Happy Birthday Rain!!!

happy happy birthday from all of us to you! we wish it was our birthday so we could party too!
to take a line from The Princess Bride…inconceivable! rain celebrated her 9th birthday on thursday. 9th! that can’t be right. one more year and she’ll be in double digits. again i say…inconceivable!
anywhoozle…this year’s shindig was kept to a low roar. it was a thursday & a school night. whaddya want?! we did bust out the Rock Band again and totally rocked the masses. that game rules! and here’s the capper. we’ll be continuing the partay this sunday when we head up to Disneyland for a fun-filled day. the sun will be shining! we are staring down an awesome so-cal weekend! apologies to those of you who reside in cold places. wish you were here! if anyone else is at d-land sunday, give us a call. fyi rain is an expert driver & tour guide through the Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye. she gets us through safely every time.
it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Edit to Add: i just saw this on April’s blog I THINK SHE’S TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING

!ACHTUNG! the following slideshow contains completely self-serving family photos. it’s basically a crud-load of fun shots of rain. the single digit years. enjoy!


Happy Birthday Rain! You most be the most photogenic person EVER! You are stunning in all these pictures.
May you year be filled with Joy!

So cute! Well, you can’t see she’s never had fun:) Happy Birthday Rain!


The slide show pictures are awesome. Congratulations on capturing so many wonderful moments of your lives!

Happy Birtyday Rain!

Happy Birthday Rain!! My daughter turned 9 in October- And we celebrate at Disneyland too! We were there last Sunday (SuperBowl Sunday) and although it was pouring and windy here in SD…we never got a single rain drop up there…even sun!!! We think it’s magic!!!! Have a great time and take lots of pictures…I love your perspective!!! And I adore the slide show, time for my daughter to have one of those!!!

so cute! Happy birthday Rain! I love the slideshow!

note to self… learn from baxter family. have fun.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAIN! You and your family friggin rock the house down, and we are honored to be pals with your parents! by the way, david and kimi, thanks for making our day, or rather our week, or maybe our YEAR with the most generous blog love ever received!!! OH, how we love you, let us count the ways…..4,000 to be exact ;)

Happy Birthday, Rain!!! You guys have a great weekend too.

Happy birthday to my favorite little buddy!!! :) Rain is so gosh dang cute. Wish I could come to Disneyland but you know my pass situation. haha I’m doing on the 18th though. Hooray!

Happy Birthday Rain!!
That was such a fun show! So I have to ask about the photo of her with the burned Microwave & Roof in the kitchen? Who’s fault was that!! :)

Oh yeah….Rain..you still have the most rockin colored hair ever!! I so want it. I know its weird for a Dude…but not if your in Hawaii and you surf right!! :)

Happy birthday Rain! My daughter turned 9 this year too.

The slide show was way fun!

Your blog rocks and I LOVE your photography! Talented talented family you all are!! :-)


Wowwers! Happy Birthday Rain! I too love that picture she drew in the slideshow!
I just love your blog posts. They are seriously so funny and interesting!!! I wanna be your friend too, if I wasn’t so far away boo hoo. Oh and I loved April’s blog post today.

Happy Birthday Rain!! What a beautiful family you have! I am expecting a girl in March, can’t wait but I’m a little nervous! It will be interesting to see how my 2 year old son responds.

Thanks for the post, you guys rock! Love the song too!


Happy Birthday Rain!

Happy Happy Birthday Rainee! You are the coolest 9 year old ever!

Love you muchos,

Aunt Patti, Uncle Ken and Noah

OK, I was seriously tearing up at the slideshow. Sooooo precious!! Happy Birthday, Rain! I hope you have EVEN MORE FUN this year than it looks like you did in years past. :) Happy, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the pretty girl!

Happy Birthday Rain! Have a blessed year.

SOOOO cute!! Time totally flies, huh?! She is adorable. Her name is awesome too.

Happy Birthday Rain!

The slideshow pictures at the Pali Lookout were hysterical! I also love the winter pics. They’re all so unique and awesome. Such a beautiful ohana!!

Happy Birthday Rain!!!!
I like you, you’re funny!
I hope you had a great birthday girlie!!!

Awww…what an awesome slideshow of precious family photos! Happy birthday, Rain!!

happy b-day Rain!!!!!

love your cousin Jake

Happy Birthday! Loved the slideshow!
We almost hit Disney yesterday (would have been fun to run in to you) but turned around once we saw the traffic trying to park…what was going on, it looked insane!! Luckily we are only 15min away.
Hope you guys had fun!!! Maybe we will meet up next time:)

Happy Birthday Rain!!!!! Oh my God, has it already been 9 years?! Really???? Where on earth has the time gone?! I loved seeing all the pictures! I want one!!! :) Happy Birthday!!!! Slow down the whole growing up thing! Next thing I know, I’ll turn around and you’ll be celebrating your 18th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Rain! I agree with Dawn, Rain is so photogenic!

Oh my gosh, that was the best slideshow ever! What a great collection of family memories (and great song choice too) Happy Birthday Rain!

Happy B Day Rain! Sorry we missed you at Disneyland. We’re sure it was a blast as usual. Love you guys!

I know I am late on this but Happy Be-lated Birthdat Rain and I love the slideshow.