get on the can wagon!

our friends and neighbors to the north, chris + lynn, recently wrote to us and invited us to join in a project that involves two of our favorite things,
talking and helping people.
here’s the pitch…
a wiser person than i once said that no matter how bad you think you have it, there’s always someone out there that’s worse off than you are.
truer words were never spoken.
with that in mind, we offer this. for every comment we receive on this post between now and midnight on friday December 12th we will donate one canned food item to the San Diego Food Bank.
that’s it.
one for one people. how’s that for an exchange rate?
help us rename our city this week to can diego.
chris + lynn put the can in canada,
so be sure to drop by THEIR BLOG to give them some love and see what we mean when we say that they are awesome photographers and even awesomer people.
on a side note, we’d be extra stoked if all of our san diego wedding photographer friends also jumped on the can-wagon and did the same thing on their blogs. for that matter, anyone with a blog can do this. together we can all put a bigger dent in hunger this holiday season.
since i’ve never done a post without a picture i’m not going to break that streak now. here’s a shot that kim took during our recent trip to Bodie CA. i’ve been dying to post the shots we took there. soon. patience iago. patience. :)


Love the picture and this is a way rad idea! Off to spread can love on the Chris + Lynn blog! :)

pretty sure this is sweet!! way to be!!!

Yeah for comments! Yeah for donating! WOO HOO!

Man, what a disappointment to find out this post was about food! Ha…just kidding!You guys are so awesome.

let’s see some cans!!

Great idea, I “can”t wait to see how many comments you get. :-)

You guys rock, rock, rock, rock, rock. Add another one. :)

way to go, guys!

Dang, I thought you were going to take off your shirt! No, really, I didn’t :) This is an awesome idea and I see that it has really taken off over the last few days on other blogs, keep up the inspiration guys :)

I LOVE this idea! And I’m going to jump on this can wagon too. Happy commenting! :)

can i tell you i was tempted to post a 100-word comment, one word per comment box?

cool idea, dudes! awesome of you guys to jump in!

This is awesome BAAAAAAXXXXXXXXTTTEEERRRRSSS!!!! :) Get shopping! :)

I’m a fan of the can clan! Thanks for doing this Baxters!

Add one more for me. :)

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours ;-)

Yey, me too! Now visit me so I can fill up my cart. I have been behind with blog and blog love and I sure miss you guys!


Hello there!! :) I was totally inspired by Chris & Lynn, too. I have decided to do the same!! Sharing the love!

Happy Holidays!

Yay for cans for comments! We’re on board too!


What a great idea… our schools do something similiar we always donate to that..

what a great thing this is!! Yay for Can Diego!! :D

Great cause, great people, great post! Tis the season to lend o hana. Happy Holidays, friend!!

you guys are so awesome!

Sorry, but I CAN not participate in this event. Wait a minute… I just did! You guys are great!

OK… guess I can also put the Can in Colorado ….Canarado …. dang it… i suck at this can do thing… Ugh. HA-ha. You guys are awesome. Have a blessed day.//enoch CAN do it…I believe you CAN…yes you CAN feed the hungry..(hows that for 3 cans)

Add another one for me, pleeeeease?! I love this cause!

Let’s change this Holiday giving…one can at a time!

So CAN i comment more than once for more Canned food? if so… make this one … Mixed veggies… !!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!!!! so, now, here I am . . . can . . . can . . . gotta love the cans! :)

Doing the “Can can” guys! Awesome idea to hep those less fortunate!


Your talent continues to blow me away, but this personal side of you just puts a lump in my throat. Great photographers & GREAT PEOPLE…You guys rock! Thanks for inspiring…

Awesome! Un Can!

Uno mas can-o por favor. I’m fluent! You guys complete me.

May God Bless You and all you do!

Can I get one can of mushroom soup pleeeease?mmm good

spreading the BLOG love – Give cans a chance!

Make room in that shopping cart for just one more can – u guys totally rock. Happy Friday! And happy, happy day helping out & doing good :)

You guys crack me up sometimes! Musubi lately?

One more for the collection!

Here’s some blog love for a great cause!

here is my little token! such a fan of your work =)

you guys rock!! i LOVE you :)

I am one of your blog stalkers! Found you through the Mclellan’s. What giving hearts you have. Love, love, LOVE your work!
–Jill in Nashville!

wow!! thanks so much everyone for helping out in this cause by either joining in on your blog, giving in your community or commenting!!! woo hoo for making a difference this holiday season!!
blessings and love to everyone!

Here’s my comment. :) I posted about you on my blog cuz I thought it was such a great idea!!

I totally missed the boat on this post (I was out of the country). I think this is an awesome and I’ll be sure to donate some cans this week :)


I am soo late to commenting but wanted to let you all know I jumped on the Can Wagon also!! I figure food will come in handy for the new year as well. I will be collecting until Dec 28th!


Wow, what a beautiful series of excellent real life photojournalism

yup, i’m late too commenting, but wow those are beautiful, the colors and everything!! you guys rock! Happy Holidays!!!