hella good friday

as i woke up this morning to a brand new day, i heard someone squeal because they walked into some spiderwebs. it was too late to go back to sleep, so i ran some bathwater and yelled out “hey baby” to kim. we washed up and kim said the magic’s in the makeup. i told her that she’s so beautiful underneath it all that she could win a beauty contest. that’s when we started making out :)
this whole post was just a made up story in my head, but there’s no doubt that we are going to be feeling hella good when we see this band tonight in concert at the cricket wireless amphitheatre in san diego!

and since no post is complete without a still shot, here’s an awesome scanned shot of us at the U2 popmart tour with our pals dave, billy and 2 girls.
can’t wait to see them (minus the 2 girls) again at the U2 360 tour when it hits las vegas later this year!

here’s rain and noah with their good friend john locke (aka terry o’quinn) in aloha stadium at the U2 vertigo world tour.

later that same night at aloha stadium, jack johnson thought he’d get a better look at U2 on the stage by standing next to me and rain.

this is us. we’re going to see no doubt tonight!



I was at that same pop mart tour @ jack murphy freaking awesome wasn’t it.

Can I ask where you got the kids headphones. I need to get those for our little man as well.

Have fun tonight!

How schweet is it that Jack Johnson has an Ohana shirt?!?! ;) Have fun tonight you guys!

have so much fun guys! you deserve an awesome night out ;)

Have fun tonight guys, I can’t wait to see which famous person you are next to this time!

P.S. “Don’t speak” to strangers ;)


Let me know how the concert is. Seeing ND and more importantly PARAMORE in June!!! : )

That crotch shot Kimi is sporting is might sweet!!!

So jealous!! I heart Paramore!! I love No Doubt, too- but Paramore is my editing/writing music, so we are currently dating each other hardcore right now. :) I hope you had an amazing night- just know I’m a little green here!! Hehe!

i was gonna say how’d you get jack johnson to wear an ohana shirt, but my bfo schwank said it for me!! ;)

Haha, cute blog post. :)
Hope you guys had a fun time at the concert. No Doubt is hella good!

LOL! You also got John Locke to wear an Ohana shirt!!! I love him!

John Locke?! That is craziness! Hope ya have/had fun at the concert. =)

So awesome!!
First of all, we just got hooked on LOST, watched 4 seasons in about a month, one left…DANG! :)
Second, is that Hurley to the left in that same shot with Locke?
Last, I LOOOOOOVE Jack Johnson!! :) He’s my fave!

so Dave which one are you in the dancing clip????? :) Hope you guys had tons of fun which already who wouldn’t seeing NO DOUBT!!!

That is pretty SWEET!

noticed i missed this post… SICK PIG! I am a huge John Locke fan… (spoiler post……….)….

— but he's dead now… but not really cause dood on the beach took his body.. .Crazy! Cause he is dead… I'm coRNfused. Have to wait 8 months… ugh…

Hope you all have a blessed week…

How do I put this whole website on my facebook wall?
I’m on the top picture wearing pink, third person from the left.
Good U2 concert!
Anne Marie Al