happy anniversary!

those of you who know us (or have been following our blog long enough) know that kim and i celebrated another anniversary on may 18th.
i’m banking on the iMac i got kim to distract her enough that she doesn’t realize this post is 2 weeks late. if that doesn’t work i’ll try this…
these rings have no beginning and no end, like my love for you kim.
that’ll work for sure. it’s genius! (said while doing celebratory moonwalk away from desk.)

check out this insane crisp exposure of kim and i from back in the day.
we took our 1.2 everywhere we went.
it’s seen more clubs than [b]ecker in an all night poker tourny.
nothing can touch the 1.2 for sharpness.

1.2 megapixel that is.

even with all that noise, kim is still hot hot hot.

hows this for a custom crop?
you know we paid extra for that.

here’s the big day. we were just pronounced mr and mrs.

this is kim’s super cool uncle buster. sadly, we lost him a couple years after our wedding. this is one of the last shots of him and kim together. we still miss him very much.

i believe kool moe dee said it best…

this is what happens whenever an article of kim’s clothing is flung into a crowd of single men. our friend dave was the (lucky?) recipient of kim’s garter. i couldn’t tell if he was screaming for joy, or if he was sustaining bodily injury, so i hopped on top of the pile to check. i can’t be totally sure, but amidst all the noise, i may have heard the faint sounds of crackling bones.

angela and angel found themselves being kim’s kickstands a couple times that night.

this is where things got really fun. my old navy friend doug (and some dude in red boardshorts that we didn’t even know) got into the caterer’s cool whip supply.
the night was about to jump up a notch.

singing the praises of the ymca.

a slightly different take on the dollar dance.

after i slipped out of something more confining i hopped up on the table and got in on the action.

doug hooked me up with some styling whip.

kim, being the giving person she is, shared her cool whip with angela.

job well done crasher dude and doug…

job well done.

before the night was over, i had more drinks poured over my head than i could count, i was stripped of all clothing from the waist up, and i had cool whip in 4 of 6 orifices.
in other words, it was an awesome night.
kim and i both said we’d get married again just to have another reception. ours was at marina village and there were people coming over from other wedding receptions to party at ours. so much fun!

we closed our reception with everyone singing 40. we invited everyone that was still there back to our hotel room so they would have a safe place to stay the night (and sober up) then kim and i hopped in our rented chrysler sebring convertible and drove around pb and belmont park for a bit then went home to prepare for our honeymoon in oahu the was starting the next morning at 6am. no sleep til…north shore.

when choosing an anniversary gift for your new bride, you may want to save this one for a few years. i had this sign flown around cabrillo national monument and the old point loma light house (where i asked kim to marry me) for our 1st anniversary. how do you top that?
seriously. how do you top that?
i need some ideas for next year.

our awesome wedding photographer, rich pecjak, met us over in hawaii to take some honeymoon shots.

last time i was on navy reserve duty in oahu i gave kim a call and told her i was walking on the beach in waikiki. i then asked her to log on to the duke cam for a little surprise. here’s what she saw.

through the magic of al gore’s internet and my trusty mobile phone, i asked kim to marry me again.
as soon as we get the time and funds together we are going to throw one rad reception (with a little ceremony). we’ll keep you posted.
one thing’s for sure. when it jumps off we’re going to hire the MOST RADTASTIC PHOTOGRAPHERS to capture it all.

in case you were still wondering, kim said h-e-double-hockey-sticks yes!.

happy anniversary kim! you are still the signal fire that guides me.

click here to see how much I LOVE YOU!

if those images just weren’t enough kim and dave for you, check out the slideshow.

*added to post*
april gave us this sweet sketch (from my favorite ride at Disneyland) for our anniversary.
click here to see some more of april’s artwork.

this is where the whip cream landed in our faces! (if you don’t see 2 videos below you can click these links to watch the awesomeness – video one –  video two )

these awesome 1990s video effects get harder to watch with every passing year.



Those are seriously the best pics ever!!!! Yall are so cute!!!! Happy belated anniversary!!

You guys are too cute! Happy Anniv and looks like your Wedding night was certainly one to remember! PARTY!!! :)

somehow I missed this post…hmmm…lol, Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

You guys are the funnest ever!

I love that drawing!!! you guys seem like lots of fun!

Just spent all day on your blog and fell in love!

If you guys get married again can I be invited!?

Love that you’re still so in love!

How much fun was your wedding!?!

If you get married again, tell me what can I do to get invited to it! The video’s are awesome. I can’t imagine what the rest of the video was like! So much fun!

You guys look like you had a blast at your wedding and are beyond fun and pretty hot too! You guys remind me of Kelly & Zack of SBTB or Ken & Barbie =) Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

Wow! This looks like a crazy fun wedding!

happy happy anniversary!

Looks like the funnest wedding ever!

omg so much fun! happy anniversary!

Hahaha! Love it! Hope your marriage is full with love and lasts a lifetime!

Oh my! Now THAT looks like a fun wedding! No wonder you capture such fun couples, takes one to know one!

haha! so much fun! happy anniversary!

Ya’ll are as much fun as your couples!

How fun is your wedding if other people from other weddings are crashing yours! I’d crash it too! Looked like a blast! Hope you had a nice anniversary!

That was and will always be the BEST wedding reception EVER!!!! I still talk about it to people today! :) Thank God there’s no shot of our dresses over our heads Kim after you pulled us to the ground! :) hahaha Happy Anniversary guys!!! I love you soooooo much! And I miss you too! XOXOXOXO

Those video clips of your wedding are WILD!!!!! Wow what a fun and crazy night! Love you guys!

What a crazy fun wedding! Happy Anniversary you two!

what fun! LOVE THE VIDEOS! haha! happy anniversary!

Love you guys! Happy Anniversary!

The proposal by the Duke statue!!! So awesome! Happy Anniversary!

O M G the video effects and the Whipped cream on the nip bahahaha!!!!!! Looks like an insane reception! Happy Anniversary to an amazingly fun couple!

my goodness those video snippets! so fun! happy anniversary!

Aw these made me smile :)

Oh my these are wonderful!

Well this looks like a super fun wedding!

omg that dress!

ya’ll are too cute! no wonder you take fun pics!

Oh man those video clips! Fun with a capital F!

So much fun you two must be!

Hahaha! The whipped cream fight! This must have been a wedding to remember!

Seriously the most crazy and fun wedding I’ve ever been to! Always love reading your writing Dave!

The whipped cream in the face photo? Ridiculously awesome!!! p.s. super cool that your parents allowed you both to get married at 13.

Happy Anniversary you two! Love you more than you know!