hannah and cadman – engagement session at USC in los angeles

being from san diego, of course we love all things southern california.
hannah and cadman also love so-cal, as in the university of southern california.
since we had never done a session there, we decided to cruise up to hannah’s alma mater to do their engagement photos. i have to say usc has an amazing campus. hannah decided to attend usc the very first time she walked on campus. she said “it’s what i always pictured college to look like.” after seeing it for myself, i know what she’s talking about. my shutter finger got itchy just looking at all the cool places on campus.
it was a good thing we brought our backpacks because hannah and cadman took us to school :)
hotness 101 is now in session.

have you ever been sitting in some class, bored out of your mind, daydreaming out the window, and see something like this? the class behind me knows what i’m talkin about. we had our hall passes and an utter disregard for higher learning. commencing the hilarity… now. check hannah’s face as cadman goes by :)

cadman gettin aggro

i think the majority of us agree with cadman’s shirt. it says “anyone but boston.”
sorry shy :)

apparently there’s some sort of rivalry between usc and ucla. anyone out there know anything about that?
let us know who you think is best.
whichever school gets the most people to leave a comment by midnight on Sept 30th 2009 wins.

we’ll tally up all the comments on Oct 1st and post the winning school’s logo on a special blog post.
to make it interesting, if usc wins our little contest we’ll give hannah and cadman a free enlargement from their engagement session.
if ucla wins we’ll think of some way to get a picture of hannah and cadman with a bruin.
let the comments begin!


hannah had us all laughing so hard we were crying with her impression of grover.

as we walked around campus a challenge was thrown out to leap-frog some posts. hannah said “heck ya” she could do it, followed by cadman. let’s see how it turned out.
it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the awkwardly feminine from the possibly canadian.
in 23 years of broadcasting i thought i’d seen it all, folks, but it looks like cadman has actually blindfolded himself.
he will not be able to see very well, cotton.

and cadman beats hannah in a shocking upset.
i feel shocked.

looks like it’s gonna be a two-on-one, a menage a trois of pain.
usually you pay double for that kind of action, cotton. :)

oh! right in the testicles!
ouchtown, population you bro! :)

after cadman got his breath back we headed over to the los angeles memorial coliseum, home of the usc trojans, to see if we could get lucky.

i had to step back to capture hannah and cadman’s excitement as we walked onto the freshly painted field.

having the whole coliseum to ourselves, hannah and cadman shared a little field of dreams moment.

as the marine layer headed in, we headed out.

i don’t care where you’re from, it was pretty sweet being in the empty coliseum. thinking about the olympics and all the other awesome moments that have happened there.
add to them this day, when hannah and cadman stood at mid-field and shared a few quiet minutes together, then walked through the tunnel toward a bright future together as husband and wife.
we can’t wait for your wedding and your reception at the san diego museum of photographic arts (mopa)!


Fight on Trojans. F-UCLA!

I know it's not funny for guys but I'm loling in my living room over that. And kick ass session guys!

you snuck 2 blog posts in while i wasn't lookin!!!! omg, that first anyone but boston pic – GAAAAAAHHHHHH i freaking love that!!!! are these ttv or somethin? such a unique look!!!! and the palm with the like.. pink sun? what?! WHATTTTTT?!?!?!?!? no, i demand an answer!!! love everything ABOUT THAT! these are siiiiiiiiiick!!!!!

For Hannah and Cadman I will go with USC………ohh that hurt.

USC is okay.

USC or bust

Great Pictures!

Sorry to the couple, but I despise USC. Let's see I love watching the Raiders, Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, and USC LOSE!!! Ugh now you got me all fired up! LOL Sweet story, couple and radtastic photos my friends! :)

Bruins! Bruins! Bruins!

Go BluE!

Go USC! Congrats Cadman and Hannah.

I want to hear a grover impression! Congrats, Yay USC!

Wow what an amazing shoot!! Go USC! Go Hannah!! Go Cadman!! good luck and best wishes:)

Supporting Hannah and Cadman…go USC! Good luck!

Fun, fun, fun! This shoot looked like a blast! Great work

I have to say, the couple couldn't have picked a better photographer to capture their Esession. GREAT work, Ohana's!!!! I really enjoyed this and the story line.

freaking amazing! I LOVE THESE! So unique and creative.

nice shoot! go USC!!!!

these are so fun!–you guys are RAD! i will go with USC, could care less really, but would love for the couple to win!

Bruins baby!! I hate the Raiders and that's where they used to play, so double whammy.

Hands up for the 8 clap!

USC of course.
Love the pictures. Awesome!


I would like to comment for USC as Hannah and Cadman are the biggest USC fans I’ve ever known. On Cadman’s MyFace page he even lists Pete Carroll as his hero! I hope my comment was commented correctly and that it will be counted because I wasn’t sure how exactly I was supposed to “comment” and I don’t think they’d like to pose with a Bruin or even a Husky for that matter.


Jeff Cherry

Cadman’s Dad

so awesome!!!

Holy Holga, Batman! These are so fun/funny, but that last one is soooo awesome!

Bah – they look so FUN! YAY I want to be their friends!!!

PS – I vote for USC. :)

Go USC!!!!!!


USC is more LA than that other sorry school will ever be!! Go Trojans!!

2pac was a Trojan! California Love!

so fun and hilarious! sweet couple! amazing as always

Nice!!! I love all the black and whites. They look superimposed in a cool way.

LOOOOve the pictures~! What a fun couple!

Hey… just wanted to tell you I love your work!
I'm a wedding/child photographer in Santa Barbara, just starting my business after graduating with degree in Photography but so much learning since graduation… lol!

I just love your work and your blog and wanted to tell you! :)
Much Love,

I really like the different look. Great shoot!

usc 33 ucla 11

congrats hannah and cadman!

we'll be in touch!!

Cool set David. Hopefully Cadman is feeling a little better :). Never a fun thing!

69 comments? You guys are the freaking bomb! These are amazing – love them. The testicles population you made me laugh out loud!

the third shot is perfection. ; )

as always… FUN. great pictures! :)

This looks like the funnest shoot ever!!

I love, LOVE the tunnel shot. Gave me goosebumps because it's THAT GOOD. ;o)

These are all great!!!

LOVE LOVE how you're never afraid to take risks and manipulate the image!! Beautiful, smokey images. And that tunnel shot and the capture of the sun are Ka-BOOM!

So "gritty" in such a great way! You guys are so awesome!!

I of course have a special love for this entire post as I am a Trojan, very proud Trojan. Wonderful work, the images as always are stellar, comp, processing, the love, all of it! And it captures campus and make me wish for back in the day. Fight on Ohana, love you guys!

Such a cute couple! I love how you always have the couples that are up for anything you guys can think up!
I love all the classroom pics and the last one is just ridic!

LOVE the black and whites. They have such an awesome feel to them. You are sooooo awesome, David!

i ♥ Hannah and Cadman! what a fun shoot! Awesome job!

I love the one where they are sitting at the desks. The light in all of these is super cool.

The shots of Cadman laying on the ground writhing in pain so funny! Love this whole set!

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Alicia Eschwege

I love the last shot! Thanks for encouraging us to try to get into the stadium!!! :)