happy valentine’s day

as i was thinking of what to write for this post i started thinking about how different i am today from the young man you see pictured below. this picture was taken back then. before kim & i were married. before our daughter rain was born. before we started our own business. i started thinking about how much free time i used to have, and how kim and i spent endless hours just being with each other. i started really missing those times. back then.
time has changed me. us. “life.”
“life” has occupied my days, my nights, my thoughts, my life.
then i started thinking about today.
today, i love kim more than i could have ever imagined back then.
today, i have two beautiful daughters that are more precious to me than anything i could have wished for back then.
today, i run a successful business that allows me to meet wonderful people that i didn’t know back then.
today, my life is better than it was back then.
it was so nice to really sit down with my thoughts for a while and count my blessings. i realized that the years spent together with kim have been the best of my life. after all these years, kim still hasn’t realized that she is way out of my league, rain still gives the best hugs, and april still cuts me some slack. i also realized that todays hectic schedules have made me complacent. i just assume that when i come home i will hear rain yell “dada’s home!”, april will call me over to share her latest artistic vision (or tell me about the latest avatar episode), & kim will be there waiting for me at the end of the longest day on record. lucky for me, today has come along to wake me from my complacency. today, i will take the time to tell kim, and everyone else that is dear to me, how much i love and appreciate them. i will honor those who have cared for, influenced and encouraged me. my ohana. without them, i am nothing. i will not take these things for granted, anymore.
kim, i love you. today and always. as you know, time we get to spend together doesn’t present itself as often as it used to, but any minute i do get to spend with you now is precious to me. happy valentine’s day schmoopy. :)
april and rain, even on my roughest days i can’t help but to smile the minute i see you. i love you both so much.
i encourage everyone reading to take a moment today to actually say “i love you” to at least 3 people you love. don’t just assume that they know how much you love them. tell them. then give them a hug. :)


sweet hoop earing! and so cool that you are able to embrace the now and not live back then. so many people [myself included] can easily drift back to the good ol days and miss the blessings that the good ol days have lead them too…

Wow! THAT is so beautiful and so is the picture. Very well said!

awwww…that was so sweet! and very well-written…

and what a beautiful photo of you guys! was that taken outside Studebaker’s? ;)

Wow…you are a truly blessed ohana!
That was beautiful David!

BTW…Kim, you are quite the HOTTIE!

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

YAY! first comment! That means we love you MOST! we are giving your beautiful family a big hug all the way from kansas. how blessed we are that today, we know the baxters, and we can laugh and be stupid about life’s funny and stupid things – something we didn’t have back then!!! Happy v day!

What an awesome post David!

Seriously dude, you made me cry :)
I hope you spend your days with the most special people in your life.
So glad I met you all!!!
Big hugs

Oh my Gosh I’m crying over here! I love you guys!! :) Ok I know I’ve never met you, but I follow your blog and feel like I am part of your “ohana”. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. Oh I’m still tearing up here!!!

Are there really men out there like you? Happy Valentine’s Day!

David, you make me want to cry! Not sad tears, but tears of happiness – because my dear friend Kim obviously has an unbelievably special man in her life; tears of hope – because you show me that there are men out there who can love whole-heartedly and aren’t afraid to express it; and (ok) tears of envy – because I long to hear such words spoken about me. You’re an amazing guy! Happy Valentine’s Day! May your life continue to be blessed with your wonderful ohana, happy memories together, and endless love for one another!!!

WOW! that picture is amazing… can you say Zach Morris (saved by the bell)

Seriously rad words david they touched my heart!

Ahhh…..Happy Valentine’s Day to you guys!
Thanks for sharing how much you love your family! That was so touching…and refreshing! We really are so blessed to have such people in our lives to love and to be loved by.
It’s really neat to meet people that really truly appreciate it…and don’t take it for granted. You guys really have something special. =)

Wow…what a beautiful Valentines Day messege to your wife and family, that is worth more than a box of chocolates and flowers….
what a beautiful family all of you are ((((hugs)))))


Denise Neufeld

Man, were you guys good looking or what? Oh, how that picture reminds me of 90210.

Happy Love day my friends….. ow ow ow look at that HOT pic of you two!!

