"how would i describe myself? three words: hard working, alpha male, jack hammer. merciless. insatiable"

i’ve been tagged quite a few times, but didn’t have time to do it. today is no different. so kim is bloggin it. thanks for the tag josh solar!!!

and here we go…..

4 things I did today
1. shot a family session at the beach.
2. edited, edited, edited.
3. did i say edited? i did? ok, uh… fulfilled 3 mass orders of prints. wahoo!
4. wished i had more time with my family

4 things on my to do list
1. go to bora bora, scotland (mine and kim’s heritage) new zealand, road trip with najbert fam to new york and hawaii next year.
2. have nate take our fam damily pictures again.
3. get the surround sound system set up downstairs too and get me vespa!!!
4. spend more time with family and hit disneyland as much as possible before my passes expire! let’s go!! sing it with me, m-i-c-k-e-y…….

4 of my guiltiest pleasures
1. america’s next top model. yah i just said that.
2. vanilla bean ice cream
3. alex
4. shoppin. dave be shop-in!

4 random facts about me
1. my whole family and my wife’s are all san diego natives.
2. i met my wife in a club in hawaii on a school nite
3. i love eating hot dogs con queso in argentina
4. If I wasn’t a photographer, i would be a male model or the lead singer for color me badd! ha!

4 people I’m tagging. red rover, red rover ,send …..
1. aaron from iheartas right over. why cuz he NEVER blogs.
2. nely right over. just cuz we straight up lurve her
3. tawny right over. cuz she’s a bad mutha … shut your mouth! and she leaves us the raddest comments
4. cathy she’s our rockin friend from down unda…
5. YOU.


You are too funny! America’s Next Model?! Really?! That’s awesome! Just cuz I love ya, I’m gonna leave you with two words…let’s see if you remember them…Shower Boy!!! :) hahahaha Love and miss you guys!

Good Worker.
Hard Worker.

I was going to write something else until I read Angel’s comment. Shower boy?? LOL, Very LOL

I am not sure what to say after that.

Very funny.

Umm…I can help you with the Disneyland thing…..haha Seriously though! :)

great fun reading your responces to being tagged..

Is this the family? Great to “see” you all.

You forgot “Hilarious!” And who’s Alex?

love the family picture!

I’m upset that I come in third place in your guiltiest pleasures…that’s third place behind crap that makes you fat and a bunch of tall beautiful models….so upset….I need a tissue.

haha! i’m laughing at aaron! :P

shopping? really? my husband only goes to the mall three times a year, before my birthday, our anniversary, and chriistmas!

Color me baad, eh? As if we didn’t already knowenough about you! Lol. Hope you’re doing well and get some time with your fam soon!

love the family picture :) your answers on this were too funny. Americas next top model? haha that’s awesome!

You guys seriously crack me up! Yah and who is this Alex?
I want a Vespa too!!!

LOVE IT! Too funny. That’s a good pic of the family. Have a great weekend. :-)

whose gulty pleasure is watching america’s next top model? Your’s or Kim’s??? bahahahah…..

Have a great weekend guys :P

Shower boy huh? Hmm…I’m gonna need details ;)

I love when you post pictures of the whole family…you guys are so cute!

GASP!! I love AMTM too!! I mainly watch it for the photography part (when they’re doing the shoots and when they show the final product). I don’t know who I want to win yet… Elina, Marjorie, or Analeigh. I don’t hink Elina is going to win, though, unless she lets go… which she did in the last episode, and I was so mad the photographer didn’t get a better photo of her.

Er… I mean, ANTM. I can spell.

OMG it’s me, it’s me! Yay, you tagged me! Thanks dude.

LMFAO at Alex!

FYI I MUST also visit Bora Bora and NZ too! Wanna car pool? LOL.


great post…. and love the fam image too.

Color Me Badd….hahahahahaha! I see it…

So funny! I don’t watch America’s next top model anymore, because last year I got hooked on the marathon. I watched it like 12 hours a day and I couldn’t get anything done for days. I went through 5 seasons! Shame on me…..

I hear ya on America's next top model… but we can rationalize it – they have great photography so it's more like R&D for your business. ;) Love your post!

You guys never cease to make me LOL! HA! ANTM!!!! I need to find a man like you ;)

LOVE THE FAMILY PIC…You guys make me smile :)

That’s such a beautiful family picture! And color me badd?? Seriously? haha!