if you do something good, don’t do it for free

if you’re kim-minded, here’s your post: april drew these.

if you’re mind is more david-like here’s the rest…
and we’re back! our trip to hawaii was waaaaay to short, but coming home to san diego isn’t so bad. if you’re one of those people that hasn’t seen it yet, and you know who you are (Jeremy Parsons) WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO SEE IT! don’t bring the little kiddies though (it’s a little intense for them).
with all the early hype this film was getting we went in with high expectations. it did not disappoint. THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME! we are super bummed that Heath Ledger is gone. he was such a rad JOKER.
after watching it april put stylus to tablet once again and came up with some pretty cool drawrings (as prounounced by SIMON) based on scene shots from The Dark Knight.
the joker said “if you do something good, don’t do it for free.” who knew you could get business skills from a comic book villian?
p.s. i followed joker’s advice and stole these pictures from april.

i believe in harvey dent! “you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villian.”

commissioner burgundy

that’s how i roll.


April, your talent blows me away. wow to you!!!!

And furthermore… HOW FLIPPING AWESOME WAS THAT MOVIE?!???!!!??!



AMAZING talent!!!
Family of ARTIIIIISTS!!! You guys are awesome!!
Can’t wait to see new Hawaii photos!
I hope you got to get massages!!

Wow!! April, You are an amazing artist!! I LOVE the 1st and 2nd ones!!I’ve been waiting to see this at the imax, I better get in gear, I don’t want to miss this one! Glad you’re all home safe!

Hahahaha!! That comic strip April did cracked me up! Talent much?

That movie is effin awesome! If you haven’t seen it, you better get out and see it!

Thank you for your comment. Love the sketches!

First off glad you guys are back. I was fiending for some Ohana posts! Secondly, these drawrings :D are fantastic! Ok now let’s see some Hawaii pictures! :P JK. Seriously though ;]

That is so stinkin awesome. April, you amaze me! That drawing of Ron Burgundy made me laugh! Glad you are home!

WoW. April you got it goin’ on girl. You’re such a fantabulous artist!!!!!!!

wow… i love that first one! i saw it on the imax screen and HOLY SMOKES… it was awesome!

THE DARK KNIGHT totally ROCKS! we’ve seen it twice and IMAX is the bomb…

April – your sketches are totally insane!! love it!

Those drawings are tremendous!!!!
April should start her own blog with those.

you da man, glad you guys had a good and safe vacation. have not seen the dark knight yet,maybe one day:-) still lovin’ your work.
“A MOMENT IN TIME” thanks for stoppin’ by

Diggin how dark the second drawing is. Great flick! Especially in IMAX.

April’s work is no joke! I liked Heath Ledger~

Have to see the movie. Have to!

Holy Moly, These are AWESOME! April has a gift! I gotta catch that movie. (Now, back to editing some wedding pics to post so I don’t keep my photography Ohana waiting too long for a new post ;-) )

April is incredible!!! Seriously–blown away here!

Incredible work! I gotta get to the theater soon!!

Good to see everyone made it home safe..These are some awesome drawings. April you rock! I like that saying(if you do something good, don’t do it for free) I read one time good is never cheap and cheap is never good.

Un-FREAKING-believable! April you are so talented, what a gift. Kim and David, you must be SO proud of her.

Glad you guys are back, can’t wait to see the next lot of photos from Hawaii.


Wow … April ain’t jokin’ around with her Art Work… Fantastically great JOB! And yep … that movie SO Rocked… can’t wait to get it on Blu-Ray. Glad you guys are back … have a great day! //enoch

Glad you’re back and posting again….I was beginning to get the shakes.

April’s art is amazing!!

Ok, April is SO TALENTED and her paintings are going to make her famous! They are awesome!! Welcome back from Hawaii!

Hey glad you guys decided to come home… If I was in Hawaii I know I wouldnt want to come back..LOL Can’t wait to see all those bad ass pictures you two took while you were there…

What amazing work – April is so talented!! I haven’t seen The Dark Knight yet but must do so soon… everyone I know is raving about it!

WOW April is so talented!! I check her posts… but these are outta this world!!

Oh my gosh, April is amazing. Those are incredible. Seriously. Welcome back.

Wow, you’ve got one talented daughter there. Watch out!

i loved the movie! it was amazing!! nice post! I’m going to take joker’s business advice as well lol

Such a good movie…loved it so much the first time say it again in IMAX!

OK, so April is pretty fantastically talented.

April’s drawings are amazing! I wanted to see the movie, but Marlin and Ray made it a night out without mom! MEN!

Glad you’re home, safe and sound!

welcome home friends!

WOW!!!!!!! Woah! I’m dumb struck! Those are amazing- I stumbled this post- everybody should see it!

She is really really really great!!

wowza! Those are fabulous, and that movie was AMAZING!

April is SUPER duper talented!! WOWZA!! rock on!

i cannot wait to see this movie — thanks so much for the awesome post & review! :D

Woa!! These are incredible. Serious talent!!! Loved the movie too…

man I got to go see that movie… This weekend for sure…

April has an amazing talent! She rocks!

WOW! Are you kidding me? THOSE ARE AMAZING! April had RAD talent and an awesome future ahead of her! Those are awesome!!!

Oooh! It was intense, but good. These sketches are awesome! American, she’s got talent! ;)

April, you have killer talent girl. I miss the Baxters…hope to see you around soon.


does your whole family just ooze talent or what?! I need to get some of that magic Baxter dust on me! The movie = nothing short of amazing! If people haven’t seen it yet… they should be shot! Yes… I know I’m always very extreme but that is how I roll. ;)

Oh goodness gravy! April’s illustrations brought back memories of when I was in art school and couldn’t illustrate to save my life!!! Man, that girl’s got talent. She’s gonna have quite a future especially with her determination. Mom and Dad, you done good raising her!


Your drawings are amazing!


Love Abril’s drawrings! She is so talented, and pretty and smart! Thanks for sharing!


Hilarious. That first drawing is AMAZING!!!!! wow wow wow…April is an incredible artist. She shouldn’t have a problem “selling” that ;) Love the post title….wise words to everyone starting a business.

Dude these are cool!!! Dave packin heat yo!!!

Words can’t say thanks enough for your “gentle nudge” toward the theatre. Having my name dropped here got my butt into the seats and. . . .wait for it. . . . WHAMMY! Incredible movie!

Amazing, April.

Sweet drawrings April :-) And yeah, that movie was pretty much the most awesome movie ever…

On an unrelated note, have you seen Pineapple Express yet? Also pretty awesome…in a different way :-) Seriously, it’s hilarious!