hordes of san diego wedding photographers descend on Tim and Melissa’s wedding

after months of planning, melissa and tim finally walked down the aisle and said i do at the beautiful Ocean View Villas in Point Loma CA. another melissa, melissa barrad from I Do Weddings, did an awesome job bringing everything together. there were lots of familiar faces in the crowd. it seemed like half the wedding photographers in san diego were there, sprinkled in with some friends and family of course. it felt kind of weird being at a wedding and not working. we were guests, but, like 90 percent of the people there, brought a camera just for fun.
oddly enough, our san diego chargers somehow made it into the playoffs and as fate would have it, their first playoff game was scheduled the same day as tim and melissa’a wedding. melissa being a good sport, and tim being a huge chargers fan, immediately announced that they would have a tv, with the game on, during their reception. chargers fans rejoiced and were well represented at the wedding. more on that later.
getting back to melissa and tim. i’ve never seen tim so happy as when i saw him in front of the crowd looking into his bride’s eyes. melissa looked absolutely amazing. she had a sweet retro look, in her custom made April Shell wedding dress with faux fur and a bird cage veil by Shelly Sheek Designs. (i love those veils!) her look was topped off with a sweet hair style by Freddie of Frederick Michael Salon and make up by Claudia Welsh of Make Up by CJ.

here’s some of our fellow guests / san diego wedding photographers. melissa and tim gave brad and angelina a little competish with all the cameras they had pointed at them.

melissa had a rad sign-in book made with a bunch of the pictures we took for their engagement session.

i didn’t get a shot of melissa’s shoes, so here’s a shot of kim’s chucks.

all the cool paper products were by Cathy at Love at First Invite except…

these awesome place cards were made by melissa’s mom.

our seats were at the exclusive polaroid table. (all the tables had camera brands on them.)

being the HUGE twitter fan that melissa is, she stopped right in the middle of the ceremony and let everyone that follows her in twitterland know that she had just said her vows. thanks alyssa for showing us. (she makes the cutest faces)

is it just me, or do tim and melissa look SUPER happy?

aaron did his best paparazzi impression by peeking through the velcro seam in the tent and snapping a few quick shots.
he was promptly escorted from the premises. :) (not really)

signature drinks of the night were morgans with coke and, appropriately, cherry bombs.
kim made hers a little more snazzy by adding a fortune cookie to the rim. very nice. i like.

and now, back to the charger fans in the house. this is what the room looked like about six and a half minutes into overtime.

unfortunately i didn’t have my wide angle lens to show how packed this room was with bolt fans. there was probably 50 people in there and crowding around the door. it was awesome! i hope we all get to feel what it’s like for our team to win a championship. even if it’s only once. it was an incredible feeling just seeing them win a wild card round. i can’t imagine how insane it will be if the chargers win the superbowl. the dream is still alive.

did you see that sweet canvas on the wall of tim and melissa from their engagement session? we were pretty stoked to see that. it’s such an honor when someone likes your work enough to put it up for everyone to see.

and now is the time on sprockets when we dance.

1 up! luigi ftw!

photo booth time!

aaron and samantha are so hot right now. not just because of the heater.

i still don’t know what we’re yelling about!

i loves me some sparklers!

aaron’s sparkler got no spark.

that’s not what she said!

mmmm the last cup cake. gloria’s cakes and desserts provided the sweets. they didn’t last long.

congratulations tim and melissa! we are so stoked for you two! one favor we have to ask is that you renew your vows every week until mid february so we keep the good mojo for the chargers. :) in case you didn’t hear her (which is impossible even if you’re deaf) kim was quoted as saying yours was “the best wedding ever!” so you got that going for you. honestly, it wasn’t just because the chargers won. we had a load of fun with you two and all of our good friends. outside of every saturday at balboa park, how often do you see almost every photographer in san diego in the same place. we all wish you every good thing life has to offer. have a super fun honeymoon cruise. see you when you get back.


oh wow, i wasn’t expecting that big of a blog, I love it!!!!! Thank you for being there, you made it that much more special! I love the sparkler shots too!!!

Looks like a real blast. Tim clearly had the best groom shoes EVER! Congrats to the love birds.

I’ve been following Melissa’s wedding on Facebook so I already feel like I know her :) These are fantastic David, I had to LOL when I saw the photo of all the photogs on the balcony, Melissa and Tim will have thousands of photos to choose from which is just brilliant! This weddings seriously looks like it was THE place to be last weekend, and your canvas of their engagement looks unreal in their home ;)

OMG the grooms shoes were HOT! Love em’. These are great and those sparkler shots ROCK! What a great couple. They look so happy.

