i love glass

no, i’m not just looking around the room and saying i love glass. i love glass! especially the kind that’s in my 85mm 1.2 lens.
it became my favorite the day i added it to my bag. photographers, if you have one, you know what i mean. if you don’t have one, get one. rent it, buy it, enter a drawing for it, trade a kidney for it. whatever you have to do, try it.
it is amazing what you can do with a fine piece of glass.
before i go any further i will show a little compasion by saying, if your name is aaron you should probably look away at this point. sorry buddy.
as i am working my way through pending files i finished these up and thought i would share. enjoy.
last chance aaron. :)


you might have just convinced me. i thought my next hit was going to be the 50 1.2, but your buttery soft, wickedly sharp images may have just changed where i am going to spend my cash… shoot.

OMG – this is making me sick(in a good way)… I can’t take the super sharp beauty of these images! Simply Gorgeous! I want
that glass too.

sooo…the 85 1.2 is definitely my FAVORITE lens!! :) (besides of course the “phantom” 50 1.0….that I actually get to use often ;) )

I have a few short lenses, a macro, and a fisheye and such, and i rent what i need normally…but I think the 85 is going to be my first super-sweet baby. it will compliment my new mark III quite nicely I think!

hope your family is doing well david! :) let me know if i can come shoot with you sometime soon!!!


WOW! These are gorgeous! I love the 5th one! Great work

Long time looker, first time poster! Very pretty images, very crisp, I love it.


super sharp!
it’s definitely not just the glass,you have to know how to work it…and these are proof!

Great images!

What a beautiful background in those first several pictures… do you mind sharing where those were taken?

Myself, I’ve never been a huge fan of the 85 1.2, maybe if I was a ff shooter?

Oh my gosh, I think you’re about to break a comment record of some sort!

These look amazing so how can we not say so. Great job on making these images bold – yet serene. You’ve inspired me to finish going through my Salton Sea images too.

Yer the man!

unbelievable! take my picture please!!! :O)

i just had to say my word verification was tirdz! haha. sorry.

Just wanted you to know I gave you a shout out on my blog!


I’ve only heard great things about that lens. Mmmmm, maybe my big purchase this year.

You’re images are stunning!

Wow, these are absolutely beautiful!

these are breathtaking. Sharp and look at the baby soft skin feel they have.

freaking awesome. these are just ridiculous in the best possible way. it was so great to meet you today, and looking forward to the workshop in vegas to hang out more! hope your fam had fun at disneyland too :)

soooo insane! it was so good to meet you yesterday. your work is so inspiring. cant wait to see you again soon. -Aaron

mmm….glass is good!! Seriously, great photos!

Oh stop, it’s not the lens, it’s the photographer!!! Okay, next time I see you have that 20 ready. hee hee. Seriously, one word…. YUMALISHOUS!

Uh, wow.
I hardly think its the glass though…you guys ROCK!!
Okay, the one with the blond sitting on the sand looks like it came straight out of some high-end Fashion Wedding Magazine!!! AMAZING!

Ummmm…could these be any more gorgeous?! Love your comp and color is incredible! These are just stunning!


Simply amazing images! Stunning stuff! Was that done with available light or did you use a reflector or lights? I guess the white sand kicked up a good bit of light as well.


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YOUR work is really at the TOP! I am impressed. Really, I cannot believe how many fantastic shots you got and how beautiful they look with your touch. You have a new fan. I want to do one of my rain-cancelled projects with you exclusively. No more of this group thing I think. When you find someone with this kind of talent, you don’t need the numbers.

Let’s Keep in touch.

ExQuisite MakeUp Design

gooooorrrrgeous! nice work david (and david’s 85 1.2 lens) hehe.

That is a beautiful piece of glass and so are these images!!!

It’s amazing the results you can get when you set your camera to the little green box.


They say if you type in all caps that you are yelling those words. Well I am! ;)

You’re hired! I was directed here by Sarah. I am so serious too! As soon as I get my fiances date approval. I just can’t believe pictures could look so fabulous. I just love the look of these so naturally beuatiful.
Can you make men look this good! hehe ;)

Marianne Juarez

Um, I don’t have any more to say—everyone has said it already!! WOW these shots are amazing!!! amazing job!!

Beautiful Images David, my next purchase will be the 85 mm….

Denise Neufeld Photography

Ooooh…soooo beautiful! These images are so fresh, crisp, and clean…just the way I like ’em! I’ve always been curious about the 1.2, and while I don’t doubt that I’d love it, I always hear differing opinions on it. Anyway, if I had the dinero, I’d so buy it tomorrow.

Absolutely FABULOUS! I love the coloring in these photos.
thanks so much for the comment on my blog!
Your work is amazing!

Unbelievably stunning work!

That first shot is awesome love it but they all rock. Love checking your blog allways something new and fresh.
dude 63 comments way to go!

Hi David and Kimi – Just got back from vacation so I am getting back to my blog stalking. Great work as always! – Mark

those are awesome.. wow.. what can I say

David, I love the images and that lens. those pictures are SWEET.

However, I was wondering if you have had any problems with the focusing. Ours is as slow as a tank for some reason. When locked in though, it is amazing.

I love this set! The colors are so clear and bright. You have a great style… I can’t wait to see more!

Those are AMAZING! And…I want that lense! :)

OH wow……just wow! Those are ALL so sharp and gorgeous!
(I’m dying to have that lens too. LOL!)

Can you squeeze another comment on here superstar! LOL It was good to see ya on Sunday, missed you Kim, I understand Mickey takes priority;).
Can’t wait to see what you come back with from Vegas. :)

Freaking AMAZING! You ROCK!!!! :)

These are absolutely stunning. Nothing short of perfection. Amazing x500.

Alright! ALRIGHT! I will so try to stop drooling now.
-Melissa E Earle
PS 76th comment I am? Must say…most impressive ;) (how much did you pay everyone else! I think I need to get in on that pot of cash too lol)

Uh holy crap! These are off the hook!

WOW. These are AMAZING.

Um, did I mention how amazing these shots are?

Okay, let me say it again. AMAZING!!!

How ’bout sharing some tips on those awesome shots?! =) haha. Awesome work!

One word: ridiculous!

Aye My LORD… What cover are you shootin for! LOVES THESE! Fricken Phenom.

wow. these have to be one of the – if not – THE best sets of images from a session i have ever seen… i am very humbled and impressed! i’ve shown this particular set to a few friends and their jaws just dropped.. i said… “i had the same reaction”…

oh, my, GOSH these are ridiculous! i love them! your lighting is so cool too, are you using a diffuser or anything?

I’m drooling! Love these and can’t wait to get a new lens!