Happy 72nd Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa!

if i am allowed to live 72 years on this earth i will be forever grateful to my maker.
if i get to share those 72 years with the love of my life i will feel blessed beyond my worth.
my wonderful grandparents, yvonne and charles, just celebrated their 72nd anniversary. let that soak in for a minute.
72 years together.
can you imagine all the memories they share?
thick is their book of life.
the chapters that include me have been filled with love and warmth and the happiness that only a grandma and grandpa can give.
many of the happiest memories of my life i have shared with them.
they taught me the meaning of ohana. not simply by the numbers, [they have 4 sons, 14 grandchildren, and 19 great grandchildren (and counting)], but by their love.
in recent years life has had a way of preventing me from visiting them as often as i would like, and for that i have a heavy heart. my grandparents are the glue that binds my ohana. no matter how far away we all are. this anniversary luau was such a treat. not just because the food was SO YUMMY SO YUMMY in my tummy, but because it was so nice seeing all the family members and friends that we get to see all to little of these days. my spirit was lifted by seeing everyone that day, especially my grandma and grandpa.
i love my grandparents with all of my heart.
have a great day everyone, and if you’re lucky enough to still have your grandparents in your life call them and tell them you love them.

and now, a brief history to get everyone up to speed.
that last shot was my grandparents now, and this next one is them back in the day. i think it was a tuesday.
grandpa is originally from PRATT KANSAS but he moved out to san diego when he was young. grandma grew up in san diego and luckily, so did all of us. thank you grandma for providing the foundation for a whole ohana full of san diego natives.
i love looking through all my grandparents old photos. grandma has always loved photos. some of my earliest memories are of her with her DISK CAMERA everywhere we went. thank you grandma for sparking my interest and getting me started in photography. what you started as a hobby has blossomed into my families livelihood. i can never thank you enough, but i can give you lots of hugs. i love you mucho!

going back even further, here’s a shot of my grandma when she was a wee 5 months old. she didn’t know it back then, but she would go on to be the queen of sitting babies on her knee. she is the master of funny noises, songs, happy faces, and some kind of magic that makes every baby she holds feel comforted.
for the older kids she has a mental library of quick witted one-liners that staggers the imagination.
for example, someone walked by her at the luau and mentioned they were headed to the restroom.
grandma instantly responded…
“mention my name and you’ll get a good seat.”

here’s grandma at 2 years old. what a precious little girl. that smile is her trademark. she’s been sharing it longer than i can remember.

here’s grandpa in SAN YSIDRO circa 1929. he’s way over there on the left with a saw in his hands. grandpa has always been awesome at making things. he is very mechanically minded. he passed those mechanical skills on to all of his sons, and in turn on to a lot of his grandchildren. i used to love going over his house and watching him work. he’d even let me help sometimes. i’m sure i did more damage than anything else at first, but he always let me try. eventually i got the hang of it. thank you grandpa for never saying no, and for having the patience of a saint. i can never re-pay you for all that you have given me, so instead, i give thanks and hope that my character honors you. you are and have always been someone that i respect and look up to. i love you more than i have ever told you.

i finally made it to YOSEMITE (for the 1st time) and SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK last year and we took a photo in front of this same tree. I found this picture months later. how cool is that? my grandparents have always loved being outdoors. they used to drive their rv everywhere. they were always at LAKE JENNINGS and LAKE CUYAMACA. grandma loves to fish. i love to re-rock the bottom of the lake. who doesn’t like skipping rocks on a lake?

grandma sitting at the beach circa 1959. i never knew she was a pinup. now you know why my grandpa shacked up with her. wowzers!

enter my dad. grandma’s youngest of 4 boys.

dad was drafted during THE VIETNAM WAR and served proudly in THE U.S. NAVY aboard the USS ENTERPRISE and smaller RIVER BOATS. luckily, he made it back home safely. no one is more thankful for that than me. dad and i have never really talked much about his time in the service, but i see his pride every time he sees me in the same uniform. i’m glad we share that bond. if i had never served i don’t think i could even comprehend what it’s like being in a war zone. so far, i have been blessed by not having to be in quite the same situation he was in. i’m very proud of him for serving when he did. not that any war is good, but it must have been hell back then. dad, we still owe you and the other men that served back then a huge debt of gratitude. thank you. i’m so glad to have been lucky enough to grow up with my father around. i love you more than i say.

i’m not sure what the special occasion was, but i adore grandma’s scarf and glasses.

