honor, courage, commitment, and fashion

these are the core values that define every member of the united states marine corps.
these are the words i look to for guidance, inspiration and hope in my own life.
one of these words has come to the forefront for our family over the past weeks.
the usmc website says that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to face fear and overcome it.
we have much to be fearful of right now, but it is courage that will see us through these challenges.
it is the courage of all of you, our family and friends, that will steady us in these times of stress.
we can not thank you all enough for the love, support, and all the prayers you hands can make for our family.
just so you know, kim’s dad is home again and we will be thankful for every moment we share with him from now until God calls him home.

life will go on, and does so at quite a swift pace.

as this year’s wedding season lies in wait, we can not. we need distraction, if only for moments at a time, from the greater trials of life. commitment to our chosen profession works well in this capacity.
looking for something to help me recharge, i once again turned to the fashion industry for a bowl of inspiration soup.
i love that soup.
this san diego fashion photo session was for a dear friend of ours, tatiana zaykovskaya. she is an incredibly talented fashion designer that just graduated from the art institute of san diego and will soon be a huge name in the fashion industry. we wish you all the luck in the world tatiana! did you hear that? new york, london, paris, munich, and milan are calling you. :)
before i get to the images, i want to thank a few people for making this shoot awesome.
tatiana, of course, for being such a wonderful person and for making some of the most beautiful dresses i’ve ever seen but will never wear :) if anyone ever needs an awesome custom wedding dress, a custom bridesmaid dress, or any kind of dress at all, give tatiana a call. she really does amazing things with material.
the models, for making my “work” easy. i can’t believe i just called it work.
the mom, for supporting her daughter, who i believe will be america’s next top model by the way.
natalie dixon, for doing makeup that put the finishing touch on the girls and made them look even more beautiful than they already were.
alana d, for being super cool and for styling hair like no other.
the united states marine corps, for their honor, courage, commitment, and for letting us take photos next to some of the vintage aircraft that have served them.

now, on with the show. this first shot is of a custom wedding gown by tatiana zaykovskaya. it would look absolutely stunning even if it were on a rusty old coat hanger, but i’m glad we had kiersten to show it off. she looked incredible in this dress and had a crowd of cub scouts that were walking by trying not to trip over their own jaws.
this is my favorite shot of the day.

kim was out there shooting with me (shocker, right). this shot and the next one are my two favorites from her. good job kim!

i can’t talk about the marines without posting a scene from one of our favorite movies with marines. enjoy.

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I adore that wedding dress! Oh my goodness these are gorgeous!

WOW.. I'm speechless! These are amazing! The girls are stunning and the vintage planes… Everything came together perfectly! Great stuff!

So happy you blogged! And fashion stuff! my favorite! Oh je' taime these =) Lol, like my bilingualness? I seriously cannot chose a favorite shot, these girls are gorgeous, the dresses are to die for and the hair and make up is just wowza hawt!

I am so glad to hear Kim's dad is home.. good to hear.. enjoy all the little moments.. thats always the best way to be..

Love these photos.. if I ever come to CA I would love to shoot with you guys.. just for the experience.. of shooting with people who are so gifted and talented.. ( nuff ass kissing )

great movies… both of them

I love everything about #7-it is my fave! And now I feel the need to watch A Few Good Men-such a good movie!

Can't choose a favorite.

Helllllllllo sexytime. These are super hot. But that's no surprise!

______________ <—–*speachless*

what a rad session, bro. the styling, the planes, everything.

omg. let me re-close my mouth, as my jaw fell to the floor looking at these. i think they may be my fave i've ever seen from you. STUNNING!!!!!

Ohhhhh soooo amazing!

Kim and David! Thank you so much for your blog post! It is always such an honor to work with you! I was so lucky to meet you! not only incredibly talented photographers but also one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met in my life!

I have been DYING to see the rest of these shots, and OMG after I picked myself up off the floor and wiped the drool off my keyboard I stared at them for about half an hour! Simply amazing Baxter! Truly, your. best. work. yet! LOVE!

GASP!!! I am such a lover of high fashion photography and these are freakin' amazing! Ok, I am gasping again.

I can't get over how amazing these are! Fabulous job!

Right out of a wedding fashion magazine! WOW! That wedding dress is incredibly beautiful and stylish! Her designs are amazing as are your photos!

you guys really rock my socks. totally in love with #2!

I just swore looking through these in a very good way. D&K you two rock my world. Love you guys!

I love all of these, but especially the shot of her arm diagonally matching the line of the propellor…wowza! Beautiful!

OH MY! These just blew me off my seat. By far the best…Okay I have said that before but this is so the truth. Now I know you can handle that. =)

FREAKIN AMAZING. Some of my most favorite images of yours ever! watch out Tyra Banks…these photos are FIERCE! xoxo.

You guys blow me away every single time!!!!

omgosh! These are just amazing!!!I <3 the processing on that second shot, and 13 … it's perfect! Wow, what a scene! Wish I could do something so rad! Awesome work!

You guys knocked this one out of the park! Like right over the Green Monstah! Incredible talent guys, well done.

Holy freakin' Moly! These are UNBELIEVABLE!! I seriously think these may be your best ever! These are amazing and high-end magazine worthy! Incredible job!!!!!

HOLY HOTNESS YOU GUYS!!!! Can I be you when I grow up???? :)

HOLY (BEEP)!!!! Dude we were stoked when you shot us last year but after seeing this session, I CANT WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO SHOOT US AGAIN IN VEGAS!!! This is so amazing!! The Last 2 images are………….are………………ARE…………….FRICKEN FRICKEN AMAZING CHICKEN!!!!!!!

KACHOW! Super fashion hawtness right here! I love that wedding dress by the airplane and the one with the doggie in the purse, SO CUTE!

It's been a while, but I checked your stuff out (talked to Kymberli and she said I wouldn't regret it) and WOW! Fantastic work! Love the last groups of images. Sharp, stunning models, but the imagery it conveys is AWESOME!

You guys, these are seriously badass! WOW!

The models really worked it! Combined with the magic skills you both posses those are killer images. :-) Love em all!

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these are incredible! but I don't expect anything less than that from you guys! I love kimi's second shot – with the little purse and the pup. I also love the 4th and 5th from the end! yahooo!

My jaw dropped looking through the photos! First off, the dresses are to DIE for. And the vintage planes? Totally awesome. Models? Stunning. And the photographs? Breathtakingly creative & amazing as always. Loved this shoot!

Insane!!!!! Love the high fasion feel and the PP. The write ups are always a great read too!

Came back again guys just to see this post twice. It's that damn awesome!

Oh how I love these!

All i am going to say is AMAZING!!!!!!

You guys, these are fantastic! You totally rock the fashion shoots every time! I have shot at the Midway several times, but love your creativity in these photos and it inspires me with new ideas for that place. Great great great job!

PHENOMENAL images my friends….really loved them all!

I am IN LOVE! I wish I had pictures like these of me, granted I'm not as gorgeous as them, but I think you could make me look maaah-velous!

mother EFF this post is awesome!!!

I love these! Love fashion photography and old planes. Awesome combo!

These are AMAZING. The dress have an amazing way of making the rough-and-tough marine symbol seem even tougher while the dress still remain light as air. Seriously amazing.

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Love, love, love it when you guys shoot fashion! These shots are absolutely gorgeous! Totally inspiring!


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