happy birthday patti!

feliz cumpleanos patti!
patti is our dear friend. we go everywhere with patti. if we could surgically attach her we would. if for no other reason than to save on ticket prices. :)
kim and patti even came to hawaii on the same trip when we first met. we loves our little patrisima!
please join us in singing her the birthday song.
today is your birthday! happy birthday to you!

here’s some highlights.
patti thought she’d be like kim and lay out under the hawaiian sun for 4 hours. kim got a ridiculously dark tan. patti got roasted like huli huli chicken.

i don’t even know how many ball games we’ve been to together. i can’t count that high.

day trips to the laguna mountains are always funner with patti. yep, i said funner.

anyone know where this was taken? hint, it wasn’t alaska.
we hope you have a rad birthday patti. we love love love you. you’re like a sister to us. an extremely hot sister.
happy birthday chica!


Happy Brithday Patti! I am feeling her pain the last time I went to the Hawaii I got a little toasted my self. Stayed on those beautiful beaches a little to long.

happy happy birthday mi awesome kick @$$ smokin hot amiga!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!

you are the best friend a chick can have!

you sit in outrigger hallways watching streakers run past over and over, sit under airport tables crackin on tight jean short wearin guys, swing on vines on the side of the road in hawaii, gettin stung by jellyfish in hawaii, (we’re due btw :) get into brawls at padres games with big mets fans :), go head to head with chicks at WAP, take on whole softball teams from la jolla, ride around on a vespa in the rain singing,sitting in opening movie lines at midnite for star wars, harry potter, transformers ect. there are way too many awesome memories to share and reminisce about. i would never trade those memories for anything in the world! i love you and appreciate your unconditional friendship more than you will ever know!

i hope we can hook up today when david gets back home.

here’s to many more awesome memories together! cheers my friend!!xoxo

dear patti,

happy birthday. do not buy a gigantic sheet cake. seven people cannot finish a hundred pieces of cake. i repeat, do not buy a gigantic sheet cake.


future april

Happy Birthday to Patti! I wish I could get a tan in Hawaii or even roasted as long as I am in Hawaii! :)

Feliz CumpleaƱos Patti! I miss the sun tanning sun.

happy birthday Patti! have a great day , best wishes from both myself and lesya.

Happy birthday!!!!! dude i am loving every scanned photo you put in here form the bangs to the jean shorts!!!!!!

when are you comming up to LADERA to hang or better yet Candice and i need to come down to your turf!

Happy birthday to your best friend Patti!! How lucky is she to have friends like you guys!!!

Happy Birthday Patti! We miss you all!

Happy Birthday sis! Love ya!

Your posts continually make me smile! :)

Great, Fun photos. Don’t know you Patti, but Happy Birthday.

I’m a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI!

Happy Belated Birthday Patti! Sorry, I’m always a little late! :) Hope you had a great one! Love the old and new pics of you and Kim…it’s about time you got her into some pictures!!! :) hahaha Love you!