happy anniversary mary ann and fred

i love opening my email and seeing that someone has been referred to us by a past client. for me, it always brings back the memories of the event(s) we’ve shot for them and puts a smile on my face. when mary ann and fred wanted to get some anniversary photos taken they talked with their friend, and ours, amores. we can’t say enough nice things about amores. she is muy bonita and is one of the happiest people we know. we can’t even say her name without smiling. seriously.
now that we’ve met mary ann and fred we can’t say enough nice things about them. they are such a sweet couple. when mary ann contacted me we talked about locations and, as it often turns out, we ended up in la jolla on about the busiest beach day of the year. apparently we weren’t the only ones that thought it was a rad beach day. we fought through the crowds and were able to find a few spots. the location was awesome as always, but mary ann and fred made it even awesomer. sweetness follows.

since fred is so much taller than mary ann we thought we’d switch it up a little. mary ann’s smile was so infectious. isn’t she the sweetest thing?

mary ann was a gamer. we’d start asking if she would stand over there and before we could finish our request she’d already dashed over to the spot.

when mary ann came down from the mountain she found a perfect snuggling spot on fred. these two were made for each other.

the only thing this shot is missing are some little heart shaped thought bubbles floating out of mary ann’s head. she loves her man fred.

no, we haven’t started hiring extras for our photo shoots. those are stray humans. when you can’t beat, blur em. that’s our motto.

it’s not visible to the naked eye, but through my powerful canon optics i was able to see the tractor beam between mary ann and fred’s eyes.

not sure who’s beam was stronger but they both pulled each other right in. we love being photo ninjas and capturing real moments like this.

one does not simply walk into mordor. its black gates are guarded by more than just orcs… wait, wrong gate. this is the white gate of la jolla.

april took this shot of mary ann and fred stuck in a moment. me likey.

i believe neil diamond said it best.

thank you for taking a walk on the beach with us mary ann and fred (and for inviting us to dinner). we had an awesome time with you two and are glad that we were able to capture some of the love you share. happy anniversary!

we heart mary ann and fred.


Awesome! The water looks incredible I love those last few images!!!

So pretty…beautiful moments!

What a cute couple! Love the snugglin and tractor beam (ha ha) pics. The last 2 though are amazing!! So jealous of San DIego!

These are great….you were rockin the sunflare!

wowsers those are the sweeeetest pics… the last one is heavenly!!!

I love the lighting and the colors in these. AMAZING!!

wow…all are beautiful but the last 2 take my breath away.

gorgeous stuff!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness those last 3 pics! Wow! I really love the ones where she is laughing and the one where she is above him on the rock! As always you guys rock out fabulous pics!

I love the pictures! I’m so glad Mary Ann convinced Fred to have these pictures taken; they took some pictures before for their 1st anniversary in a studio but nothing compare to these ones. I guess my cut ($$$) is in the mail right ;)

I don’t get tired of looking at your pictures even if they are from strangers, they are so artistic, but looking at my friends makes me want to be in front of your camera again!

Love Amores

Dude these Rock!

Wowzers that 2nd to last image is HUGE WALL CANVAS FO SHIZ!!!

All Stunnerzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!
Love these shots!!

Beautiful as always Guys… Take care and enjoy the last few weeks of summer

The sunflare in these is fantastic! I LOVE the second shot, totally awesome!!! I long for summer ;)

Ahhhh, I love them ALL, but that last shot is just WOW.

ok you got me laughing.. and since i’m on an editing break as i blog stalk it up.. THANKS – i needed a lift! Great images and great humor as well;)

I would’ve never known how busy the beach was. Great shots and commentary as always! =)

sweetness is right!

Lovin’ the color in the second to last… the water looks like a painting.

The first 4. LOVE! The last 4. AMAZING!!!

Beautiful pics and what a great coule! :) I could actually see the little heart bubbles comin from Maryann in that one picture! :) Absolutely love the last picture of the two of them! How romantic! Happy Anniversary you two!


I saw a link to your site after reading "The Brides Cafe", and after visiting your blog I just thought you should know you've gained one more fan, as I'm sure you have many! "Ohana means family," according to the disney movie "Lilo & Stitch" – and you definitely capture that in your photographs, the beauty of family. Keep up the great work, it's truly the kind that captures hearts.

Jaime Haywood
"It's A Jaime Thing"

THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! Love your tractor beam mantra and the last one just about killed me with it’s awesomeness. :) -David

aw you make me wanna be in love.

… wait…

i *already* wanted to be in love.

this session is very loving. great mood. and that one of them huggin and the sunflare. and the tone. and the … and the….

just gorge.

Love this session! Love the cuddle shots and your commentary always brings a smile to my face! You guys rock! :)

Sick! Sick! Sick! You fucking dazzle me!


Wow! These are so gorgeous! Love that close up textured one of their faces!

Love the lighting and the flare! Fun couple! I love how you mix up the processing too and make them all different, so much fun!

Gorgeous!! I absolutely love that third shot down. Well done!!

Those last three pictures are great!! The sky rocks in the second to last image.

These two are TOO cute!! Love the love on the rocks one and the last 3 shots are wow!! That 2nd to last one is incredible!!

I love your coast… I’m jealous. Third picture down and the second to last are my favorites!!! Drop it like its hoooot drop it like its hooooot!

the image of mary ann by herself by the water is killer, as well as that last one with the two of them! what an awesome set of images of two people so very much in love. i love all the different perspectives used & their profiles!!

wow you guys… these are sooooo amazing. I don’t just love one. You guys are so friggin’ good. Way to rock it. //enoch

Is it possible for you to keep getting better and better and better and…


These are just gorgeous!


I love the 1st shot , the tractor beam and 5th and 2nd to last image!

Holy smokes you guys are amazing! She looks like an angel. I’m jealous of your beach! :)

Like always, AMAZING!!!!!! I love them all!

Where do I start by telling how fantastic these are………

my fav…the next to last shot. perfect wave crashing against rocks…perfect color water…perfect sky…perfect rock and beach…perfect couple. ALSO, another favorite was the photo ninja shot…ohhhhhh sweeet!

OMG these are so amazing! Can I purchase the 2nd to last photo ;) That seriously looks like a painting! I love 1, 2, 4 & 5!!

Ummm helloo! the one of her alone on the rocks is amazing. So moody . LOVIN it! :)

The one of them walking on the beach…takes my breath away! Seriously!! Hello beach walking models! :D Hee hee..

I love this set!! LOVE IT!! How cute are they! 2nd to last image is amazing and I love the 1st 2!