one thing that makes my grandma so special is that she’s still a kid inside. her spirit and her smile transcend her years. she has a giving heart that asks nothing in return. she is an absolute joy to be around. whatever you do though, don’t go over her house right after you eat because chances are pretty high that she will feed you again. no one goes hungry at grandma and grandpa’s house, especially if my uncle brian is over. :)

so, what do you do when you’ve been with the love of your life for 72 years? you throw a luau by the ocean with all the family and friends you can round up of course. we wouldn’t miss it for the world. april, as usual, had her sketch book in hand and scribbled this portrait of grandma and grandpa.

the years may have etched wrinkles and weakened muscles, but they have not taken any of the love out of these hands.

what i love most about my grandma’s smile is that it’s genuine. grandma has a gift of making who ever is with her feel the joy in her heart. she is my favorite person. that’s why we named rain after her.

seeing my grandpa’s face makes me smile. he is so comforting to be around. his kind and gentle soul puts everyone around him at ease.
my grandparents are the only two people that have ever called me davy. i’m not sure if they called dibs on it so no one else could, but whatever the reason they are the only ones. when i walk in their house and hear their voices say my name i know that i am in a good place.

another delicious cake made by shirley the cake lady 619-561-9377.

i never really knew my great grandparents, so i think it’s so awesome that rain gets to see hers. rain loves you lots and lots grandma.

congratulations on 72 beautiful years together grandma and grandpa! thank you for all that you have done for my family and all the other members of our hugantic ohana. you are proof that the blessings you freely share with others will be infinitely given back to you. you have blessed the lives of so many of us. kim, april, rain and i love you so much.

don’t forget to watch the slideshow below.
if you’d like, please leave a nice note for grandma and grandpa in the comments.
thanks for stopping by everyone.


Wow. 72, that is AMAZING!!!

Just amazing!! I cried … It’s a great blessing to see people spend their entire lives together like that :)

72 years?!?! Wow, that is inspiring. What a joy to be in love so long, and to have so much family to surround you! Happy 72nd!

How precious… they are living the dream! 72 years with the love of your life… I hope to live that long with Brad by my side. They are just too cute for words. I love April’s sketch by the way. What a phenomenal talent.

What a great post David…thanks for Sharing! 72 years! Wow! That’s amazing! You make me miss my Grandparents… deeply, remembering them is great!

Be blessed my friend.


You are blessed my friend.
This is an awesome post!

Happy Anniversary grandma and grandpa!

W.O.W. — there are no words. love is one truly beautiful powerful thing — just wonderFULL. thank you so much for sharing & most happy anniversary!!!

This is a remarkable example of love, family, and forever! Congratulations on 72 wonderful years together! All of my grandparents have passed away. This post and slideshow brought back so many of the wonderful memories I have of them.

That is totally gorgeous! You made me cry because it reminded me of my grandparents who loved each other like nothing I have ever seen before. Your grandparents are so blessed to have been able to share so many happy years together and get to watch their family grow. Congratulations Ohana Grandparents!

oh my goodness this post has me welling up in tears!!

And now I’m completely speechless… Congrats to your grandparents!!!!!

That slideshow put me away. What a blessing to have such wonderful Grandparents around to give love!
Happy Anniversary for 72 wonderful years! I love all your family pictures!

These are, beyond a doubt, the most amazing photos of yours that I’ve seen. The colors, textures, and emotion are absolutely wonderful. These photos make me very happy, and only hope that I can live a wonderful, full life like theirs. Your grandparents have such wonderful faces and sweet expressions. These photos feel very genuine.

Beautiful post. What a wonderful celebration of your family and their lives!

What a beautiful story… We can all only hope that we get to spend 75 years of beautiful marriage together!
Congratualations ! ! ! !

What beautiful people and a beautiful story! Congratulations on a lifetime of love!

That was so sweet it hurt! I cant wait to grow old and wrinkly with my hubby and I hope we stay as fun and spunky as them! Too darn cute!


OK, if it weren’t for reading the other “crying” comments, I’d think my pregnancy hormones were completely out of control…but they’re not – this post was sooooo incredibly sweet! I love your grandparents and I don’t even know them! God Bless them and their love! What an incredible story and journey! If we all can be so lucky…

And I’m sure they are soooo proud of your character – you have such a great heart and it’s obviously because you come from great stock! ;)

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! And MANY, MANY more!

WOW! 72 years is unbelievable! Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! I absolutely adore this post and LOVE the photos old and new. The one of their hands is priceless! Wow.

Wow! That is a really long time. What amazing powers of patience and love these two must have. Very cool.

Fantastic post!! I love it…all of it. That hand shot is so touching…it made me smile somewhere deep inside!!

that is just awesome! what an inspiration they are!

What great shots. I love the one with her riding the bicycle. And what a wonderful story. Wow, 72 years!

I’m digging the Hawaiian shirts with the sweaters look…I’ll have to try that sometime! What adorable grandparents!

