hahahaha! Rain is beautiful, and is so lucky to have parents to document her youth!

Happy Birthday Rain!

Who could ask for a better birthday present then parents who take a ton of photos, post them to the web so that the world can see how much fun we had on our birthday.

Was that Ron Burgundy? Hilarious! What a beautiful family, you guys are blessed :)

Happy Birthday! It looks like a fun trip down memory lane!

that is one beautiful child. and her baby pics – omg!! these are way fun to see. :) and this time my captcha word is “fookinge”. i promise. i couldn’t make this stuff up.

She’s so gorgeous! Way to go you two! Love Love Love all the pics! There were some in there I had never seen before. Happy Belated Birthday Rain!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAIN~~~~I love that you SMILE and LAUGH in almost every single photo. Hope you had a wonderful day!!!!!

talk about a creative bunch…happy belated birthday RAIN…your presence brings great joy…to my screen…

Awww.. i love your family :-) majorly sweet pics.. you guys are HOT STUFF!!!

Dang April is talented. Cool card. Awesome photos. I especially love the one with the 3 girls together:)

That birthday card is awesome! Very talented artist.

Happy birthday!! You have such a lovely family. :D

Happy Birthday to Rain! She’s such a pretty little thing.

Happy happy birthday Rain!! Whoot!!

Happy Belated Birthday Rain! It was nice to see you guys even though it was but for a wee bit at WPPI. Safe trip back!

Happy Bday!! Hope you all had a blast in Vegas!

These are amazing!!! I totally feel like I just watched her grow up ;) . You guys truly have a beautiful family! Happy Birthday Rain!!! :)

You guys have such a beautiful family. Honestly – gorgeous… Thanks for sharing this. Oh and that birthday card is freakin’ awesome! Sorry I’ve been away… back now. Take care… //enoch

Happy Birthday Rain!! It was so good to see you this week in Vegas!


She seems like the happiest kid in the world! What an amazing family you guys have! Happy Birthday Rain! :)

Happy Birthday Rain! What a wonderful collection of photos of her life. You have such a beautiful family!

That card is amazingly wonderful – I hope she does that for a living!

Happy Birthday Rain! I saw you guys at WPPI, but I was too much of a chicken to say hi. You guys are so awesome!

These are so great. What a cool girly y’all have on your hands. I want to know the story behind the photograph with the smoke damaged kitchen ; ).

Also, I now have a super strong urge to move to Hawaii.

Rain Love…. you are stunning.
David and Kimi… please lock her up now while you can.

Rain is the cutest kid ever, besides Aiden.
I love this post, but title almost made me pee my pants. Kimi, you are the wind beneath my wings. I love you for this post.
BTW-thanks for the song message on my blog, sorry I missed your call…. i love you guys too!

I’m very late… but Happy Birthday Rain!! You are a beautiful girl!

LOVE these shots! Awesome!

Oh my, I LOVE that card!! SO cute :)

what a beautiful and happy girl you have I love this tribute to her for her birthday.. Hope she had a wonderful day.

You guys are so rad…what an awesome family. I love that last pic! Rain, happy birthday!
Okay, so it was sooooo awesome hanging with you at WPPI!!! I’m still on a high…can’t wait to get together in SD! :)

happy bday rain!!

Happy Birthday Rain! You sure can tell what a happy girl she is! :) I loved all of these fun pics!

Oh gosh, I love Rain. I love these photos and just how darn cute she is!!! Happy belated birthday!

I just wanted to share what I commented on Sean’s blog. It’s too large to post on twitter.

“The Baxters are such an amazing family and I love how you captured the love they share. Kimi – you look so fabulous and I am so glad that Sean captured some of your beauty, inside and out. David – LOVE the hat and outfit. April and Rain – definitely the cutest Baxters around. WOW! “

You two are such amazing photographers, but even more amazing people. I am so honored to call you friend! You comment on all my blogs and even when I think I totally suck, you two always make me feel like I’m don’t.

love you guys!

Happy Birthday, Rain! This is such a fabulous tribute!! :) You guys have to be the coolest parents ever!!!

Happy Birthday Rain!!!! Form Ricki Ford…..

you might have the cutest kids EVER!! so sad we missed you in vegas! lets make it happen next time you are in our neck of the woods! love ya’ll!

Happy birthday Rain!!! :D

Such a gorgeous family! *~Happy Birthay Rain~*

April – you are amazingly talented!!!

You guys are so awesome! Happy belated birthday Rain! “Every picture tells a story” and it is really amazing how good you are at telling those stories!

Awesome post and pictures!!! Happy belated birthday Rain!
I’m scrolling down the blog giggling at how freakin adorable you guys all are!!!!! The one that kills me is the one where Rain ate the hot sauce and I can feel her tears coming down her face!! Her baby pictures are gorgeous….those eyes!

Your family is lovely…..and now that I was able to spend a little time with them, I truly adore them.
You guys are fabulous.

thx 4 stopin’ by to take a look c’ i love your wk thx 4 sharing your family looks like u r their 4 the long haul;) got a wedding coming up in march so stop back by later thx amomentintime

that black and white, of the 2 of you, with Rain’s big front teeth missing smile! blow that up BIG! such a wonderful moment captured!

all the best!

I think you must be the happiest, luckiest family in the world. So many smiles. So many laughs! So many good times! Your girls are incredibly beautiful. The shots of Rain as a toddler with the sunglasses just made my day.

You guys are such a rad family. The pictures just exude love and joy. Inspirational!