Awwww, sooo cute!! What a great post!!

Love your post. You really took the time and thought this out, very well written. That picture is too cute.
Happy Valentine’s day to you and your family!

*W O W*
What a gorgeous couple! And a very touching Valentine’s message to your wife and family.

Sweet post man, a very thoughtful and sweet post! You & your family are truly blessed!

How sweet are you? :)

What a beautiful post, and an awesome photo as well :) Happy Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentines Day you guys! That was incredibly sweet, David. You’re both wonderful people.

And David, now that I got that out of the way, I have to ask… How long were you a member of Color Me Badd?

Oh my goodness, David! That was so sweet and I am tearing up! What a beautiful post!

I’m with Stephanie, although I’ve never met you, you’ve made me feel special and an extended part of your ‘ohana’. It’s a wonderful gift that you give others. So TODAY, I thank YOU for your kind words and your peeking into my blog every now and then to express them.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Baxters!

You guys look smokin’! What a sweet post! You just made me call Art and say “I love you.” He then replied with a “huh?” lol

Happy a Happy Valentine’s day and enjoy each other :)



Happy Valentine’s to you too guys! Beautiful post! You guys rock- pirate ear-wear and all! ;)

OMG…look at you guys!!! What a fantastic picture and beautiful post! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your girls, my friend :)

dang dude, way to get me all weepy-eyed. You’re sappier than most girls I know. ;) hehe

Happy V-day guys! <333

David you are awesome.

I am having a hard time deciding who is better looking in this picture, you or Kim.

I hope to see you guys soon.

beautiful couple! Happy Valentine’s Day you two!

Seriously, you two are SMOKIN HOT! Holy heck! That was a very moving post. You guys are so supportive of your peers, and from this post I can see why. You’re very caring people. May God shower you with many blessings in your family and business.

Extremely touching. It made me choke up. Happy Valentines to you both and thank you for your kindness and encouragement in my own business, as people like you make this business such a pleasure to be in. Internet hugs to you both!

This is so sweet and emotional David! Wishing you and your family a lifetime of love and happiness to share! happy Valentine’s Day…

Great Post man! You sound genuinely happy, some people live their whole lives and never achieve what you have! I’m sure you appreciate it as much as I do as well.

Peace! And Happy Valentines to you both!

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA. And that video is why, if you guys were 7 years old and we were 7 years old and we were all in class together and we had our own little geeky kids club of four, you would get our first valentine.

That was so sweet!
You guys have such a great family. I wish I would have gotten to know you better in SF at Nate’s workshop. I remember the shirts:)!!! Thanks for reminding me that this is more than just an excuse for us to spend some money on each other…
Much love!

Beautifully said. What an amazing expression of the love you have for your family! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s Day.

THis is so precious- Happy Valentine’s Day you two!

You brought tears to my eyes and we’ve never officially met! And you are SO channeling David Silver from 90210 in that photo!!!! Love it.

That photo is priceless! Happy Valentines Day to you both!

Unbelievably beautiful!! I’m going to hug my family a little tighter tonight. :-)

And that video had me rolling!!! Actually, I had my senior class photo taken at that fountain. Good times.

Awwwww. You two look like babies!!! So cute! Love the vest David!

Good seeing you today, I’m sending some virtual chicken soup and hugs to Kim!!!

David you are the man. Happy day late valentine to you and yours.

Really great post:)
Love that photo of you two, too!!!

And that video… oh my gosh! I LOLed! Awesome.

I love the post. It was great meeting you today, I hope the family feels better :)

Yeah! I know! It was great to finally ‘officially’ meet you! =) And….yeah, I could definitely use some ‘hassling’!! Ha! In fact, I got lectured by Melissa all the way home. =)
Nothing like good friends to get your rear in gear!!!
I’m excited to get together again!
Hope to meet you, Kim, next time…feel better!

David you mush! hehe. Your ohana is very fortunate to have you!

This is such a well written, heartfelt post! That’s a great pic of you two. Happy belated Valentine’s Day you too! Hope all is going well.


Now THAT’S how I remember you!

That was a beautiful valentine you wrote, David. You’re all very lucky to have eachother…and realize it.