Happy Anniversary to my lobster!

Haiku Mill wedding photography in Maui

YESSSSS! we get to squeeze in one more anniversary before the end of the world this saturday. thanks GOD!

yep, ya heard right. today (may 18th) is our anniversary!

let’s see now. i’ve already told you the story of how kim and i met (in a bar in hawaii), and how almost everything went wrong on our wedding day a la bridesmaids  how perfectly imperfect our wedding day was,  so what should i talk about this year? ooh, i know. i’ll talk about kim. yah, she’s my favorite topping, i mean topic. whoa. almost got above a pg rating right there.

it’s pretty crazy how you just go about living life on your own, thinking you’ve got it all, until the day comes when you meet the person you’re going to marry and you realize, that very day, your life up to that point was missing so much. in the time kim and i have been married, we have seen and done everything together. it has been awesome.

kim, i can’t tell you how many times we have been somewhere and i have just smiled because i had you to enjoy the moment with. the rare times when we are apart i wish you were there. life just isn’t as fun when you’re not holding my claw. you are my lobster and i love you like there’s no tomorrow, or next week as it were.

happy anniversary kim!

p.s. i’ll probably add more to this later today. it’s late and i have to get up in 3 hours.

San Diego wedding in Balboa Park

San Diego wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park

Hard Rock Hotel wedding in San Diego

Hard Rock Hotel wedding in San Diego

Scripps Seaside Forum wedding in La Jolla

if you don’t look like this at the end of your wedding you’re doing it wrong.

Scripps Seaside Forum wedding in La Jolla

yo yo yo! i think it’s time to get some new photos yo.

Oahu wedding at Kualoa Ranch

our wedding pictures might be lookin a little old and busted, but our love is still as strong as the day we said “i do.”

Oahu wedding on the North Shore

i love my girl. i’ll let these photos taken by our talented friends ewan and brianna from the last forty percent, and gabe of perspective eye show you what i’m talking about.

Haiku Mill wedding in Maui

Haiku Mill wedding in Maui

Haiku Mill wedding in Maui

Haiku Mill wedding in Maui

Haiku Mill wedding in Maui

Haiku Mill wedding in Maui

i’m so glad i get to spend the rest of my life with you kim. i love your face!

Haiku Mill wedding vow renewal in Maui

and now for the videos. if you don’t see 2 videos below you can click these links to watch the awesomeness – video one –  video two )

these awesome 1990s video effects get harder to watch with every passing year.

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Your posts always make me smile, and the one of the girls made me almost spit out my coffee! April’s face is priceless!

I almost forgot, Happy Anniversary!

Your wedding looked like a stress free fun fest! Especially after reading how horrible everything went on your wedding day. Unbelievable! It’s just a testament to how happy and in love you guys are and how important it is to just have fun!

Awwww Happy Anniversary! You guys look hot in the old and the new pictures!

Happy anniversary!!!! I love you guys, even though you posted that picture of me. Weak.

Happy Anniversary you love birds! You guys are such hotties! And the effects on the video are pretty much amazing! :)

Happy anniversary you crazy kids, and many more!

Happy Anniversary guys.. sorry this is a day late.. hope you had an amazing day

Happy Anniversary you two. Love the pictures and love the fact that you still share the Wedding Pictures.

Congrats you two!! I love your annual anniversary posts and how this one is a collection of so much – your wedding, awesome videos, your amazing daughters, up to your most recent shoots :) Happy happy anniversary!!

Lovely post :)

Hope you guys had an amazing anniversary! Love the new photos of you two together. :-)

Congratulations and happy anniversary! Sorry I’m late on this but still, enjoy your lives together and live for every moment :)

Thank you both for being so awesome and inspiring. xoxo

Congratulations!!More and more years to come. Amen!

Congratulations!! You guys are an amazing inspiration for me.

Happy Anniversary to you guys! I love that you guys seem like you’re so much in love, then and now! Beautiful photos all around. That wedding video. I just have to say wow what fun!

OMG your daughters face with the yo yo time to get some new pictures yo, made me LOL big time! You guys and your kids seem like such a riot! Happy belated anniversary!

ohmygod, you guys are so fun. Happy anniversary! :)

you guys inspire me, and you don’t even know it! people that stay married are so punk rock, i freaking love it!

Happy Anniversary David and Kim, a bit late in wishing. Hope you had a FAB day :)

THE VIDEO CLIPS! hahaha! Happy anniversary!