WOW Mel’s wedding rocked!!! I love her dress… so perfect. Fun watching your rendition of the greatness that ensued!

Now that looks like an awesome time. Love the celebratory football shots! And the canvas is sick. Funny too that I saw that tweet on facebook…hilarious. :)

hahahah I forgot about the shot of my holding my iPhone!


How awesome are you two?! What a blog! :)

Love it! The chucks, the sparkler with no spark, everything!

It was great hanging out with you two. I’m glad Adam finally got to meet you guys!

Great set here. The sprockets quote is the best though :)
Tim & Mel look soooooo happy
Wonderful job!

Oh how I’ve missed you guys! I’m catching up on my blogs! The reception/partay shots rock!

How freakin fun! These shots are way fun and the wedding looks like it was blast! Melissa looks beautiful! annnndddd……….GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!! :D

So much good stuff going on here. Sounds like a blast and I stoked they were blessed with you guys and your cameras. Congrats Melissa & Tim!


OMG! I’ve been waiting for this blog post for 3 days! Love the first one of them coming up the aisle. Aaron and Samantha look so adorable, too! Big hug to M + T.

Awesome as always!!
Lovin’ the ‘stache…. :)
You guys crack me up~!!

Looks like a Super Good Time. I am so glad you got some cool pictures. I LOVE Melissa’s veil and Kimmi’ s Chucks!!! AWESOME. I want me some cool Chucks like that! Thanks for sharing LUIGI!!!!

Wow, awesome blog! You’d think you were the hired photog’s! I love the sparkler pics!

One day I’d LOVE for you to just follow me around and take photos of my family doing our thing. :D Your photos are always amazing. Hot Dog!!

These are RAD! Something about the Mario Bros shot continues to make me LOL. How on earth did I miss Kim’s rockin chucks?!?! It was great to meet you both, you guys rock!

I love the centerpiece/vase shot, and the sparkler shots!!!

Wow-me likes the sparklers!!! (apparently, so does everyone else!)

On a side note: GO CHARGERS!!!

i love the sparklers!! It looked like such a fun time :) I also love the names of the tables. People after my own heart.

Gorgeous couple! Were all the San Diego wedding photographer at this wedding! Ha-ha! I love all the reception shots and the sparklers are awesome! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

OMG! I adore her stole, and her birdcage veil is to die for! They look like a couple from the 20’s! The pictures have a retro feel.
Looks like you all had a great time! They certainly do look happy! I love the sparkler pics!
As usual visiting your blog didn’t disappoint =)

Wow!!! Melissa did an amazing job with all the details and an incredible guest list. It will be fun looking at all the different angles. But as always, I love the commentary here at the Ohana blog.:)

Love seeing all the blog posts popping up about Melissa’s beautiful wedding! Really looks like it was an awesome occasion and you captured so many fun moments (and as always, wrote the most hilarious captions ever!)

You did a great job of capturing how fun, layed back and spirit filled the wedding was! I especially had fun sitting next to you for the chargers game kim! =)

Talk about a party!

I love these shots…especially when the chargers one and the sparklers at the end of the night. It was great seeing you guys again!

I love them ALL!!!!
It looked like so much fun!

Wow!!! What a groovy time! Loved seein’ so much real fun packed into one blog! :)

How fun!!! I really love her veil!

How fun!! Love the brides dress and hat/veil thingy. You did a rockin job as always!! Love your angles and perspective – always so cool!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

i wish i was one of the photogs! I love the brides style! Awesome shots!

Looks like you guys had a great time! Love Melissa’s birdcage veil and animal print wrap!

what a blast…

AWESOME photos! Congrats to Tim and Melissa!

YAY FOR YOU MELISSA!!! :-D Awesome job guys! :-D

awwww… yay for Melissa! ya’ll musta had hella fun

I love the pictures of them exchanging vows, and how funny to stop the ceremony to make a call, hehe!

I love your style. I know I say that a lot, but I really do. You guys are so talented, and I am always amazed by your eye and how you see things.

Anyway, Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

As always you guys got so many awesome shots! Melissa and Tim look SOOO happy and what an awesome Wedding! You rock! Congrats Melissa and Tim!

this looked like so much fun. these guys look amazing. I love the shot of all the photographers on the balcony. cool. That sign-in book is great. BEAUTIFUL images…beautiful couple!

Umm.. the Stache is fierce David! :)

Damn guys looked like a mess of fun! Photographer weddings got to be the bomb! Rad dance shots too!

What a gorgeous couple! Love all your pics, especially the first one and the sparkler ones! Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Love the Chargers game pics too! What a fun time!

What a party! What happens with Ohana, stays with Ohana. Not! ;)

HAHAHA! I Love that she twittered during the ceremony! :)