72 years of marriage?! That’s amazing and beautiful! I may have missed this in the post…but how old were they when they got married? Love is wonderful and it’s evident in these photos. The shot of their hands got me. :)

What a beautiful couple! I love all the photos from back in the days! They definitely are an inspiration :) This is my favorite post ever!

They are truly blessed! Happy anniversary!!!

wow… 72 years. such an amazing story. thank you so much for sharing…

grandma and grandpa – thank you for being such an inspiration to the rest of us! may we be as lucky as you to share such a special love for our lifetime.

These are great. Much love for “the Greats”!! You can see how happy they are after 72 years, hope we are all that lucky:)

i love you so much grandpa and grandma! you guys are the best! love rain (:

congratulations on 72 years grandma and grandpa!

i love you both very much and was so happy seeing you both in your sunday best enjoying your party. grandma your stories and jokes always make me laugh, and grandpa you are always so sweet. i truly am blessed to be a part of your lives and wish you every happiness.

love, april :)

wow, put tears in my eyes. How sweet it is!
LOve the image of their hands holding one another.
72 years, seriously a beautiful thing.
I’m sure these will be forever treasured.

You guys are all about family.

It warms my heart- lovely of you to share the love and to share a piece of your family with us.

What a lovely tribute to a very special couple. Happy Anniversary!!! I’d like to also send a shout out to Shirley-the Cake Lady. She made our wedding cake and people are still talkin’ about it!

Love those individual close up shots!
Aww… I just love the elderly. So many stories to tell.

I feel like you look like your dad, David… The shot of him when he was a kid.

Dearest Davey,
Thank you to all your friends for their nice comments to us. We feel like we know them all, even though we don’t. Thank you so much for the wonderful things you said about us. We are thankful to our children and grandchildren who are always their for us. WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW.

OK David, I’ve been crying all week. First, I read your blog to myself and got all teary. I had to take out my contacts befor they floated down my cheeks. Then I read everything to Dad. I couldn’t even look over at him while I was reading because I could hear him sniffing. He said, allergies, itchy eyes, runny nose. It all cleared up when I was done reading. Then I had to read to Gramma & Grampa. She was crying and couldn’t see all the pictures for the tears. We finally made it through after going over it about 10 times. She really loved everything you said. THEN… we read all the wonderful things your bloggers said. She especially loved the personal notes from your all-girl ohana. Grampa, in his very quiet way, just said, “That was really nice of Davey” You really have the gift of words, and to be able to add the most beautiful pictures to those words is a true blessing. Your heart is shows in your work. Thank you for showing off the anchors that keep this family together. We all have alot to live up to.

OMG! This is the best, sweetest, most wonderfully amazing post I have ever seen! Wow 72 amazing years – unbelievable! Thank you so much for sharing!

I absolutely loved this post. I met you at WPPI (I’m Bobbi’s friend) and I’ve been by quite a few times, but my first comment. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photography.



Thank you David for sharing this with everyone. I too have many fond memories of Grandma and Grandpa and am so happy that my children are able to be with them. Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for all the love you have given and making this wonderful family. Thank you for showing all of us what we need to become. I love you more. I always will.

What a lovely couple and beautiful pictures of your family! Happy Anniversary to the lovely couple! Thanks for sharing!

Love, love, LOVE this post!! :) How special- 72 yrs is just amazing! I love the trip down memory lane… Favorite pic of the bunch is the closeup of them holding hands- it’s magic! You totally just made me grin at my screen. :)

This is an amazing post – you can just feel the love between your grandparents and the whole family through every word and every beautiful image! 72 years is AMAZING!! Such a heartwarming post.. thank you so much for sharing!!

Wow what an incredible grandson you are! Love this tribute! Sounds like they are incredible people who raised such a loving grandson!

WOW! This brought tears to my eyes! My Great Grandparents were married 73 years and my Great Grandfather was also a San Diego native (his grandfather homesteaded and found Ramona, LOL) , and Great Grandma moved here from Wenatchee, WA as a yound toddler. Sadly I lost him a few years back and Great Grandma passed away last year. These pictures are amazing, and really tell the story. What a reflection! I think my Great Grandparents were also going to the same special occasion (the one with the brown curtain in the back) I have a picture almost identical. You are very lucky to have them and thanks for sharing! ~ C

What a great post! That’s really touching :) Happy Anniversary!!

WOW!!! That is simply amazing! I hope we are that lucky! Thanks for sharing you guys and Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa!

Hey Guys….I am so sorry for your loss. If there is anything that we can do please let us know. We love you guys and are here for you. I love these pictures!!
Yuki and Alex

this post touches my heart.

This is such a sweet post. What a beautiful family you have =) happy 100th to your grampa!